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Fiance Petition form I129F will be prepared by Fiancee visa services. Wel provide the following assistance to prepare your I-129F Petition for a K-1 Fiancee visa

·    Checklist of documents that you need for your K-1 Fiance visa
·    Accurate preparation of your visa application
·    Expert advice on how to handle yourself at your Consular or INS interview, and what to
·    Unlimited personal communication with your own immigration expert. Fast, easy and secure
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What is a I-129F Petition for a K-1 Fiancee visa ?

If your fiancé(e) is not a citizen of the United States and you plan to get married in the United States, then you must file a petition with INS on behalf of your fiancé(e). After the petition is approved, your fiancé(e) must obtain a visa issued at a U.S. Embassy or consulate abroad. The marriage must take place within 90 days of your fiancé(e) entering the United States. If the marriage does not take place within 90 days or your fiancé(e) marries someone other than you (the U.S. citizen filing INS Form I-129F – Petition for Alien Fiancé(e), your fiancé(e) will be required to leave the United States. Until the marriage takes place, your fiancé(e) is considered a nonimmigrant. A nonimmigrant is a foreign national seeking to temporarily enter the United States for a specific purpose. A fiancé(e) may not obtain an extension of the 90-day original nonimmigrant admission.

If your fiancé(e) intends to live and work permanently in the United States, your fiancé(e) should apply to become a permanent resident after your marriage. (If your fiancé(e) does not intend to become a permanent resident after your marriage, your fiancé(e)/new spouse must leave the country within the 90-day original nonimmigrant admission.). Please note, your fiancé(e) will initially receive conditional permanent residence status for two years. Conditional permanent residency is granted when the marriage creating the relationship is less than two years old at the time of adjustment to permanent residence status.

Please note: Your fiancé(e) may enter the United States only one time with a fiancé(e) visa. If your fiancé(e) leaves the country before you are married, your fiancé(e) may not be allowed back into the United States without a new visa. (Please see How Can I Get a Travel Document? for additional travel information if your fiancé(e) will apply to become a legal permanent resident after you are married.)

Who is Eligible

U.S. citizens who will be getting married to a foreign national in the United States may petition using the I-129F Petitionfor a fiancé(e) classification (K-1) for their fiancé(e). You and your fiancé(e) must be free to marry. This means that both of you are unmarried, or that any previous marriages have ended through divorce, annulment or death. You must also have met with your fiancé(e) in person within the last two years before filing for the fiancé(e) visa. This requirement can be waived only if meeting your fiancé(e) in person would violate long-established customs, or if meeting your fiancé(e) would create extreme hardship for you. You and your fiancé(e) must marry within 90 days of your fiancé(e) entering the United States.

You may also apply to bring your fiancé(e)’s unmarried children, who are under age 21, to the United States.

Step 1: I-129F Petition for a K-1 Fiancee visa

The fiance(e) petition (Form I-129-F) and two G-325-A biographic information forms. You must fill out completely both the petition and biographic information forms. Your fiance(e) will be required to present the supporting financial documents at the time of his/her visa interview.

We will also need all of the following documents:
·    a photocopy of your U.S. passport identification page (plus a copy of your naturalization document if you are a naturalized citizen);
·    photocopies of any death certificates of a previous spouse that you or your fiance(e) may have and photocopies of any divorce decrees terminating a previous marriage that you and your fiance(e) may have, with translations;
·    two passport-size  photographs of both yourself and your fiance(e), attached to the bottom of the G-325 biographic forms;
·    a photograph of the two of you together to prove you have met; and
Question 14 on the I-129F asks you to list the names and dates of birth of any children your fiance(e) may have. Children up to the age of 21 may accompany their parent to the U.S., or may follow-to-join at any time up to one year after the parent receives his/her visa.

According to U.S. Immigration Law, Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e), may not be filed with, or approved by, overseas INS offices or U.S. Embassies. The I-129F must be filed with the INS district office having INS jurisdiction over the Petitioner’s current or intended residence in the United States.
Petition approved:
INS will notify you and forward the petition to the embassy for your fiancé(e)’s country of residence.

Notifying Your Fiance(e) :

Upon receipt of the approved I-129F petition , the local American embassy will send a letter and information sheet to the Beneficiary outlining the steps to be taken to apply for an Alien Fiancé(e) visa, called a “K” visa. The embassy will generate a computer name check. The mandatory name check procedure takes several days. After the name check clears, the embassy can schedule the applicant for an interview.
Scheduling: Visa Interview and Medical Examinations
Before the interview, the Beneficiary must complete a medical examination at an Embassy-approved medical facility. Forms and information about this is included in the information packet.

All children of an alien classified K-1 must be listed on the K visa petition. Failure to do so will cause a delay in visa issuance. The children (under 21 years old and unmarried) also must be at the interview. The child of a K-1 principal alien may be accorded K-2 status if following to join the principal alien to the U.S. even after the principal alien has married the American citizen Petitioner, and acquired lawful permanent resident status. The cut-off date for issuance of a K-2 visa is 1 year from the date of the issuance of the K-1 visa to the principal alien. After 1 year, and provided that the alien qualifies, the filing of an immediate relative or second preference immigrant visa petition would be required.

The visa application fee is $455 per person; there is no issuance fee. If the Beneficiary’s interview is successful, the “K” visa will be issued on the afternoon of the day of the interview. The “K” visa is valid for a single entry during a 6-month period.

Documentary requirements for the interview:

The Beneficiary must provide:
1.    A valid International Passport with a photocopy of the first page.
2.    An original birth certificate with photocopy and translation into English.
3.    Applicants are required to submit police certificate in all names as well as all dates of birth that they have used. Police certificate must contain references to each place in which the applicant lives or has lived for more than six months since reaching the age of 16, regardless of where he/she is officially registered. This includes localities where applicants have lived during university studies. If the applicant was on his military service, he should bring the certificate from the local draft board. If an applicant has lived abroad for more than one year a police certificate must also be submitted from the country in which he/she lived. Military records will be accepted only from local authorities and not from military commissions.
4.    If applicable, evidence of termination of any prior marriage: original, photocopy and translation into English.
5.    An accompanying child requires a valid passport (or may be included in the parent’s passport), a birth certificate and a medical examination. If a child is 16 years of age or over, police certificates are required.
6.    Two photos of passport size black and white full face for visa.
7.    Two photos of passport size for medical exam.
8.    There is an application fee of $65 (or the ruble equivalent) per person, payable at the Embassy on the day of interview. Only U.S. dollars cash or local currency will be accepted. The bills must be clean and in good condition. The Embassy cashier reserves the right to reject dirty or damaged bills. Under no circumstances will credit cards or personal checks be accepted for payment.
9.    Documents confirming relationship: photos of Petitioner and Beneficiary together, letters to each other, phone bills, emails….
10.  Results of Medical Examination in sealed envelope.

The Petitioner must provide:
1. Employment letter with salary information and/or a copy of tax returns (Form 1040) for the last year.

U.S. Port of Entry
Once found qualified for visa issuance, your fiance(e) will receive a nonimmigrant visa in his/her passport, valid for one entry into the U.S. at any time within the next six months. He/she will also receive a separate immigrant visa packet to present to the immigration officials at the U.S. border. After entry to the U.S., the Beneficiary has ninety days to either marry the petitioner or return to his/her country. If the Petitioner and Beneficiary marry, the Beneficiary may then contact INS to adjust status to that of legal permanent resident.

The staff at Heart of Asia International Dating Personals is proud to provide expert assistance to help you inexpensively manage the daunting task of filing the forms and preparing the documentation required by US immigration (USCIS) to bring your fiancee to the United States.

What we do:

1.  We start by sending you our proprietary packet of instructions, and questionaires.

2.  You review our instruction sheets, then fill in and return our in-house questionaire to us.

A lot of “consultants” and attorneys just send you the original forms from USCIS. They are hoping that you will learn the forms, fill them in completely, and send them in to the expert already finished. That always amazed me. If you are forced to read all the complicated forms, and instruction sheets yourself, what are you getting for your money?

At Visa Coach, we have carefully gone over each form that the goverment requires, and we have painstakingly, combined all the questions you will be asked, into one simple document. You don’t have to fill in the same info at five places. You just complete our questionaire, then we do the rest, accurately transcribing your answers into all the complicated and redundant forms used by USCIS. We prepare the documents for you, then send them to you for your signature.

3. We closely review your answers as if we were a USCIS reviewer, and get back to you on any areas that need clarification or correction. We help you get it done, properly, the first time.

4. Based upon your answers, we prepare for you, your own personal check list, of exactly what paperwork, certificates, and supporting documents you need to collect for the application.

5. If you have not yet met your fiancee face to face, at this stage you should be on your way to meet her for the first time. We prepare for you to take along on your trip, the forms needing her signature, and brief you on what you need to accomplish during your trip.

6. To accompany your application, we help you prepare a cover letter that describes your relationship with your fiancee, in a way to demonstrate the genuiness and sincerity of your relationship.

7. You return to us, all required supporting documents, as well as the original forms signed by your fiancee. We ensure that all that is needed is assembled together, all in one place, all in one package, to make a solid, persuasive application for your Fiancee visa application. This is sent to you for your final signature, and for you to send directly to USCIS.

8. Should USCIS have any questions, issues, requests. We work with you to satisfy and resolve them in your favor.

9. Once USCIS approves, the application is fowarded to the Department of State and assigned to the consulate nearest your Fiancee. The consulate will send to your fiancee a further document package for her to complete. We assist in the perparation and completion of these forms.

10. Soon after the Fiancee is asked to visit the consulate for an interview to discuss the application. We help prepare the fiancee for this important meeting.

11. Generally within days of the interview. The Fiancee has her visa, and can come to the USA.

This FULL VISA SUPPORT service comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

By Fred Wahl