US Consulate Cuidad Juarez Mexico

US Embassy Mexico Visa Interview in Juarez Mexico

“As far as how everything went it went really smooth. Wedesday was her medical appointment the only thing they wanted to see for that was passport and the invitation letter. That letter is like the Golden ticket without it they will turn you away. But that went smooth i was sent to a waiting room and was called when she was done to go pay. I paid $210 for the medical exam. Then they told us to come back at 2 to pick up the results. We got there early so i was only waiting about 1 hour in the waiting room. She didnt like it much cause of the getting naked part of course but besides that she said everyone there was really nice so that helped.

Thursday was her finger print appointment and that was really quick like 15 min all she needed was her passport the appoimtmemt letter printed off from the website and the ds-260 form. She said that was short and sweet. If i had known it was that fast i would have scheduled her finger print appointment the same day as the medical. Thats what alot of people did.

The interview on Friday went very good. We were so worried but she said that was probaly the easiest out of all the appointments. The whole process took about a hour and half. But we got there early so thats probaly why. Some people that we had met here got there a little later and was waiting about 2 hours maybe a little more.

The interview was 15 min. It was done by a American lady.She first asked who the petietioner was in spanish to Abril and she said my name and then Abril starting talking english and the counsler smiled and was happy when she realized she could speak english well so the whole interview was done in english. She asked her how did we meet? How long have we been talking? What were the dates of all the trips i made to come see her? How did i propose to her? Shes asked if i was active duty military. If i talked to her family first before i proposed. She asked Abril if she has ever been to the U.S? Do we have kids together? She asked her if i can speak spanish? She asked when and how we were planning on getting married once Abril gets to the U.S. She asked did i come to juarez with her. And thats about it she said congrats your visa has been approved and she kept her passport and birth certificate. She said it will take about a week to come.

Overall it was a good experience we actually met alot of other couples and people in similar situations hung out together and even had dinner with a small group one night lol Met some good people who we plan to stay in contact with. We stayed at the La quinta which is very close to the consulate and a great price. Everybody was so nice and the whole staff speaks english and spanish so that was great. That was pretty much the experience we had. We felt very safe. What they say about juarez being dangerous is not true. I dont know about other parts of course but where we were just around the conuslate we felt very safe”

Tarick + Abril, Fiancees from Mexico

Embassy Name & Address
Cuidad Juarez
U.S. Consulate General
Paseo De La Victoria #3650
Fracc Part Senecu, CD Juarez
Chihuahua, Mexico 32543

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Mexico, How to

How to Bring your Fiancee from Mexico to the USA





You only have ONE chance to make a First Impression.

Most Consulate Visa interviews last a grueling 15 to 30 minutes

most of MY Fiance Visa Petition clients 
pass the interview in ONLY 5 minutes



Your Mexican Fiancee needs permission from the US government to allow her to enter the USA. This is called a K1 Fiancee visa.

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