Military Visa Expedite

Expedite prior to military deployment

As we know the internet is timeless. Once something is posted online it is there forever. So the exact date of posting is not too important.

But I would like share with you that I am recording and publishing this video just before Veterans Day.

I want to thank all of our Military men and women for their service.

Here at VisaCoach we greatly appreciate everything you do and the sacrifices you make for us and for our nation. I am honored to have personally assisted many military couples unite in the USA

I’m proud that so far 100% of the cases I’ve helped Military Personel with have gotten their visa or green card the first time we applied. This includes all of those unhappy couples who came to me for help to reapply after their “do it yourself”, or JAG assisted cases had been denied.

Because the processing time for fiance and spouse visas and adjustment of status can take quite a long time from 6 months on the short side to over a year and a half, on the long, sometimes it happens that you the military Sponsor receive orders for Deployment while your case is in process but not finally adjudicated.


In such cases we want to push USCIS and the State Department to work faster so that your fiance or spouse can enter the USA faster. That way you could some time before the Deployment starts to make sure your family are settled in before leaving.

And please be advised I’m not saying that all military cases can be expedited. But when there is a specific need especially when orders have been given for deployment it is possible to get USCIS and State Department to both agree to assist and provide expedited processing.

This applies both to cases that are ongoing, which we have already submitted, as well as cases we are readying to submit.

Who is eligible for military expedite?

– Anyone serving on active duty
– A reserve component in Title 10 status
– Facing a pending deployment
– Permanent change of station
– A humanitarian issue

What do you do first?

Call USCIS and advise of your situation. They have a special Military only hotline to call, where the operators are familiar with the issues that Military and their families face.

They should be able to give you a reading on the likelihood that your request is eligible, provide advice, and may even be able to flag your case as one that is “pending expedite”

Then if your application has not been submitted yet, we include the following as part of the petition package and request expedite from the “get go”. Or if you case is already ongoing, plan to submit the following separately to USCIS.

Plan to mail the following to USCIS

1. A signed and written letter by you that indicates the reason why your application needs to be expeditiously processed.

2. A letter or copy of military orders from your commanding officer with regards to your deployment or circumstance, and

3. Any other details you think will most likely help your request for expedite.

Then fax or mail your request and evidences to USCIS

USCIS will let you know their decision.

In the case of Adjustment of Status, the entire process to get the Green Card is handled by USCIS. So their agreement to expedite will get your Green Card fairly quickly with no further delays.

However for a Fiance or Spouse visa, USCIS is only involved for about 50 to 75% of the total processing time. Once USCIS is done the case is passed on to the State Department.

Onless specifically requested, the State Department will process your case at the normal speed.

So, just as soon as the State Departments’s NVC (National Visa Center) receives your case from USCIS, it is time for you to follow up and submit another request to expedite, this time addressed to the Department of State.

Provide the same evidences and request that you submitted to USCIS and also include proof of USCIS’s approving the expedite request.

By doing this your Fiance or Spouse will be scheduled for her or his consulate interview without delay, and be on the way to rejoin you in the USA.

Again, Thank you for your service and stay safe.

By Fred Wahl
the VisaCoach