Travel on K1: What Happens on Arrival?

K1 Fiance Visa: What happens on arrival + inspection

This is what happens when traveling on a K1 Fiance Visa Everyone gets off the aircraft. Usually there is a line for US citizens, and another line for non-citizens.

When your fiance gets to the front of the line, she presents her passport to the inspecting officer.

He will examine her passport and once sees she is traveling on a K-1 Fiance visa will direct her to enter a side room.


There she will meet a different officer.

He will ask her “Are you married or single?

A fiance visa is only for a traveler who is single, and planning to marry.

If she says she is “married”, as in already married, he stops the interview and she is refused entry.

But If she says “she is single”, he will continue.

H might ask “What are your plans?”

In that case, she should talk about where she is going, when, where and how.

A good idea is to provide specific details about the plans for the wedding, the honeymoon, where she and her husband will live after the wedding.

When the officer is satisfied that she is a legitimate Fiance Visa traveler he will explain

“The K1 fiance visa allows you to visit the USA for 90 days. While you are here, if you marry your fiance, you become eligible to remain in the USA, by later applying to adjust your status to permanent residency and get your green card.

The Fiance visa does not FORCE you to marry. You do NOT need to marry if you don’t want to.”

Then she hear “Welcome to the USA” and he sends fiance on her way. ?

By Fred Wahl
the Visa Coach