Full Personal K1 Support

Full Personal K1 Fiancee Visa petition

My petitions generally get approved faster than average. This is due to the professional way I help you develop a winning strategy combined with creative and extensive efforts, to demonstrate the “bona fides” of your relationship. I provide you with an attractive, compelling petition package, bound, and indexed the way USCIS and DOS likes it.

Preparing a successful visa petition is both ‘Art’ and ‘Science’. The science is filling in the blanks correctly, and attaching all the official documents as needed. The ‘Art’ comes in presenting the ‘right’ evidence that will convince a probably unfriendly stranger you are a bona fide couple.

I excel in the “Art” of telling your story, in a convincing and believable manner.
My philosophy is to “go the extra mile” when preparing the petition, so that your fiancee has less pressure on her at the interview, and your overall chance of success is greatest. I call this submitting a “Front-Loaded” petition.



I view the immigration process as the last difficult hurdle that needs to be overcome before “happily ever after”. The visa petition need to be done well, and done well the “first time”.

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I provide you my long experience, expertise, and PERSONAL attention. I am always directly available for you on the phone or email should you have any questions.

Below is what the process will be when we work together:

1. You book my services. Click here to view the K1 order form

2. I send you two proprietary questionnaires, one for you and another for your fiancee. These questionaires about your individual backgrounds. I have combined all the questions USCIS and later DOS will ask through out the process so that we can cover them early, and identify any “red flags” that may need special attention.

3. You and your Fiance(e) complete the background questionnaires and return them to me

4. I review each answer, line by line and parse all the info needed for your petition and start filling in the immigration forms.

5. If clarifications are needed, I go back to you and query you until ALL questions are answered fully, logically and are internally consistent

6. I create for you a secure, password controlled, exclusive HomePage page at VisaCoach.com, where you and your Fiance(e), access documents and instructions I prepare for you. This avoids slow mail delivery times, allows prompt revisions when needed, and provides you access to the documents even while overseas.

7. After my review of # 3 above, now based upon my full understanding of your case, I create for you a custom personalized check list of things to do, photos to take, documents to obtain.

8. I prepare and send you the forms and documents requiring your Fiance(e)’s original “blue ink” signature

9. You obtain the Fiance(e)’s signature where needed, and gather all other documents from your personal checklist, and send all to me.

10. By this time you should have also returned to me, or bring up to date the third questionnaire I have designed. This is about the “history of your courtship”. I use the answers to write a personal letter, addressed to the Consular officers, that puts a “human face” on to your petition. This should help convince the most skeptical Consular Officer that yours is a genuine relationship and merits prompt approval, even his “help” to swiftly bring “the two lovers” together.

Also should there be any “issues” that may negatively affect your petition, they are addressed in this letter and explained away. For example if you have previously used prepaid calling cards that did not provide itemized records, we explain the situation, and go on record that regular calls were really made, even though there is no actual proof.

11. I assemble all of your documents and evidences into an attractive, bound, tabbed, complete and compelling petition. I send the original plus one complete copy to you via priority mail.

12. You sign and date where indicated (yellow flags), then mail the original petition with your check to USCIS.

13. During the time USCIS is reviewing your case, I provide you instructions on obtaining Police reports, Financial Eligibility, Certificates of No Marriage, and vaccinations.

14.Once USCIS approves, it takes about a month for State Department to start working on your case. During this time, I work with you to update background and financial details about you and your Spouse, then post to your private page, prepared forms for her to sign and mail to you, including making your affidavit of support
ready for your signature.

15. In the run-up to the interview, I upload to your private page, completed forms for your Fiance(e) to sign to take to the interview at the US embassy, detailed instructions on obtaining chest x-ray, blood tests and physical at the embassy designated Panel Physician, paying the visa fees, obtaining Police Certificates, details on exactly what needs to be done what you and your Fiance(e) should do to prepare for the interview, a list of 120 most likely interview questions for you to practice, a completed affidavit of support for your signature.

16. After the visa is issued, I update your private page, with detailed on instructions< on what to do during the 90 days after arrival, including what documents and evidences to obtain in order to apply for Permanent Residency in the USA, and obtain her(his) Green Card.

By Fred Wahl