K2 Dependant Visa

K-2 Visa: Dependent Children

If your Fiancee has children who are unmarried, and under the age of 21, they can come to the USA too. To faciliate this they should be included on the Fiancee Visa petition.

Their visa (called K-2) is automatically granted when the Fiancee’s K-1 visa is granted. This allows the children to accompany the Fiancee or to follow her later. They may remain in the USA for up to 90 days. If the Fiancee and Sponsor marry, the Fiancee (now spouse) and children may remain in the USA and apply for conditional residency see Adjustment of Status.

The K-2 visa(s) are issued at the same time that the Fiancees K-1 visa is issued. The children do not need to travel with the Fiancee, they can come later. but they can not come before. The cut off date for the issuance of a K-2 visa is one year after the issuance of the K-1. Once issued the visa is valid for one entry to the USA any time within the next six months.

In ordering Full Support, Petition Review, or Adjustment of Status be sure to indicate how many children will be included in the applications as this requires additional paperwork. Click Order Services.

By Fred Wahl

By Fred Wahl