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American Institute In Taiwan
Consular Section
7, Lane 134, Xin Yi Road
Section 3, Taipei, Taiwan

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Phone: 886221622304

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Obtaining Police Certificate
Taiwan issues police certificates, although the information is not always comprehensive. Also, legislation is pending in Taiwan that will cause criminal convictions resulting in a penalty of a fine, probation, a suspended sentence, or a sentence of less than two years be deleted from a person’s criminal record. Crimes committed by juveniles are not part of the criminal record. Therefore, under the new legislation, a police clearance certificate will not show these convictions. Crimes relevant to visa issuance may be included in those that may not be shown on a person’s police clearance certificate. Conversely, convictions, once part of a person’s record, remains in the person’s record indefinitely. The information reported by the police on police clearance certificates is reliable, but applicants have been able to exclude relevant convictions by specifying specific dates for which the check is to be performed. Information recorded in police clearance certificates comes from a national database of criminal convictions that is updated weekly. If posts suspect that a Taiwan visa applicant is concealing a criminal conviction despite presentation of a clean police clearance certificate, posts should send a completed DS-156 with a photocopy of the bio page of the applicant’s passport to the Fraud Prevention Unit at AIT.

Taiwan does not use a standard system for romanizing names, resulting in a wide range of name spellings. However, every Taiwan citizen is assigned a unique national identification number that never changes. Whenever possible, queries should include a person’s national identification number. Applicants with Taiwan passports should apply for a police certificate from the police headquarters having jurisdiction over the county or city in which the applicant’s household is registered, as recorded in the Household Registration certificate. A third party can assist in this application. Previous residents of Taiwan not holding a Taiwan passport may apply for a police certificate by writing to: Foreign Affairs Division Taipei Municipal Police Department No. 96, Yen Ping South Road Taipei, Taiwan Applicants should enclose a completed application form (available from Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Offices (TECRO) or Republic of China Embassies). There is a processing fee of US$11.00). No police certificate is available for previous residents of Taiwan who were dependents of U.S. military personnel and covered by the Status of Forces Agreement or persons living in Taiwan prior to August 1945.”

Fiance Visa Interview                                                                                                  Sample Fiance Visa Interview Questions                                                                  Five  Tips for Interview Success 

Medical Exam Details
She should arrange to have her medical at latest 5 days before her consulate interview. She should bring her Approval Letter, Passport, 6x Visa Photos, and her vaccination records. It is recommended she brings her vaccinations up to date while at the clinic. This is required when she applies for her Green card, so by doing it now she will save herself time later.

MacKay Memorial Hospital
Dr. T.C. Wu, Dir Pei.Jan Chen, Dr. Hsu-Tah Kuo, Dr. Jia-Yin Hou
#92, Chung Shan N. Road, Sec 2, Taipei
Tel: 2543-3535, x 3139

Taiwan Adventist Hospital
Dr. James E. Lin, Dr. H.T. Hwang, Dr. Chi-Hsung Huang
#424, Pa Teh Road, Sec 2, Taipei
Tel: 2781-3394, 2740-0729

Dept. of Preventive Medicine Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital
Dr. Min-Lung Yu, Dr. Chia-I Lin,
Dr. Jeng Fu Yang, Dr. Chao Chin Chiu
Number 100, Ziyou 1st Road, Sanmin District,
Kaohsiung City 807
07-3121101 x6863, x6866

The Physical will either send the results directly to AIT or give your Fiancee a sealed envelope with the results of the Medical, lab tests, and x-ray. She must NOT open the envelope. She should bring it to the interview

By Fred Wahl