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If your spouse entered the USA on a Fiance visa, and you two have married within 90 days of their arrival, in order for them to remain in the USA, the next step is to apply for permission from US immigration to allow them to remain in the USA permanently.

The Fiance visa officially only allows them to visit the USA for a short 90 days. To stay longer, the application you file is for “Adjustment of Status”, this is to “adjust” their status from a 90 day visitor to a permanent resident. At the end of the process they gets proof that they are allowed to remain. This is a small ID, about the size of a drivers license, called the “Green Card”

First you and your significant other submit your application to USCIS.

The application should include evidences that your fiance arrived using the K1 visa, that your marriage took place, that you have combined your lives as a bona fide couple, and that you have enough financial resources to keep your spouse off of welfare.

It also should include proof that they visited a USCIS approved Civil Surgeon (medical doctor) and that their innoculation records were verified to match the higher standards, than were earlier needed when they attended the consular medical to obtain the fiance visa.

About one month after sending off the application your spouse is required to visit a USCIS office for Biometrics. There they will be fingerprinted and photographed.

Then the process may take on average, 12 to 18 months till they are granted permanent residency and approved for their Green Card.

For most couples, before permanent residency is approved, the couple must attend an interview at a USCIS office. There they present evidences they may have failed to include in their original application, and answer questions to convince the USCIS reviewer that their marriage is “bona fide” and was not entered into, simply for immigration benefits.

If the couple “pass” the interview, permanent residency is granted, and the Green card arrives in the mail about a month later.

Most couples are required to attend an interview, but USCIS has the option to waive the interview, if in the opinion of the USCIS officer reviewing the file, that the evidences presented are so complete, an interview is unnecessary.

The beauty of the high quality standard VisaCoach applies to it’s “front loaded presentation” for adjustment of status, is that many VisaCoach clients, enjoy having their interview waived and are not required to attend an interview. Their Green Card arrives in the mail without fuss.

While the Green Card is pending, and it can take a very long time, the applicant may not work, nor cross the US borders, but is allowed to live in the USA.

Of course, USCIS understands that the spouse may want to work, or may want or need to travel.

The option to do either is available. The applicant can apply while their permanent residency is pending for Employment Authorization, to be allowed to work, and/or for Advance Parole to be allowed to enter/exit.

If applying for Employment Authorization or Advance parole at the same time as applying for permanent residency, typically both are granted well before the green card is.  Work (EAD) is currently taking about 6 months, while travel (Advance Parole) is taking about 10.

When VisaCoach crafts a “front loaded adjustment of status presentation” I include the additional applications for employment authorization and/or advance parole free of charge.

Finally, USCIS confirms granting of permanent residency, and sends the spouse their Green Card.

If the marriage was under 2 years old, when the application was submitted, the Green Card, issued is only “Conditional” and only valid for 2 years.

At the end of the 2 years, for your spouse to remain in the USA, another application to USCIS is needed This time the application is called application to “Remove Conditions on Residency”.

Once again, you as a couple, must demonstrate your “bona fides” to US immigration. On approval of the “removal of conditions” their permanent residency is upgraded to permanent residency, versus conditional (or two year temporary) permanent residency.

If the marriage was over 2 years old, when the adjustment of status application was submitted, then there would not be any “conditions” applied, and your spouse’s permanent residency would be permanent.

As early as 2 years and 9 months from the first approval date of their first Green Card, your spouse may apply for US citizenship.


The K-1 visa gave your Fiance the opportunity to enter the USA in order to marry you.

If you married before the 90’th day after their arrival, they can apply to stay permanently in the USA.

This is called Adjustment of Status. They “Adjusts their status” from a visitor on a Fiance Visa, to a Legal Permanent Resident.

And for many other visa holders, they TOO upon marriage to a US citizen may be able to “Adjust Status” to that of a Legal Permanent Resident.

To be approved you must PROVE to USCIS that that you and your spouse have a genuine relationship, a true “good faith” marriage.

When the “Adjustment of Status” request is approved, your spouse gets a drivers license sized IDcard, called a Green Card.

This isn’t just a business for me.

 I petitioned successfully for MY wife, too.

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I guide my clients through the whole process , starting with strategy to help you ANTICIPATE what USCIS is looking for, then to collect civil documents and evidences, from a personalized, detailed customized “kitchen sink” document and photo check list, to preparing an AWESOME petition that because it is complete, and thorough, and well organized, and tells your story in the most believable way, paves the way for your Spouse to get her Green Card, and in the majority of cases, to receive it in the mail without an interview!

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I personally, closely examine your answers,  to confirm that  the information you provided about you and your spouse is complete, internally consistent, logical and that there are no obvious omissions or gaps. I follow up with you for clarifications of your answers, until it all “makes sense”.
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I set up a PASSWORD controlled webpage, that only you and your spouse have access to, to use as a central  clearinghouse of information, where I  post, your personalized instructions, checklists, FAQ’s and completed forms for your review. 
CUSTOMIZED Check List of Civil Documents
CUSTOMIZED Check List of  Evidences of your Relationship
A convincing demonstration that your relationship is genuine and bona fide, often makes the difference between  approval or denial. This list is the product of 36 years of helping couples PROVE their “bona fides”, and is the key factor, to helping you “Front Load” your petition. 
I Carefully REVIEW your evidences 
I review each piece, read each page, hold each document “up to the light”,  selecting for inclusion in your “Front Loaded” petition. The objective is to tell your story in persuasive, convincing, and complimentary ways.
I Choose the BEST photos 
Photographs that accompany your petition, go a long way in telling a convincing story of a bona fide couple. I go over each print, one by one, till I have found an effective selection. The right and best photos to tell your story well.
Affidavit of Support
I prepare the Affidavit of Support ready for your signature. And advise what supporting financial documents should be attached when you send this “BLUE INK” signed form to your fiance. 
not required
Joint-Sponsor Affidavit of Support
If you need the help of a Joint-Sponsor, I will prepare their Affidavit of Support and advise what supporting financial documents are needed.  FREE OF CHARGE
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Relationship Letter
I recommend clients include with their petition, a heartfelt letter describing the relationship. I edit it down to a readable,  PERSUASIVE story. 
Once I have received, touched, examined, and compiled the final set of documents and evidences you provided. I offer my opinion on what “your chances of success” are. If appropriate,  I advise what additional evidences, could improve the outcome. 
Cover letter 
Detailed cover letter that precisely lists the contents of your petition package.
USCIS Preferred Petition Package
I assemble your Petition Package, following USCIS’s recommended guidelines.
Safe and Fast Delivery
I return your Petition Package to you fast and safe using Priority Mail
Where to Sign
I affix  Flags, at each location where you must sign and date.
Payment to USCIS
I include a duplicate check of what the payment you send to USCIS should look like, with your personal details filled in.
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Detailed instructions on EXACTLY where to send your petition
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