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For your Vietnamese Fiancee

Getting a Fiance or Spouse Visa to leave Vietnam to join your husband in the USA takes time and effort.

Simply said, “the SOONER you start, the SOONER you get here”. Delaying, just stretches out the time you are separated.



Getting Fiancee or spousal visas for Vietnam is much harder than from most other countries. The consular officers in Ho Chi Minh City apply a higher standard before they accept that a relationship is genuine. They expect a petitioner to have made multiple trips, to have had a long engagement, and to be able to communicate well with his fiancee in Vietnamese or English.


Vietnamese fiance visa

Vietnamese Fiancee + Spouse Visa Help
(this video is specially made for your Vietnamese fiancee or spouse, to help her understand how I personally guide you through this complicated immigration process)


Who I am + How I help couples get fiance or Spouse Visas

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Vietnamese Fiancee + Spousal Visa Help Message

Vietnam Fiance Visa


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Let me do ALL the work for you.

I guide my clients through the whole process, including the final run-up to the interview, show you how to schedule the earliest appointment and lastly I upload to your private page, completed forms for your Fiance(e) to sign to take to the interview at the US embassy in Ho Chi Minh City, detailed instructions on obtaining vaccinations at the Quarantine Service of HCMC, physical at one of the two Ho Chi Minh City Panel Physicians Cho Ray Hospital or the International Organization for Migration, paying the visa fees at CitiBank, obtaining Police Certificates “Justice Record Check” from Department of Justice, details on exactly what needs to be done what you and your Fiance(e) should do to prepare for the interview, a list of 120 most likely interview questions for you to practice, a completed affidavit of support for your signature.

By Fred Wahl