Green card marriage interview questions

Green Card Interview after Marriage

Most of the couples I work with by helping them apply for Adjustment of Status and Removal of conditions on residence, have their Green Card interviews waived, because the VisaCoach “front loaded” application that I craft for them, tells their story so completely, that a USCIS reviewer finds he has all he needs to approve without an interview.

But for various reasons including random spot checking, some of my clients are asked to attend an interview at USCIS prior to their Green Cards being approved and issued. Whenever this happens I always ask my couple to describe for me what happened, and give me a list of what questions were asked. As time has gone by, this has allowed me to compile a detailed and accurate list of sample questions that are actually asked. I use these to prepare VisaCoach couples for their interviews.


First, lets review the basics. If you are the foreign born spouse of an American Citizen or a Lawful Permanent Resident, the final step before permanent residency is granted, and before the Green Card is issued, will be an interview for both you and your spouse at USCIS office near where you live in the USA. There the officer asks questions about you and your spouse. The official is tasked to look for fraud. He is seeking to trip you up to catch “sham marriages” by couples who fraudulently marry solely for the purpose of obtaining entry to the USA.

You must convince him, that you are co-habitating as a sincere and honest committed married couple. Only then, will he approve your Green Card. During the interview it is ESSENTIAL you are calm and poised. That you don’t stumble over your answers, or take too long to answer, or give too many “maybe” or “i don’t know” responses. There should not be any question the officer may ask that surprises or finds you unprepared to answer.

It’s a good idea to review these questions with your spouse well in advance of the interview, so that you both have consistent answers. Yes, sometimes if the officers have suspicions they will separate the two of you, putting you each in separate rooms, and while videotaping, independently ask both of you the same questions. And then they compare the answers side by side. A genuine couple’s answers should match. But a nervous or unprepared couple may not.

The interview is a stressful time. The way to minimize the stress is by preparation. Not only to prepare for the interview itself, but by submitting a well crafted application that match’s VisaCoach’s high standards. While most VisaCoach green Card clients don’t have to attend the interview, the ones that do usually experience a very short interview: with only a very few easy questions asked. This is due to the high quality standard that I apply to preparing for you your “front loaded” application.

If your application was not crafted to VisaCoach’s high standards, expect to have a less pleasant interview. The weaker your original petition, expect more questions, tougher questions and a longer interview. This is when couples who innocently prepared their own DIY petitions, or hired budget “robot form filling” services, really get into trouble, and wish they had hired VisaCoach to bring them safely to the other side.

By Fred Wahl
the VisaCoach