US Embassy Manila Working to Clear Covid Backlogs

2022 US Embassy Manila Working Full Speed!!

During the height of the Covid pandemic, th US Embassy in Manila curtailed their operations, shuttering their doors, and ceased visa processing.

This lasted about a year and a half. Cases destined for interviews in Manila, piled up, higher, higher, and higher.  The State Department’s National visa center (NVC) which normally would hold onto a case for a very short time, before shipping it to Manila, instead held onto the cases,
Stockpiling them in New Hampshire. By the end of 2021 almost 18 months of pending cases awaiting to be shipped and eventually processed in Manila were stockpiled at NVC.

While closed, the US Embassy in Manila, promised that once quarantines were lifted, and travel to and from the Philippines was no longer restricted, it would import extra staff, open more desks and work diligently to clear the backlog.

US Embassy Manila has KEPT it’s promise !!

In February  2022 the Philippines reopened and tourists from around the world could the country again. They came for tourism, and to rekindle their in-person relationships with partners who they had endured enforced separation from during the Covid Pandemic.

The US Embassy, as promised, recruited more staff, more contractors, more officers capable of interviewing visa applicants. They have been working long hours. First interviews are scheduled at 6:30 am. progress to clear the backlog have been made. Hopefully within 6 to 12 months they will have caught up.

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