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Fiancee or Spousal Petition submitted and

Hi, I’m Fred Wahl. I’ve been helping couples get their Visas to live in the US for many years, and I can help you get your paperwork ready so you can get through the process without any problem.  I understand that it can be a difficult and sometimes frightening process, and that’s why I make sure to take care of my couples through every step.

My mission in life is to bring couples together quickly and easily, and I always provide my personal attention and support to make sure you feel comfortable at every point.  I’m familiar with all the procedures, down to the last detail, and will make sure that there are no surprises.  I know from experience, if we do the right preparation beforehand, the whole experience can be very smooth.

Unlike other consultants you may find, I really care about my couples, and genuinely want you to succeed.  I will communicate with you clearly, and am available Monday through Friday directly by phone and email.  And I always respond personally, and right away.

Preparing a successful Visa petition is both an art and a science.  The science is filling in the forms correctly, and attaching all the official documents in just the right way.  The art comes in presenting the right evidence that will convince a total stranger that you are a real couple.  I excel in the art of telling your story, and I’ll make sure you come across in a very genuine and believable way.

I pride myself in being a true professional.  I’ll not only make sure that all your paperwork is in order, but that you feel comfortable with the process, and that you know what to say.  Petitions I have done generally get approved much faster than average.

I want you to live happily ever after.  And a successful Visa petition is the last thing standing in your way.  Let me be your friend and guide in this process to make sure it’s done right.  I’d love to discuss the details with you on the phone or in person, so feel free to contact me anytime.

For something this important, make sure you have someone you can trust.  Choose one of the links below to get the process started right away.

Personal Help

Personal Support : I do it for you.

Assembling a winning application package can be confusing. And a wrong answer or incomplete package can delay your loved-one’s visa for months or even years!

I give you individual personal attention. I am both a bonded and certified Immigration Consultant as well as a caring Matchmaker who “has your back” to bring you and your fiancee painlessly through the entire process, start to finish. I always return your calls, answer your questions, and take the time to intimately understand your situation. I will personally touch and examine each and every piece of the evidence and proof of your “bona fide” relationship such as photos, emails, telephone records, supporting affidavits, and so on, to help you choose the very best to present that “tells your story”.

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Personal Fiancee Visa Support or Personal Spousal Visa Support



By Fred Wahl