One-To-One Personal Support

One-to-One Personal Support

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The way that One-To-One Personal Support works is I make myself available to you, to provide advice and counsel. You get the benefit of my extensive experience working with USCIS, NVC, DOS and US Embassies and Consulates around the world.

I answer your questions provide insights into what you are facing, what is required, suggest pros and cons, explanations, advice, and suggestions. We can discuss strategy and alternative options. We can go over your immigration correspondences for clarity. And I can review your materials and responses to immigration requests, help you edit, even prepare your responses. We work together using email, phone or skype. Minimum order is 30 minutes. Take all at once, or spread out up to a year. Each time I work on your case I keep track of the time used, rounding to the nearest minute.

Do Note: I am not an attorney, and while we can speak on the administrative aspects of your case, I am not authorized to provide legal advice. For legal advice do reach out to an attorney instead.

The fee for One-to-One Personal Support is $150 per 30 minutes. Continue reading “One-To-One Personal Support”