K1 Fiancee Visa Interview Tips

Fiance Visa interview tips

Fiance Visa interview tips for when the applicant is interviewed for her K1 visa. Each applicant must schedule an appointment at the consulate, and convince the consular officer that theirs is a “bona fide” genuine relationship, and that the purpose of the Fiancee Visa application is solely for sincere marriage.


The Fiance Visa Interview is the final hurdle of the Fiance Visa petition process. The consular officer will ask you questions about you and your American Fiance.

To be approved for your visa, the officer must be convinced that you and your Fiance have a genuine romantic relationship, and that you are honest, sincere and of good moral character.

At the end of the interview your visa is approved or denied.

Here are some tips to help you make a good impression.

Get a good night’s rest.

Dress conservatively, “smart casual”

Arrive on time.

Stay calm and focused,

Act professional and friendly

Answer Questions Simply and Directly

Do not volunteer information

If possible, bring your American Fiance along

If at the end of the interview it is not clear whether you have been approved or denied? ask “what should I tell my fiance?”

Bring money. You may need it to pay for courier delivery, or for photocopies or extra visa photos.

At the consulate you will probably fill in a form with shipping intructions for a courier to deliver your passport back to you.

Plan in advance and be know which delivery address you want to use.

By Fred Wahl