Petition Review: Fiance or Spouse Visas

Fiance Visa or Spouse Visa Petition Review

Below is my video that explains how the Fiance Visa or Spouse Visa Petition review service works, to review the work you did when you prepared your I-129F or I-130 Petition yourself.


Just like doing your taxes by yourself, you could do all the paperwork to apply for your fiance or spouse visa to America. But unlike doing your taxes the government instructions are not very user friendly, this task is a once in a lifetime event and there is no Uncle Bob you can call and ask what he did in similar circumstances.

For most I reccommend have a professional (like me) prepare and guide you through the hoops. But if you simply MUST, Do it yourself, at least I can prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot.

I provide a critical expert audit of your petition.

I check each document and each form, line by line, looking for errors, inconsistencies, omissions, gaps and red flags. I examine each supporting document to see if they are appropriate and they match the table of contents.

The area that is least understood is how to demonstrate you have a bona fide relationship. The official instructions deliberately DON’T tell you how to do that, because immigration wants you to make your statements and submit evidences without prompting. That makes it easier for them to catch fraud.

I closely study the evidences you have chosen and give you feedback as to whether it is sufficient, what is missing, and suggested improvements.

To get started: The First thing YOU do is prepare the paperwork yourself the very best you can. Complete and assemble and package as you would as if you were sending it to USCIS. Instead, send your package TO ME.

I start by reviewing your petition to see if you have provided the basic required civil documents. such as identification documents, marriage or divorce certificates, and passport type photos. For documents written in a foreign language, I check for certification of translations.

I check for a full suite of properly completed, signed and dated forms and ensure that required foreign alphabet text is present and in the right location. I review supporting documents such as Letters of Intent, Affidavits by Witnesses are in the correct format.

I go through your evidences such as photos, receipts, phone bills, emails, and advise you which are useful, that tell the story you want, and suggest those that should be discarded.

Finally, I comment on your work on how close it comes to being as complete as one of my signature “Front Loaded” petitions would be, and provide you with insights and suggestions as to the use of cover sheets listing the contents of your petition, as well as a personal statement to describe the timeline and nature of your Genuine Relationship relationship

At the completion of the review, I return all of your documents via priority mail. I include a detailed report that describes point by point what should be done to improve your petition. I’ll give you as many of my ideas and suggestions as I can come up with to help you produce a more compelling and effective petition.

To view actual sample reports of reviews I have conducted. Use the following links.

Sample copies of Petition Reviews:
January 2013
Sample A
Sample B
Sample C

I make the process sound simple. But its not.

If you want it done right. Guaranteed. I can help.

By Fred Wahl

Petition Review

Petition Review

Expert Review of
I-129F Fiancee Visa Petition or
I-130 Spousal Visa Petition or
Embassy Documents (Packet 3 or 4) or
I-485 Adjustment of Status Petition
Response to Request for Evidence (RFE)
I take a hard experienced look at your Petition,and help you improve it, before USCIS, NVC or the Consulate sees it.

I provide a second set of experienced eyeballs critically checking your work to help you avoid unnecessary delays and even possible rejection. Continue reading “Petition Review”