US Consulate Guangzhou China

US Embassy China Visa Interview in Guangzhou China

Embassy Name & Address
Immigrant Visa Unit
American Consulate Guangzhou
No. 1, South Shamian Street
Guangzhou 510133 China

Contact Information
Phone: (020) 8121-7733 (within China)
(86)(20)8121-7733 (from the United States dial 011 first)
Fax number: (86-20) 8121-9001
*These numbers no longer exist.

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Obtaining Police Certificate
Police Certificates (One from China, and if she lived outside the China after she reached the age of 16, she should obtain a police certificate from each Country/Region she lived in.

Generally available, reliable. Persons should apply for a certificate of no criminal record at the local Public Security Bureau (PSB) (or certain types of employers such as state owned enterprises), then make application to the notary office for a certificate based on the PSB document. Persons without a criminal record will be able to obtain a certificate to that effect. Certificates for individuals with one or more criminal convictions will list all convictions for which records still exist. The certificates purport to reflect all criminal convictions during residence in China. Police records are generally not available for the period prior to 1949. Certificates are available for those in the J-1, Z, and X categories. The GOC does not issue police records for temporary residents of China in L or F visa categories.

Police records also are not available for those who were in China in diplomatic status including those working for international organizations such as the United Nations. Notarial police certificates are based in part upon records from an individual’s employer. If an employer refuses to release records, the notarial office is not able to issue a certificate. This is the case for persons sent abroad for education by the Chinese Government who fail to return to China.

According to a 1957 state council ruling that is still in force, the imposition of a re-education through labor (Lao Dong Jiao Yu) term does not result from a criminal conviction. Administrative organs, rather than courts, impose re-education through labor. It is important to distinguish re-education through labor from labor reform (Lao Dong Gai Zao), which is a sentence meted out for criminal offenses.

If she has lived in other countries, she should apply for their police certificates asap, as depending on the country they may take a long time to provide. Most Police certificates are valid for 1 year.

Medical Exam Details
As soon as Fiancee receives her Appointment Letter or gets confirmation of the interview, the Fiancee should undergo a Medical Exam.

Then she should make an appointment with a Panel Physician listed. At the appointment, bring her Consulate Interview Appointment Letter, International Vaccination Record, copy of the Medical Exam form, Passport, and 4 Passport Photos. The passport should be valid for at least 8 more months.

It is recommended she brings her vaccinations up to date while at her medical appointment. Having all the required vaccinations is required later when she applies for her Green card in the USA, so by doing it now she will save herself time later.

Cost of Medical Exam: 800 RMB

By Fred Wahl