Step By Step K1

Step By Step: K1 Fiance Visa


Part 1: I-129F Petition Preparation

1. I know all the questions USCIS have and all the questions the Department of State AND the Consulate have. I combined them into two proprietary questionnaires, one for you and one for your Fiance(e). I send these to you, to provide me with all the needed details about your backgrounds. I ask the questions early, so that we know EXACTLY where you stand, and that you are eligible for the whole Fiance Visa Process.

2. You and your Fiance(e) complete the background questionnaires and return them to me

3. I closely audit your answers, looking for inconsistencies, gaps, mistakes, illogic, anything that “doesn’t look right”. Immigration doesn’t need much to become suspicious, so it is critically important that the information provided does not accidentally trigger alarm bells.

4. I work together with you and your Fiance(e) until the information needed by immigration has been fully and clearly answered.

5. I use your information to prepare all the immigration forms, those needed at the initial submission stage, as well as drafts of the forms to be submitted much later at the consulate interview stage.

6. I create for you a private, HOMEPage at This is where you view the documents that are ready for your signatures, as well as personalized checklists, and instructions all personalized to your case. On the internet, you can access your HomePage from USA, your Fiance(e) can access it from overseas, and while traveling.

Click here to view a Sample Private HomePage

7. At your HomePage, based upon my detailed review of your background details, I post for you a custom personalized check list of things to do, photos, civil documents, and various ways (that I have encountered over 36 years) to demonstrate the bona fides of your relationship. The check list is extensive. Not all items can be obtained by all couples. I categorize the list into three color coded priority levels. REQUIRED, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and RECOMMENDED.

8. Required is your fiance(e) signature on many of the forms I have completed for her. The actual sheet she signs is required by USCIS. It must be what she touched and signed with her actual “blue ink” signature. It can not be faxed, or scanned, instead it must be snail mailed or sent via courier like DHL or Fedex. I post the forms that need her signature at your HomePage, as early as possible. This way there is no delay for your fiance(e) to review, print out, sign, and get the documents into your hands.

9. Going through the personalized checklist I prepared for you, you should collect a stack of evidences, photos, correspondences, signed documents, civil documents needed for your petition. I call this your SHOEBOX. As soon as the shoebox is full, mail or courier it to me to work on.

10. Once I get your shoebox I block off most of a day from my calendar, so I can quietly spread out, and examine each piece. I confirm all required civil documents and signed forms are present and legible, then check the items that demonstrate the “bona fides” of your relationship.

My plan is to “tell your story”, that of a Genuine, Bona Fide Couple, who deserves to be speedily reunited in the USA. I pick and choose those evidences that are the most persuasive and positive, and put aside those that do not help. I devote much time with your photos. A picture IS worth a thousand words. The minimum use of your photos is to prove a face to face meeting occurred. But the photos CAN do so much more. A few well chosen photos can create a solid impression of a bona fide, genuine relationship. My objective is to choose the RIGHT ones to help your case.

11. At the time I created your personalized document checklist, I sent a third questionnaire prompting with questions asking you to describe the “history of your courtship”. I use the answers to compose a compelling personal letter, addressed to immigration, to add a “human face” on to your petition. This should convince the most skeptical Consular Officer yours is a genuine relationship and merits prompt approval, and his “help” to swiftly bring “the two lovers” together. Should there be any “out of the norm issues” or so called “red flags” with your history that might if misunderstood hurt your chances, we would explain the situation in the letter, in order to “neutralize” their negative affect

12. I assemble all of your documents and evidences into an attractive, bound, tabbed, complete and compelling petition. Just like USCIS likes it. To see what one of my 100 to 150 page, Front Loaded petitions look like watch the video at

Click here to view a sample VisaCoach Presentation

I RUSH the petition to you via priority mail. A complete copy for your records is included.

13. The petition you receive has about a dozen (yellow flags), clearly showing where you should sign and date. I also fill in a facsimile of what the check made out to USCIS should look like, and confirm the address where to mail your petition and check.

14. I update your HomePage on the NEXT STEPS, on what you and your Fiance(e) should do while waiting on USCIS’s approval. I provide detailed instructions on obtaining Police reports, Certificates of No Marriage, and vaccinations as well as the list of 120 most likely interview questions for you to practice.

15. It is unusual for my clients to hear anything from USCIS but “thanks for your case” and “your case is approved”. Sometimes USCIS makes a request for more evidence. This is called an RFE. Should that occur, I help prepare the documents/forms needed to respond to the request.

Part 2:  I-134 and DS-160 Preparation for Consular Interview

16. Upon notice that USCIS has approved, I prepare your final petition forms: the I-134 and DS-160 including what supporting documents and evidence should accompany them.. I update your HomePage, with these completed forms for your Fiance(e) to take to the interview at the Consulate, and provide detailed instructions on obtaining chest x-ray, blood tests and physicals at the embassy designated Panel Physician, how and where to pay visa fees, obtain Police Certificates, sample questions to practice to prepare for the interview.

17. Once your Fiance(e) has passed the interview, I update your HomePage, with instructions on what to expect at the border crossing, and what to do during the 90 days after arrival, including getting a Social Security number and provide information on How to apply for the Green Card (adjustment of status).

By Fred Wahl
the Visa Coach