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Fiance Visa Support: This is what I offer, that No one else does. Personal attention to work together to make your dreams of a life together in the USA come true


VisaCoach has all the information you need to get started bringing your Fiance to the States including How to Bring your Fiance to the USA, and a Step by Step Guide to the K1 Visa.

Step By Step K1

Step By Step: K1 Fiance Visa

1. I know all the questions USCIS have and all the questions the Department of State AND the Consulate have. I combined them into two proprietary questionnaires, one for you and one for your Fiance(e). I send these to you, to provide me with all the needed details about your backgrounds. I ask the questions early, so that we know EXACTLY where you stand, and that you are eligible for the whole Fiance Visa Process.

2. You and your Fiance(e) complete the background questionnaires and return them to me

3. I closely audit your answers, looking for inconsistencies, gaps, mistakes, illogic, anything that “doesn’t look right”. Immigration doesn’t need much to become suspicious, so it is critically important that the information provided does not accidentally trigger alarm bells.

4. I work together with you and your Fiance(e) until the information needed by immigration has been fully and clearly answered.

5. I use your information to prepare all the immigration forms, those needed at the initial submission stage, as well as drafts of the forms to be submitted much later at the consulate interview stage.

6. I create for you a private, HOMEPage at VisaCoach.com. This is where you view the documents that are ready for your signatures, as well as personalized checklists, and instructions all personalized to your case. On the internet, you can access your HomePage from USA, your Fiance(e) can access it from overseas, and while traveling.

Click here to view a Sample Private HomePage

7. At your HomePage, based upon my detailed review of your background details, I post for you a custom personalized check list of things to do, photos, civil documents, and various ways (that I have encountered over 36 years) to demonstrate the bona fides of your relationship. The check list is extensive. Not all items can be obtained by all couples. I categorize the list into three color coded priority levels. REQUIRED, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and RECOMMENDED.

8. Required is your fiance(e) signature on many of the forms I have completed for her. The actual sheet she signs is required by USCIS. It must be what she touched and signed with her actual “blue ink” signature. It can not be faxed, or scanned, instead it must be snail mailed or sent via courier like DHL or Fedex. I post the forms that need her signature at your HomePage, as early as possible. This way there is no delay for your fiance(e) to review, print out, sign, and get the documents into your hands.

9. Going through the personalized checklist I prepared for you, you should collect a stack of evidences, photos, correspondences, signed documents, civil documents needed for your petition. I call this your SHOEBOX. As soon as the shoebox is full, mail it me.

10. Once I get your shoebox I block off most of a day from my calendar, so I can quietly spread out, and examine each piece. I confirm all required civil documents and signed forms are present and legible, then check the items that demonstrate the “bona fides” of your relationship.

My plan is to “tell your story”, that of a Genuine, Bona Fide Couple, who deserves to be speedily reunited in the USA. I pick and choose those evidences that are the most persuasive and positive, and put aside those that do not help. I devote much time with your photos. A picture IS worth a thousand words. The minimum use of your photos is to prove a face to face meeting occurred. But the photos CAN do so much more. A few well chosen photos can create a solid impression of a bona fide, genuine relationship. My objective is to choose the RIGHT ones to help your case.

11. At the time I created your personalized document checklist, I sent a third questionnaire prompting with questions asking you to describe the “history of your courtship”. I use the answers to compose a compelling personal letter, addressed to immigration, to add a “human face” on to your petition. This should convince the most skeptical Consular Officer yours is a genuine relationship and merits prompt approval, and his “help” to swiftly bring “the two lovers” together. Should there be any “out of the norm issues” or so called “red flags” with your history that might if misunderstood hurt your chances, we would explain the situation in the letter, in order to “neutralize” their negative affect

12. I assemble all of your documents and evidences into an attractive, bound, tabbed, complete and compelling petition. Just like USCIS likes it. To see what one of my 100 to 150 page, Front Loaded petitions look like watch the video at

Click here to view a sample VisaCoach Presentation

I RUSH the petition to you via priority mail. A complete copy for your records is included.

13. The petition you receive has about a dozen (yellow flags), clearly showing where you should sign and date. I also fill in a facsimile of what the check made out to USCIS should look like, and confirm the address where to mail your petition and check.

14. I update your HomePage on the NEXT STEPS, on what you and your Fiance(e) should do while waiting on USCIS’s approval. I provide detailed instructions on obtaining Police reports, Certificates of No Marriage, and vaccinations as well as the list of 120 most likely interview questions for you to practice.

15. It is unusual for my clients to hear anything from USCIS but “thanks for your case” and “your case is approved”. Sometimes USCIS makes a request for more evidence. This is called an RFE. Should that occur, I draft the response and help you to provide what is needed, as quickly as possible.

16. Upon notice that USCIS has approved, I update your HomePage, with completed forms for your Fiance(e) to sign to take to the interview at the Consulate, detailed instructions on obtaining chest x-ray, blood tests and physicals at the embassy designated Panel Physician, how and where to pay visa fees, obtaining Police Certificates, details on preparing for the interview, proving financial eligibility and a completed affidavit of support for your signature.

17. Once your Fiance(e) has passed the interview, I update your HomePage, with instructions on what to do during the 90 days after arrival, including How to get the Social Security number and How to apply for the Green Card (adjustment of status).

By Fred Wahl
the Visa Coach

Steps to Fiancee Visa

VisaCoach’s 12 steps to K-1 Visa Success

Getting ones fiancee to the USA is quite complicated. We need to deal with two separate departments of the US government USCIS which is part of homeland security as well as the Department of State. They each have their own requirements forms and hurdles that must be overcome.

Since your future “happy ever after” is at stake it is important, no, it is essential, that each step the carefully accomplished. That is why here at VisaCoach we have set up clear and well thought out procedures that we follow for each and every case. This way we know that every T is crossed and every I is dotted to ensure a Fiance Visa Approval. This is a much too important life-changing process to leave anything to chance.


Step 1: Personal Consultation.

Unlike attorneys and cheap computerized/robot type document preparers, I offer a very personal service. I get to know my couples well, and we work together as a team to accomplish your goals. Continue reading “Steps to Fiancee Visa”

Full Personal K1 Support

Full Personal K1 Fiancee Visa petition

My petitions generally get approved faster than average. This is due to the professional way I help you develop a winning strategy combined with creative and extensive efforts, to demonstrate the “bona fides” of your relationship. I provide you with an attractive, compelling petition package, bound, and indexed the way USCIS and DOS likes it.

Preparing a successful visa petition is both ‘Art’ and ‘Science’. The science is filling in the blanks correctly, and attaching all the official documents as needed. The ‘Art’ comes in presenting the ‘right’ evidence that will convince a probably unfriendly stranger you are a bona fide couple.

I excel in the “Art” of telling your story, in a convincing and believable manner.
My philosophy is to “go the extra mile” when preparing the petition, so that your fiancee has less pressure on her at the interview, and your overall chance of success is greatest. I call this submitting a “Front-Loaded” petition.



I view the immigration process as the last difficult hurdle that needs to be overcome before “happily ever after”. The visa petition need to be done well, and done well the “first time”. Continue reading “Full Personal K1 Support”

Front Loaded Fiance Visa Presentation

I had pretty good knowledge of the visa process before contacting Fred Wahl, because I’d lived outside the US for five years, and talked to many other people who’d gone through the process. But despite this knowledge — or perhaps because of it — I knew that I needed help. 

Fred’s service, expertise, and thoroughness was top-notch. He guided us along every step, and provided tons of valuable insight, tips, and advice. The K-1 petition he prepared was superb, and I have no doubt that the quality of the package we submitted made a big difference in our approval. 

In fact, we completed the entire process — from first submission to visa approval at the US Embassy in Manila — in just over two months. That was about five or six months faster than I expected. At the Embassy, we watched many people turned away because their petition lacked something; Fred made sure that ours was “bulletproof.” 

Without hesitation, we recommend the services of Fred Wahl and the Visa Coach organization.

Bruce + May

Front Loaded Fiance Visa Petition

Most VisaCoach consulate interviews are approved in only 3 to 5 minutes

Most of MY clients pass their interview and are approved for their visa’s in under 5 cordial minutes.

Hello coach! Everything went smooth and fast.. my appointment time is 7:30AM and done 9:30am. My final interview was american consul it was just less than a minute.. he just asked my petitioners name… that’s it! I was amazed and asked him.. am I approved? He answered yes, congratulations! He doesn’t even asked the docs from my fiancee.. lol. I was just very lucky that so quick… 

Thank you so much coach! Appreciated with your help.

Jeff + Daisy

At the very end of the K1 fiance visa process. Your fiance is required to visit the nearest US Embassy or Consulate where he or she will be subjected to an interview conducted by an American Consular Officer. The officer’s role is not to be Santa Claus handing out tickets to the USA but his job is to enforce immigration rules to weed out those who might be fraudulently applying for immigration benefits to the USA.


Under current President Trump the Consular Officer has been given orders to reduce legal immigration and prevent any illegal immigration. He has pressure on him from above, President on down as well as his immediate supervisor, not to make any mistakes, while making his decisions as quickly as possible so that he can interview as many as 60 to 90 applicants in a day.

Most applicants, both genuine and fake tell the same story and his job is to weed out the honest from the bad. Sometimes in his rush to make a decision he makes mistakes and denies couples that are bona fide. And given the choice to make a mistake approving a bad case, or making a mistake to deny a legitimate case. He is better off turning down the honest case.

Our objective, when you and I work together as a team is to make the Consular Officer’s job easier by placing at his fingertips all of the evidences and information he needs so that he can quickly understand your situation, and realize that you and your fiance are “good guys”. We want to help him to understand that you are a bona fide couple and that he should feel confident he is making a good decision by approving your visa application.

On the day of the interview your fiance is tempted to bring what she or he feels are evidences of your relationship to the interview. Often this is some kind of pretty notebook or album filled with pictures and stickers such as hearts and Cupid’s and flowers accompanying your photos. While assembling this art project has kept your fiance happy and occupied it really has little use at the interview itself.

The Consular Officer has been instructed by the Department of State, that he is not allowed to look at new evidences that are brought to the Consulate on the day of the interview. He is only allowed to look at evidences that have passed through the hands of USCIS that have been vetted by USCIS.

On the day of the interview your fiance may bring her or his art project which the Consular Officer will politely, decline to see. He’ll just say “Well, just close that and put it away. Let’s have a friendly conversation”.

Of course this is not really a friendly conversation because the Consular Officer has an agenda. His agenda is to trip your fiance up to unearth fraud. It is like having a friendly chat with a detective from one of the crime shows. A detective who is expert in breaking down suspects until they confess their guilt.

He can ignore the new evidence brought by your fiance, because before the interview has begun he reviews the original application that had been submitted many months earlier. In the Consular Officer’s day he meets one applicant after another and since he is booked with so many interviews for the day, he does not have very much time for any individual case. So he will say goodbye to his last applicant kind of clear his mind and then pick up a new case File. He reviews it quickly. Usually only giving it a few minutes. While he reviews he takes note of those issues that he considers suspicious or odd. He may look at previous Visa denials, age differences, how long a couple has known each other, the circumstances of the marriage proposal, language and communication difficulties, previous marriages and so on. When his list of red flags is complete, he leans over and buzzes your fiance in for the interview. Depending on what he has on his list it is possible the interview can go sour very quickly ending in tears.

My signature philosophy, is that the brief review that the Consular Officer conducts going through the original case file is actually a golden opportunity for me and you, to speak (virtually) directly to the Consular Officer. We speak his American English in order to convince him why he should trust you and why he should approve your application.

This process starts months before the application is even submitted. I work with each couple to get to know their history and their situation. Based on what I learn from you and your fiance, I estimate what suspicions the Consular Officer will probably have, and what questions he might ask.

The purpose of the Front Loaded Petition is to answer and address those questions, even before the Consular Officer thinks to ask them, before the interview starts. We start with the basic application with all required forms properly filled in, with all necessary civil documents attached, then we add to the application solid and logical proofs and evidences to demonstrate your bone fides.

I help you assess what the weaknesses of your case is then I make suggestions as to what actions you can take and can document with solid evidences that will help to defuse potential problems.

For example if we expect that the Consular Officer will notice that your courtship started before both of you had ended your prior marriages and are concerned that he might consider to deny based on moral grounds, we search for a way to explain to him, “up front” why he should not be concerned with this issue, as we explain why the timing of your relationship was reasonable, based on the actual circumstances of your prior marriages and the time it takes to legally terminate a marriage, and that neither of the couple was a morally corrupt “home wrecker”

Or as another real life example perhaps you have never met the prospective in-laws. Either we find a way to reasonably explain this, or you will get guidance from me to take another trip, and dinner with Mom and Dad and a camera.

The list of possible red flags and issues goes on and on. Each case is unique. After I get to know your, I counsel you on what needs to be done to improve the likelihood of success, by addressing your potential problems with actions, and how to document these actions. It’s not good enough to do the right thing. We must also document the right thing and include those evidences as part of the “front loaded” application.

The Consular Officer reviews your application before the interview starts. The application that he sees was submitted to Homeland Security many many months earlier. A couple could take action to remedy their problems while the case is pending. But unfortunately to do so means that these remedies are not included in the application that the consular officer sees. Instead the new info is included in the materials the fiance brings to the interview. This can be a recipe for disaster. Cause remember the consular officer is not required to look at any new documents brought on the day, and often he will ignore anything brought to him on the day.

What I recommend you to do is: do EVERYTHING that needs to be done, before I finalize the application. It should include proofs of all these actions. To accomplish this, I will give you a list of issues that we should work upon and encourage you to do what is needed solve these problems and document the solutions. The results are included as part of the application.

This is what I call “front loading” a petition. In crafting a Visacoach front-loaded petition I start with the basic forms information and civil documents that are required. These are sufficient to get your foot-in-the-door. These are sufficient to get your fiance to the desk of the consulate officer for the interview. But getting one’s foot in the door is not enough. We need to convince the Consular officer he is making a logical and safe decision to approve your case.

Including evidences of the quality of a couple’s relationship is not mentioned in the government instructions on “How to Apply for a fiance visa”. This lack may be what makes including these kinds of evidences so effective. Most applicants provide very limited information and the consular officer must dig in order to make his decision. We, by front loading our application make it easier for him to make his decision. Once the consular officer sees logical and good quality evidences that allow him to visualize you and your new spouse living as his neighbors in the USA we have helped make his job easier, and we have helped you get your approval. By the time the consular officer finishes his review and puts down the case file he should be mentally predisposed and ready to say yes. Then he buzzes your fiance into the interview. As he is already is comfortable with your story his remaining questions will generally be short and friendly leading to fairly prompt approval.

The VisaCoach “front loaded” application is truly a case of “Art” over “Science”. The consular officer is making a holistic decision, based on “gut feel” and “intuition”. Crafting these winning applications is where I spend most of my dedicated time working on your case. On the day your “shoe box” full of evidences arrives I carefully spread out, and touch, each and every photo, correspondence, affidavit and civil document, picking and choosing the very best to effectively tell your story. To be consistently successful, I consistently push you to do your best at this stage to give me what I want to place on the consular officer’s desk. When I have gone over your materials, IF I think you are light, I won’t hesitate to call you to ask for more. We have only one chance to make a good first impression, and this is all in the preparation of the application. We do not submit until we working as a team have done our utmost to tell your story.

The results ? While most interviews last 15 to 30 minutes, most of MY client’s interviews take only 3 tor 5 minutes only. If the consular officer has already found what he needs in order to say yes, he won’t use up too much more of his or your time, and will speedily get to “Welcome to America”

By Fred Wahl

How I Help You get Fiance Visa

PERSONAL service to help couples

Hi, I’m Fred Wahl. I’ve been helping couples get their Visas to live in the US for many years, and I can help you too.  I understand it can be a difficult and sometimes frightening process, and that’s why I make sure to personally  take care of my couples, through each, and every step.

I am both a bonded Immigration Consultant, and a famous matchmaker. As a matchmaker, my mission is to bring couples together for marriage and a happy life.  As an Immigration Consultant my mission is to help the couple unite in the USA as quickly and comfortably as possible.

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I always provide My personal attention and support to make sure you feel comfortable at every point.  I’m familiar with the immigration procedures, down to the last detail, and will make sure that there are no surprises.  I know from experience, if we do the right preparation at the beginning, the whole experience can be very smooth.

Unlike other consultants you may find, I care about my couples and genuinely want you to succeed. I will communicate with you clearly, and am available Monday through Friday directly by phone and email. I always respond personally, and right away.

Continue reading “How I Help You get Fiance Visa”