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For your Spanish Fiancee

Getting a Fiance or Spouse Visa to join your Partner in the USA takes a LONG time, currently 7 – 9 months processing time for Fiancee Visa. 10 to 18 months  processing time for Spouse Visa.  Its just like shooting a rocket to Mars. You work, you prepare, you LAUNCH, then you wait. Besides dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s”, the ONLY thing you can control is how soon you launch. In the case of immigration, its how soon you send in your complete Fiance or Spouse petition.

The sooner he calls, the sooner you start your happy life in the USA.

Hello to Spanish Speaking Spouse or Fiancee

Fiancee + Spouse Visa Help
(this video is specially made for your Spanish Speaking fiancee or spouse, to help her understand how I personally guide you through this complicated immigration process)

Who I am + How I help couples get fiance or Spouse Visas


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Cuban Spanish Fiancee + Spousal Visa Help Message

Cuban Fiance Visa

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Simply said, “the SOONER you start, the SOONER you get here”. Delaying, just stretches out the time you are separated.

What should you do?

Copy and Email him my phone number
1-800-806-3210 ext 702
or this address

In just a few minutes, I WILL set him straight. I’ll teach him what needs to be done, I’ll answer any questions he has. I’ll clear up and make simple what seems so confusing.


By Fred Wahl