St Luke’s Medical Exam

Procedures for Fiance or Spouse Visa Medical Exam at St. Luke’s, Manila

   Procedure for St Luke’s Visa Medical

In order to be approved for immigration to the USA each foreign born fiancee must undergo a medical examination. This is to demonstrate that the applicant is NOT ineligible for immigration due to issues of diseases that risk public health, mental instability or drug abuse.


All applicants processed in the Philippines have their medical’s at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Ermita, just a block away from the US Embassy. The medical is a lengthy process so I have developed a list of Tips for St. Luke’s Medical Center in order for the examination to go smoothly.

The medical takes 2 days.

Day 1 consists of all the tests.

Day 2 is immunization and pick up of results

On day 1 the doors open at 6:00, the US counter opens at 7.

Some people start queueing at midnight.

Once she enters, depending on what day she is there and how busy the clinic is, she can expect to spend between 4 and 7 hours.

Day 1 goes like this.

Check In:
Pay Fees.

$ 223 for 15 years and older
$ 185 for under than 15 years old

Then she proceeds from one station to another, one floor after another for Chest x-ray
Blood samples
Urine Samples
Weight + Height to be measured
Vision Checked
Blood pressure + pulse
Physical Exam by same sex doctor, where she will be asked a series of questions about her medical history, then poked and prodded.
Then he talks with another doctor about her vaccination history. who tells her what innoculations are required for immigration to the USA.

Day 2.

Vaccinations: Advised if any TB positive from chest X-ray Given sealed envelope of test results, she should hand over at US border crossing

Next Stop. One week later the interview at the US consulate.

By Fred Wahl, YOUR personal immigration Guide.