What is Fiancee Visa?

What is a Fiance Visa? and how to get one?

A Fiance Visa is permission for your lover to enter the USA. It is called a Fiance or K1 visa.  Once approved your foreign Fiance will be allowed to LEGALLY enter the USA for the purpose of  marrying you, then can permanently remain in the USA.

To summarize.

First of all you have a real courtship and relationship and you both intend  to get married.

Check that you both meet the basic eligibility requirements: You are  a US citizen. You both are currently ‘free to marry’. You earn over the minimum k1 visa annual income requirement. And you have met each other ‘face to face’ at least once, during the past two years.

Then, you have to ‘prove’ you have a real, genuine, ‘bona fide’ relationship. You do this by presenting correspondences, photos, letters, plane tickets, etc.

You should make sure that you build from the start, a solid ‘paper trail’ of the communications of your relationship. This means itemized telephone records, emails, instant messages, voip calls, snail mail, packages.  If you  use prepaid telephone cards make sure yours gives you an itemized call list or find a different card to use, like the one we use.

When traveling to visit your fiancee, take plenty of photos, vary the shots, locations, wardrobes. Meet her family, and friends. Document with photos. Turn date stamping on.

Don’t move too quickly. Couples who instantly fall in love and get engaged or married may be  suspected of fraud. Go slowly, build your relationship.

Once your relationship gets serious, don’t let too much time elapse between trips for you to be with each other “Face to Face”. The longer the separation, the more suspect the relationship is. I recommend travel to meet with your Fiance at least  once each 6 to 9 months.

Once your relationship has progressed, you have made 1 or more trips, and you have abundant proof of your relationship. Then You apply for the visa, to USCIS, Homeland Security.

Then usually about 5 to 8 months later she will be asked to come to the nearest US embassy for her interview. If all goes well she will be granted is granted the fiancee visa, and she can come to the USA and you can then marry.

Once you marry, she applies for her Green Card and then can remain together with you  permanently in the USA.

By Fred Wahl
the VisaCoach