US Consulate Tunis Tunisia

US Embassy Tunisia Visa Interview in Tunis Tunisia

Embassy Name & Address
Zone Nord-Est des Berges du Lac Nord de Tunis
2045 LaGoulette

Contact Information
Phone: (216) 71-107-000 (ext. 7167),
After hours phone number: (216) 71-107-212
Fax: (216) 71-962-115, fax (216) 71-964-360 Email:

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Obtaining Police Certificate
Available. An extract from the Judicial records (Extrait du Casier Judiciaire), a combined police and prison record is available to:

Nationals of Tunisia;
Foreigners born in Tunisia; and
Foreigners presently residing in Tunisia

These documents are issued by the Direction de la Surete Nationale, Service d’identification, Tunis. The interested party must file an application either directly to the above-named issuing service or to the Tunisian Embassy or Consulate abroad having jurisdiction over the place of residence of the applicant. In support of such a request, the applicant must present an identity document such as a birth certificate, identify card, passport, etc. The Tunisian authorities do not issue police records to former foreign residents, unless they were born in Tunisia. In the case of a former foreign resident not born in Tunisia, the Tunisian authorities transmit any criminal record or other derogatory information to authorities with jurisdiction over the foreigner’s birthplace.

Available. The Bitaket Sirah is merely a discharge certificate issued to anyone who performed military service. It does not include a conviction before a court-martial. Crimes committed while performing military service will appear in the ordinary police records. Applications for Tunisian military discharge certificates should be addressed to the Ministere de la Defense Nationale (Tunisian Ministry for Defense), Tunis.

Medical Exam Details
The embassy will tell her how to book the medical. She should arrange to have her medical at latest 2 or more weeks before her consulate interview. She should bring to the Medical her passport, two photos, and her vaccination records

At the end of the medical they should either tell her they are sending the results to the embassy for her, or provide her with a sealed envelope of results and X-rays. She MUST NOT open the envelope. She should take it to the interview, still sealed.

It is recommended she brings her vaccinations up to date while at her medical appointment. Having all the required vaccinations is required later when she applies for her Green card in the USA, so by doing it now she will save herself time later.

Cost of Medical
40 Dinars for Medical Check
17 Dinars for Blood test
18 Dinars for X-Ray
27 Dinars for Vaccination costs

By Fred Wahl