US Consulate Singapore

US Embassy Singapore K1 Visa Interview

Embassy Name & Address
Embassy of the United States of America
27 Napier Road
Singapore 258508

Contact Information
Phone: (65)-6476-9100
Fax: (65)-6476-9232

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Obtaining Police Certificate
The embassy will be mailing a packet of instructions directly to your fiancée. This should include instructions on obtaining a Police Clearance from Singapore. The letter received should be acceptable to the Police for them to issue the COC, see below.

A form letter from the requesting/processing office (NVC, Embassy, etc.) is required to obtain a Certificate of Clearance (COC). Such letter should specify the need for the clearance and state explicitly that “a statutory declaration of no criminal conviction by the applicant is not acceptable as evidence that he/she does not have criminal convictions”. The COC will be sent directly to the requesting/processing office.

Applicants residing in Singapore are to appear in person at the COC Office located at Blk D Police Cantonment Complex, #02-07/08, 391 New Bridge Road , Singapore 088762. The office is open from 8.30am to 12.30pm , Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Applicants residing overseas should submit their applications (original) addressed to: Head Criminal Records, CID ( COC ), Blk D Police Cantonment Complex, #02-07/08, 391 New Bridge Road , Singapore 088762.

Processing time for each application is about 10 working days.

Processing fee is S$45.00 per application. Payment can be made by cash, NETS , cash card, or credit cards (VISA/MASTERCARD) for walk-in application. Application sent by post (from overseas) must be accompanied by a bank draft made payable to ‘Head Criminal Records CID ‘ through a Singapore-based bank. In addition to the processing fee, a postage fee of S$5.00 must be included in the payment (total S$50.00) if the COC is to be mailed. Payment is non- refundable once the application is accepted.

All applicants must complete the Certificate of Clearance application form available at in full and submit it with the necessary supporting documents:

A set of applicant’s fingerprint impressions (ten prints). Applicants applying in person will be fingerprinted at the COC office at the time of application. For application by post from overseas, the applicant must submit a set of his/her fingerprint impressions taken by a qualified Fingerprint Officer at a Police Station or an authorized office of the country he/she is now residing.

A photocopy of applicant’s valid passport (showing biodata page).

Two recent passport-sized photographs. Instant photo machine is available outside COC Office for applicants who appear in person (cost: S$7, approx. USD5.50, for 4 passport size photos).

Photocopy of document from relevant consulate/immigration authority/government bodies or other requestor to establish that the certificate is required by such authority and that a statutory declaration of no criminal conviction by the applicant is not acceptable as evidence that s/he has no criminal convictions. All documents are to be translated into English if written in other languages.

Please refer to or for further information and updates on Certificate of Clearance from Singapore.

Medical Exam Details
The embassy will tell her how to book the medical. She should arrange to have her medical at latest 2 or more weeks before her consulate interview. She should bring to the Medical her passport, two photos, and her vaccination records

At the end of the medical they should either tell her they are sending the results to the embassy for her, or provide her with a sealed envelope of results and X-rays. She MUST NOT open the envelope. She should take it to the interview, still sealed.

It is recommended she brings her vaccinations up to date while at her medical appointment. Having all the required vaccinations is required later when she applies for her Green card in the USA, so by doing it now she will save herself time later.

The following clinic is authorized to conduct the medical.

Drs. Horne & Chin Pte Ltd
1 Scotts Road #17-01
Shaw Centre,Singapore 228208
Tel. (65) 6737-1377

She should call to make an appointment for the medical examination. Medical should be completed 2 weeks prior to the interview date.

Cost of Medical Exam
Cost quoted in SINGAPORE $
Immigration to US fee -$155 <– mandatory
Injection DT -$35 <– mandatory unless you have had one within 10 yrs
Injection MMR -$50 <– mandatory unless you’ve had one recently
Injection Varilix -$90 <– can be skipped if you’ve had chickenpox
Laboratory -$42 <– if you want the antibody titre test

By Fred Wahl