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Fiancee Visa Full Support Service

Fiancee Visa Support: Quick Summary of what: Full Support Service does Visa Coach will provide the following assistance as follows:

·       Fiancé(e) Visa Service

·       Checklist of documents that you need for your K-1 Fiancée visa

·       Accurate preparation of your I-129F visa application

·       Expert advice on how to handle yourself at your Consular or INS interview, and what to expect

·       Unlimited personal communication with your own immigration expert. Fast, easy and secure processing of your visa.

Full Fiancee Visa Support costs only $695. Far less expensive than an attorney. Save yourself trouble and worries.
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Who I am + How I help couples get fiance or Spouse Visas

The staff at Heart of Asia International Dating Personals is proud to provide expert assistance to help you inexpensively manage the daunting task of filing the forms and preparing the documentation required by US immigration (USCIS)  to bring your fiancee to the United States.

What we do:

1.  We start by sending you our proprietary packet of instructions, and questionaires.

2.  You review our instruction sheets, then fill in and return our in-house questionaire to us.

A lot of “consultants” and attorneys just send you the original forms from USCIS. They are hoping that you will learn the forms, fill them in completely, and send them in to the expert already finished. That always amazed me. If you are forced to read all the complicated forms, and instruction sheets yourself, what are you getting for your money?

At Visa Coach, we have carefully gone over each form that the goverment requires, and we have painstakingly, combined all the questions you will be asked, into one simple document.  You don’t have to fill in the same info at five places. You just complete our questionaire, then we do the rest, accurately transcribing your answers into all the complicated and redundant forms used by USCIS.  We prepare the documents for you, then send them to you for your signature.

3. We closely review your answers as if we were a USCIS reviewer, and get back to you on any areas that need clarification or correction. We help you get it done, properly, the first time.

4. Based upon your answers, we prepare for you, your own personal check list, of exactly what paperwork, certificates, and supporting documents you  need to collect for the application.

5. If you have not yet met your fiancee face to face, at this stage you should be on your way to meet her for the first time. We prepare for you to take along on your trip, the forms needing her signature, and brief you on what you need to accomplish during your trip.

6. To accompany your application, we help you prepare a cover letter that describes your relationship with your fiancee, in a way to demonstrate the genuiness and sincerity of your relationship.

7. You return to us, all required supporting documents, as well as the original forms signed by your fiancee. We ensure that all that is needed is assembled together, all in one place, all in one package, to make a solid, persuasive application for your Fiancee visa application. This is sent to you for your final signature, and for you to send directly to USCIS.

8. Should USCIS have any questions, issues, requests. We  work with you to satisfy and resolve them in your favor. 

9. Once USCIS approves, the application is fowarded to the Department of State and assigned to the consulate nearest your Fiancee. The consulate will send to your fiancee a further document package for her to complete. We assist in the perparation and completion of these forms.

10. Soon after the Fiancee is asked to visit the consulate for an interview to discuss the application. We help prepare the fiancee for this important meeting.

11. Generally within days of the interview. The Fiancee has her visa, and can come to the USA.

Full Fiancee Visa Support costs only $695. Far less expensive than an attorney. Save yourself trouble and worries.  And this service comes with a 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee. 

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By Fred Wahl