Adjustment of Status Costs

2019 Costs for Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

A traveler on a Fiance Visa, enters the USA then has 90 days to marry her or his American Citizen sponsor.

The visa was only good for 90 days, And regardless of whether married or not, your new spouse is officially required to leave the USA once the visa expires.


Unless your new spouse, with your sponsorship applies to “Adjust Status” from being a temporary visitor, to a permanent resident.


The fees to accomplish this are as follows:

Verification of Vaccinations: $100

In order to be granted the fiance visa, your spouse underwent a medical exam at a clinic appointed by the consulate that processed the case.

Part of the exam was to verify what vaccinations your fiance had. It turns out that the list of vaccinations needed to be granted a 90 day temporary stay, is shorter than the longer list of vaccinations needed to be granted permanent residency.

Even though the consulate doctor, MAY have noticed that your fiance had all the vaccinations required that meet the higher permanent residency standard, your spouse still needs to meet with another doctor, this time in the USA, one selected by USCIS, and have him examine the vaccination records again, and verify your spouse has all the vaccinations required to meet the higher permanent residency standard.

Biometrics: $85

Once the adjustment of status petition has been submitted, about a month later, your spouse is required to go to a USCIS office for fingerprinting and to have an ID photo taken. This is called biometrics.

AOS Application Fee: $1,140

This fee together with the biometrics fee, is sent along with your application.

Total Cost for AOS

Vaccination Verification: $100
Biometrics: $85
Application Fee: $1,140

Total: $1,325

By Fred Wahl
the VisaCoach