US Consulate Montreal Canada

US Embassy Montreal Canada K1 Visa Interview

Embassy Name & Address
The United States Consulate General Montreal
Attn: IV Unit
315 Place D’Youville Suite 500
Montreal, QC H2Y0A4

Contact Information
Phone: 514-398-9695 Press 4 (between 2:00 – 4:30 eastern time).
*Apparently they no longer answer phone inquiries due to staff shortages:
Fax: 514.398.0973
New Fax: 514-398-9748

*When e-mailing, please do the following:
Be sure to include your Case # in the subject.
Inquiries can take up to 48+ hours to be answered.

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Obtaining Police Certificate

Inside Canada: Applicants who are physically present in Canada should contact their local police service or Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) office regarding criminal record check procedures. Applicants may obtain a certificate of no conviction issued by any Canadian police service so long as it notes that Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) or the national criminal records repository was searched using the applicant’s name and date of birth. Applicants should ensure that the search includes all names that they have previously used, including maiden names, prior married names, or names used before Canadian naturalization. (Note: Because records checks based on name and date of birth only are sometimes less thorough than those based on fingerprints, U.S. diplomatic offices reserve the right to request that certain applicants obtain fingerprint-based searches from the RCMP.)

Applicants who have been convicted of a crime in Canada must contact their local RCMP office to obtain a “Certified Criminal Record Check,” which lists an applicant’s criminal history, indicating the section of the Canadian Criminal Code under which the applicant was charged, the disposition of the case, and the penalty imposed, if any. Obtaining a Certified Criminal Records Check requires submission of a fingerprint chart; the RCMP could take between two and twelve months to process a request for a Certified Criminal Record Check. (Note: If a namecheck by a police agency reveals a conviction record, that agency may be unwilling to issue a certificate and may refer the applicant to the RCMP for a Certified Criminal Record Check.)

Canadian pardons have no effect under U.S. law. Applicants who have been convicted of a crime in Canada that was subsequently pardoned must contact an RCMP office to obtain both a Certified Criminal Record Check and copies of their pardoned criminal record.

Outside Canada: Applicants who are not physically present in Canada must obtain a Certified Criminal Record Check by sending a duplicate set of fingerprints (taken by a local police force) to the RCMP. Fingerprint submissions must include the following:
rolled and flat impressions of all ten fingers taken with black ink (may use a standard FD-258 FBI fingerprint card)
full name, date of birth, and sex of the applicant
the name and address of the police agency taking the fingerprints
the signature of the official taking the fingerprints
the reason for the fingerprint submission (U.S. visa)
the processing fee of CAD 25.00 or USD 18.00, payable to the “Receiver General for Canada” by certified check or money order.

Fingerprint submissions should be sent to: RCMP, Civil Fingerprint Screening Services, P.O. Box 8885, Ottawa, ON, K1G 3M8.

Special note for applicants who reside or resided in Newfoundland and Labrador: The RCMP did not operate in Newfoundland before April 1, 1949. Therefore, applicants who were age sixteen or over in 1949 and who resided anywhere in Newfoundland and Labrador for six months or longer after reaching the age of sixteen must obtain a Good Conduct Certificate issued by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC). Applicants should inquire at RNC offices in St. John’s, Corner Brook, Churchill Falls, or Labrador City, or may contact the RNC at: Headquarters, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, 1 Fort Townshend, St. John’s, NL, A1C 2G2, tel: 709-729-8000.

Medical Exam Details
After she has mailed her readiness documents to the consulate, she should receive confirmation from the consulate her packet has been received, along with instructions to obtain a medical exam. She should arrange to have her medical at latest 1-2 weeks before her consulate interview. She should fill in and bring her, passport, three visa photos, and her vaccination records. It is recommended she brings her vaccinations up to date while at the clinic. This is required later when she applies for her Green card in the USA, so by doing it now she will save herself time and expense later.

Depending on the clinic, they will either courier the results directly to the consulare, or give her a sealed envelope with test results. She must NOT break the seal. She must bring the unopened envelope with her to the embassy interview.

The following clinics are authorized to conduct the medical.

Dr. Ian Morgan
Woking Medical Services
1144 Burrard St., Suite 250
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2A5

Dr. Howard Seiden & Associates
Front-Frederick Health Services
145 Front Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 1E3

Medisys Health Group Inc.
500 Sherbrooke St., West #100
Montreal, QC H3A 3C6
1-800-499-1394 ext. 3500

Dr. Howard Seiden & Associates
Plexo Inc.
5345 Blvd L’Assomption # 115
Montreal, QC H1T 4B3

It is recommended she brings her vaccinations up to date while at the clinic. This is required when she applies for her Green card, so by doing it now she will save herself time later.

By Fred Wahl