5 tips to K1 visa approval

VisaCoach’s Practical Tips to K1 visa approval

Tip # 1

Before, during and after submitting the application, demonstrate you are a serious suitor. Follow local and cultural customs. If appropriate host an engagement celebration and/or give your fiance an engagement ring or other culturally appropriate token of the engagement.


Tip # 2

Continue to demonstrate your sincerity with your frequent flyers miles. Do travel to meet up with your fiance every 6 to 9 months until the visa is granted. Once you have declared your love and intention to marry your fiancee, it looks odd to immigration if you allow too much time to pass between trips. So don’t let that happen.

Tip # 3

Plan your next trip. Do plan and book your next trip to meet your love and include the reservation details with your petition. Demonstrating your intention to travel again, to spend time with your partner, is a powerful way to show your sincerity.

Tip # 4

I can’t stress how important it is to prepare a thorough and persuasive “front loaded” petition.

The application and the evidences WE CHOOSE to go along with it are seen by the consular officer before the interview starts. This gives us the opportunity to set the stage for the interview.

Impressions count.

And first impressions count most of all. So Don’t waste this golden opportunity.

Here at VisaCoach we know that a winning “front loaded” application is 99% the battle to get approval. I spend the most time on my clients cases, reviewing, choosing and presenting the best of the evidences I am given.

It is so important, that I don’t mind that sometimes I have to badger my couples to give me more. I am like a doctor trying to get a patient to quit smoking, making sure that my clients do their utmost to provide the quality and quantity of evidences that will make a consular officer believe your story, and feel confident he is making a wise and safe decision to approve.

I make sure that each application is easy to read, it includes well chosen, logical and solid evidences. It should be complete enough to convince an open and intelligent mind, but not so thick as to run the risk for the officer to think we are padding the evidences and thus wasting his time and patience.

Each VisaCoach “front loaded” petition, includes a cover page that lists contents, a summary letter that introduces the couple personally, and multiple complementary evidences to show they are bona fide. And the final package is bound and indexed in a logical order.

Tip # 5

This is a life changing process. It is complicated and tiny mistakes can have dire consequences. Don’t try this alone. Hire me to help you.

By Fred Wahl
the VisaCoach