What is Spousal Visa?

What is Spouse Visa CR1 I-130 Process?

What is Spouse Visa?

It is the visa needed In order to bring your new spouse to the USA and her to remain here permanently you must apply for a spouse visa.

The spouse CR1 visa will give her permission to come to the USA and stay here permanently.

Spouse currently Spouse visas take about 14 to 18 months, processing time.


The CR1 Spouse Visa Process is as follows:

First of all you have a real courtship and relationship followed by a legal marriage.

You are a US citizen.

You earn over 125% of the National Poverty Level

You are able to ‘prove’ that you have a real, genuine, ‘bona fide’ relationship. You do this by presenting copies of correspondences, photos, letters, plane tickets, etc.

Once married you apply for the visa, to USCIS Homeland Security. This is called form I130 Petition for Alien Relative.

Then about 5 to 7 months later USCIS approves.

Then Department of State’s National Visa Center, NVC, will contact you for additional application fees, and for you to submit to them a ‘mini petition’ with your spouse’s original documents.

Once NVC has completed their processing, about 4 to 8 months later, they pass the case to the embassy nearest your spouse. Then your spouse is asked to attend an interview ( 3 to 5 months later) and the visa will be granted or denied.

If granted, she can begin her travel to the USA. Her green card is already approved, she should get it in the mail a few months later.

For a more detailed breakdown please follow this link on How to Apply for A Spouse Visa.

By Fred Wahl