Peru, How to

How to Bring your Fiancee from Peru to the USA




Fiance visa applications are held only briefly at NVC, just long enough for NVC just long enough for NVC to assign a Lima case number and forward your file via diplomatic pouch to Peru.

Once her petition arrives in Peru, the consulate will contact your fiancee advising when they have scheduled her interview.

Two weeks before her interview date she undergoes a medical exam at the Consulate approved clinic in Lima

Finally she attends the visa interview at the consulate in Lima, to demonstrate she is of good moral character and the engagement is Bona fide.

A week later a DHL delivers her visa, and then she can join you in the USA.

I make the process sound simple. But its not. It is easy to make rookie mistakes that can derail the entire process.


By Fred Wahl
Your Personal Immigration Guide