How I Help You get Fiance Visa

PERSONAL service to help couples

Hi, I’m Fred Wahl. I’ve been helping couples get their Visas to live in the US for many years, and I can help you too.  I understand it can be a difficult and sometimes frightening process, and that’s why I make sure to personally  take care of my couples, through each, and every step.

I am both a bonded Immigration Consultant, and a famous matchmaker. As a matchmaker, my mission is to bring couples together for marriage and a happy life.  As an Immigration Consultant my mission is to help the couple unite in the USA as quickly and comfortably as possible.

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I always provide My personal attention and support to make sure you feel comfortable at every point.  I’m familiar with the immigration procedures, down to the last detail, and will make sure that there are no surprises.  I know from experience, if we do the right preparation at the beginning, the whole experience can be very smooth.

Unlike other consultants you may find, I care about my couples and genuinely want you to succeed. I will communicate with you clearly, and am available Monday through Friday directly by phone and email. I always respond personally, and right away.

Preparing a successful Visa petition is both an art and a science.  The science is filling in the forms correctly, and attaching all the required documents in just the right way.  The art comes in presenting the best evidence that will convince a total stranger that you are a REAL couple.  I excel in the art of telling your story, and I’ll make sure you come across in a very genuine and believable way.

Preparing a Visa petition is complicated. All the forms and papers must be filed in the United States.  While it may seem attractive for you to find someone in your country who speaks your native language, they will not be able to help with the most important part, that is the direct communication and coordination between me and your fiance to make sure the petition is complete, and any last minute and final touches are done correctly.

I will also still be available to continue to help you AFTER you arrive in the US, to make sure you have a smooth and easy transition to your new home, and help you apply for permanent residency.  A local person from your country will not be here to help, once you arrive. I will be be here and still available to you.

I pride myself in being a true professional.  I’ll make sure that all your paperwork is in order, that you feel comfortable with the process, and that you know where we are at, and what is next.  My Petitions generally get approved faster than average.  During each and every step, you can log into your own private web account where I provide clear instructions about what to do next.  When it comes time for your interview at the embassy, I’ll coach you on what to say, what to bring, and provide you with 120 tough questions for you and your fiancé to practice so that you are ready when they ask.

I want you to live happily ever after.  And a successful Visa petition is the last thing standing in your way. Let me be your friend and guide in this process, to make sure it’s done right.

I’d love to discuss the details directly with you or your fiancee, so feel free to contact me anytime. For something this important, make sure you choose someone you can trust.

Fred Wahl Matchmaker Author
Immigration is the toughest barrier most couples face. As a matchmaker, my MISSION, is to bring couples together quickly and reliably

Fred Wahl
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You only have ONE chance to make a First Impression.

Most interviews last 15 to 30 minutes

most of MY client’s Fiance Visa Petition interviews 
last ONLY 5 minutes


This is because we provide the information we want the consular officer to see, ‘up front’ as part of the petition submitted originally to USCIS. The consular officer will typically review the package prior to the interview. When he reads the extensive and persuasive evidence that we have logically laid out for him, he should be convinced of the ‘bone fides’ of the relationship before the interview even starts.

This makes asking any remaining questions more a formality than a fact finding, interrogation, and leaves very little for the consular officer to say besides ‘Welcome to America’.

It certainly requires extra work and effort, to produce a 100 to 150 page petition, versus a few dozen pages that most un-motivated preparers are willing to submit, but the benefit is PRICELESS as it results in of taking the pressure off of the fiancee to :”PERFORM” at the interview, thus improves chance of SUCCESS.

Get Visa to Join your Lover: Sooner…I’ve Been Helping International Couples Unite for Over 35 Years!

You want to come to the US as quickly as possible, without anxiety, and for a reasonable cost, right? Then we’re on the same page.

I am a fiance visa specialist with over 35 years experience in international matchmaking.

My sole focus is helping couples navigate the complicated US fiancee visa requirements with ease so they can obtain their K1 fiancee or CR1 Marriage Visa and be united permanently.


This isn’t just a business for me.


I petitioned successfully for MY wife, (AND my Fiancee) too.

By Fred Wahl