Faster K1 visa approval

5 Tips to faster K1 Visa Interview approval

We are picking up at the end of the very end K1 fiance visa application process, the consular interview.

Many months ago, a VisaCoach high quality “front loaded” application was submitted to Homeland Security, USCIS. They completed their review to confirm that all primary eligibility evidences were present and the FBI gave you a clean bill of health. The case was passed on to the Department of State’s, National Visa Center, NVC, and now finally your fiance is on the eve of her or his final interview that determines if the visa will be granted or denied.


The following are 5 tips I give VisaCoach clients to prepare them for a fast and friendly interview.

Tip # 1

Practice with your Fiancee possible questions that may be asked at the interview. Help her or him repeat the answers until they can be answered authoritatively without hesitation. Remember: the officer needs to feel confident that the relationship is sincere and genuine. A bride or groom to be, should have tons of details to share about plans for before and after the wedding.

Tip # 2

Do try to accompany your fiance and attend the interview at the consulate. Email the consulate in advance to “ask permission” to attend. Policies regarding who is allowed to enter the consulate may vary on a daily basis. If allowed to attend the interview you clearly confirm you are a sincere and concerned future spouse. Even if you are not allowed to be there, offering to attend looks good.

Tip # 3

Review the Consulates and VisaCoach’s consulate instructions. And confirm that any exotic document or evidence that they require is in your Fiance’s hands in plenty of time to take to the interview.

Tip #4

We have already provided a thorough presentation of the history and evidences of the bona fides of your relationship as part of the application that was sent to USCIS. And this is in the officer’s hands. But those evidences are out of date, probably at least 6 months old. After it was submitted you have undoubtedly continued to communicate with your fiance. Maybe taken another trip or two. Start with a copy of the earlier evidence package, then bring each type of evidence “up to date”. Give your fiance the updated set, and allow her or him to review and become conversant with it’s contents. Then during the interview, as needed, your fiance can use it as a prop to support any answers given to the interviewer’s questions.

Tip #5

At the interview your fiance submits evidences of your financial situation. This is to demonstrate you have enough income or assets to support your new family and keep your future household off of welfare. Make sure that the evidences you give your fiance are Current. This means most recent tax return, pay stubs, recent confirmation from your company about your job and compensation. Provide enough to clearly show you are eligible, but avoid submitting too much as it might confuse the issue and delay your visa.

By Fred Wahl
the VisaCoach