Eligibility Requirements for US Citizenship

To become a US citizen from a Lawful Resident, requires meeting requirements of residence, age, language, moral character, as well as a knowledge of US history and civics. The foreign spouse of a US Citizen is eligible to apply for naturalization much sooner than an intending immigrant who is not currently married to a US Citizen.

The primary requirement is that you have been a lawful resident of the United States for a few years.

If you married a US citizen, and have been married to that US citizen for at least two years
and nine months during your permanent residency, then you are eligible to apply.

Or if you are not married to a US citizen, or were and are now divorced,then you are eligible to
apply after 5 years of permanent residency.

In the case of a spouse of a US citizen, if your green card came from the marriage,
then after two years of residence you had to apply for removal of conditions.

This process sometimes is pretty slow, and often takes more than a year before you
get your permanent green card, the so called ten year green card.

As long as you have accrued two years and nine months of lawful residence, even though your final,
and permanent, green card has not yet been approved and issued.

You do NOT have to wait. You can begin the application for naturalization, right now.

Besides the requirement on residency, the following eligibility requirements must also be met

One: You must be 18 years or older

Two: You must be of good moral character

Three: You agree to support and defend the the principles of the US Constitution

Four: You can speak and read English

Five: Finally you must pass a simple multiple choice test on US Civics.

At the end of the interview the officer
lets you know you passed, and that the next
step will be your swearing in, naturalization ceremony.

After your this ceremony you are officially a US citizen
and have all the rights and responsibilities that
come with.

You can vote, get a US passport, and sponsor fiance, parents
and siblings for immigration to join you in the USA.

This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach