US Consulate Bangkok Thailand

US Embassy Thailand Visa Interview in Bangkok Thailand

Embassy Name & Address
US Embassy, Consular Section, Immigrant Visa Unit
95 Wireless Road, Lumpini,
Bangkok, 10330

Contact Information
Phone: 66-2-205-4000

Embassy URL


Obtaining Police Certificate
Available. Police certificates are obtainable from:
Section 3, Sub-Division 2. General Staff Division
Special Branch
Royal Thai Police Department Rama I Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Residents of Thailand requesting a Thai police certificate will need to present two recent photographs (2 inch x 2 inch), the original and a copy of his/her passport, identification card, household registration, name change certificate (if any), marriage and divorce certificate (if any). Thai males aged 17-45 must also present military record or proof of exemption from military service.

Non-residents should send their requests to the Royal Thai Police Department at the above address with the required documents and a fingerprint taken by a police authority at their place of residence.

Normal processing time is two to three weeks. There is no processing fee.

Medical Exam Details
As soon as Fiancee receives her Appointment Letter or gets confirmation of the interview, the Fiancee should undergo a Medical Exam.

Bangkok Nursing Home (BNH)
9/1 Convent Road, Silom, Bangkok
Tel. (02) 686-2700
Dr. Kessanee Oralsatheinrakul
Dr. Peter Comer
Dr. Irene Yin-ong Kiatkwankul
Fee: Adults 2,910 Baht
Children (under 15) 1,100 Baht

Bumrungrad Hospital
33 Sukhumvit Soi 3 (Soi Nana Nua), Bangkok
Tel. (02) 667-1000
Dr. Watcharaphong Sae-Chere
Dr. Prapaporn Phimphilai
Dr. Wiwat Wongsirisak

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital
8 Boonruangrit Raod, Chiang Mai
Tel. (053) 224-851, 224-861
Dr. Kitti Ratdilokpanich
Fee: Adults 2,000 Baht
Children (under 15) 1,000 Baht

She should arrange to have her medical at latest 7 days before her consulate interview. She should bring to the medical:

Fiancee’s Passport,
3x Visa Photos
Fiancee’s vaccination records
Forms DS2053, DS3024 and DS3025

At the end of the medical they will provide her with a sealed envelope of results and xrays. She MUST NOT open the envelope. She should take it to the interview, still sealed.

It is recommended she brings her vaccinations up to date while at her medical appointment. This is required later when she applies for her Green card, so by doing it now she will save herself time later.

Cost of Medical Exam
2000 Baht Chiang Mai
5910 Baht Bangkok (BNH)
6450 Baht Bangkok (Bumrungrad)

4500 Baht with shots (immunization) at BNH as of July 2007*

4068 Baht with 2 shots (immunization) at Bumrungrad Hospital as of MAR.7,2009

*Immunization costs vary based on age, gender, medical history and vaccination history.

Jan. 2010 Bumrungrad Medical and 2 shots, on a Sat. done in 1 day. about 10,000B took 8 hours.

By Fred Wahl