In person meeting frequency

Common Mistakes Leading to Fiance or Spouse Visa Denial: Reduced Frequency of Visits

Today I would like to talk about, how the frequency of your travel to meet your partner, (your Fiance or Spouse) may determine whether your visa application is approved or denied.

Often times, a couple, in the first flush of excitement when they start their courtship, are so eager to spend time together, that they meet pretty often, as often as they can afford. Then once engaged or married, they apply for the K1 or CR1 visa. And sometimes, while their applications are underway, the frequency of in-person meetings, drops way off or even stops.

Usually the reason is to save money for their future, or they hope the next trip will be the one to the USA after the visa is granted. Unfortunately, when the time between meetings, stretches or stops, you are in real danger of having your case denied at the interview.


A real life example. A guy calls me up. First time caller. His case has just been denied. He was not a VisaCoach client. Frankly if he was, I could have saved him from his disaster. Continue reading “In person meeting frequency”

I129F Fiance Petition

Fiance Petition and K1 Visa Services

Fiance Petition form I129F will be prepared by Fiancee visa services. Wel provide the following assistance to prepare your I-129F Petition for a K-1 Fiancee visa

·    Checklist of documents that you need for your K-1 Fiance visa
·    Accurate preparation of your visa application
·    Expert advice on how to handle yourself at your Consular or INS interview, and what to
·    Unlimited personal communication with your own immigration expert. Fast, easy and secure
preparation of your visa.

What is a I-129F Petition for a K-1 Fiancee visa ? Continue reading “I129F Fiance Petition”

How to Fill in i129F

K1 Form: How to complete I129F Fiancee Visa Petition




K1 Forms may be obtained directly from USCIS

This form with supporting documents will begin the fiance visa process.

Please be careful to complete this form completely, legibly and honestly.

Type or print in black ink.

Write None in fields where appropriate.

Write N/A in fields where appropriate.

Supporting documents to be sent with I-129F

Birth Certificates of both Fiancee and Sponsor

Passport copies of both Fiancee and Sponsor

2 passport type photos each for both Fiancee and Sponsor

Proof of US citizen ship of Sponsor (birth certificate, current passport, etc)

Filing fees.

Death certificates or Divorce decrees (as applicable)

Certified English Translations (as applicable)

Optional but highly recommended

Cover Letter.

Photos, documents etc providing proof of the relationship

Letters from Fiancee and Sponsor attesting to the nature of the relationship and confirming intention to marry within 90 days of entry to USA

As needed.

Question A-11, Request for Waiver Filing Limitations, plus supporting proof

Question C-2, Convictions, plus certified police or court records

Question C-3, Request for Waiver Filing Limitations: Extenuating Circumstances of Convictions plus supporting proof

By Fred Wahl
the VisaCoach

How to Apply for K1 Visa

How to get Fiance Visa?
K1 Fiancee Visa
using form I129F

The application process begins when the Sponsor obtains a package of application forms known as the Fiancee Visa package. These forms can be obtained from USCIS offices,, or ordered by phone.

The Fiancee Visa package generally consists of the I-129F application, plus supporting evidences. The Sponsor completes the I-129F and one biographical form, the Fiance completes the other. Continue reading “How to Apply for K1 Visa”

How Soon can Fiance/Spouse Leave USA

How soon can Spouse (formerly fiance) leave the USA

The fiance visa is a single-entry Visa. It allows your fiance to enter the USA one time only. And officially your fiance is granted only a short 90 day visit.

The expectation is your foreign fiance arrives, spends more time with you, sees where you live, experiences your lifestyle, meets your friends and the future in-laws and providing all goes well, marries you within 90 days of arrival.

But getting the visa, arriving to the USA, and marrying is not quite enough. In order to remain in the USA, there is one more step. That is to apply to US immigration to remain as a Lawful permanent resident

This is called applying for “adjustment of status”, adjusting from a temporary 90 day visitor,
to a permanent resident. The process usually takes about 9 months to a year later. Continue reading “How Soon can Fiance/Spouse Leave USA”

Bona Fide Relationship

Fiancee Visa Evidence Needed to Prove Bona Fide Relationship

Fiancee Visa proofs are required for visa approval. This video describes how to prove a bona fide, genuine relationship for USCIS when applying for a K-1 Fiancee or CR-1 Spousal Visa, using I-129F or I-130 Petitions




The most common reason Fiancee or Spouse Visa petitions are rejected is that Immigration is not convinced the couple have a genuine “bona fide” relationship.

There are many ways to prove the relationship, photos, phone bills, emails, log files, on and on.  Some couples though don’t really think about saving this “paper trail” until they are just about ready to file their I-129F or I-130 petitions.  By then it is too late. And they may end up rejected due to lack of planning.

I put together a video that teaches how to prove you have a genuine relationship. It speaks directly to couples who are applying for Fiancee or Spousal visas. And tells them what documents and proof to attach to their K visa petitions.

I think that a new couple who has just found each other, should ALSO  view this lesson, so that from the start of their relationship they will know what is needed later on, and so can  save from the beginning, what they should have later.

For example:  Proof that the couple has regularly communicated with each other  is essential. What about the couple that uses Instant messenger every day, but never turned on “logging”? What proof do they have?  NONE. !

If they turned on LOGGING, they could print out a page, or pages that show each and every time they communicated, when they logged in, when they logged out.  It is not necessary to show the words of each conversation,  but is extremely valuable to show the frequency and dates of the conversations.

The same applies for telephone bills or logs.  It used to be that everyone got a regular phone bill each month, that showed the numbers called and the duration of each call.  Now there are ways to save money by buying pre-paid phone cards or joining discount calling services. Some keep track of your calls, and you could print out statements to prove your calls.  But many clients use prepaid phone cards, which don’t provide you any record at all!  The time to choose  a service that provides you a record of you calls, is  at the Start of your relationship.

If you are  starting a relationship, or still looking, take a minute to watch this video on “How to prove a genuine relationship for the Fiancee or Spousal visa”.  You will be much better prepared in case you find you life partner and hope to live together in the USA.

Of course if you have already found your partner and are applying for a K-1 or K-3 visa, use the suggestions shown on the video to make your petition more believable and thus help to ensure  a happy ending to your visa application.

By Fred Wahl

PS: If your fiancée or spouse is not a citizen of the United States and you want her (or him) to enter the US, then you will need to obtain a K1 Fiancée visa or CR-1 Spousal Visa.
Here’s how that’s done…

My mission is to give you Peace of Mind


By Fred Wahl

Full support

Fiancee Visa Full Support Service

Fiancee Visa Support: Quick Summary of what: Full Support Service does Visa Coach will provide the following assistance as follows:

·       Fiancé(e) Visa Service

·       Checklist of documents that you need for your K-1 Fiancée visa

·       Accurate preparation of your I-129F visa application

·       Expert advice on how to handle yourself at your Consular or INS interview, and what to expect

·       Unlimited personal communication with your own immigration expert. Fast, easy and secure processing of your visa.

Full Fiancee Visa Support costs only $695. Far less expensive than an attorney. Save yourself trouble and worries.
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Who I am + How I help couples get fiance or Spouse Visas

The staff at Heart of Asia International Dating Personals is proud to provide expert assistance to help you inexpensively manage the daunting task of filing the forms and preparing the documentation required by US immigration (USCIS)  to bring your fiancee to the United States.

What we do:

1.  We start by sending you our proprietary packet of instructions, and questionaires.

2.  You review our instruction sheets, then fill in and return our in-house questionaire to us.

A lot of “consultants” and attorneys just send you the original forms from USCIS. They are hoping that you will learn the forms, fill them in completely, and send them in to the expert already finished. That always amazed me. If you are forced to read all the complicated forms, and instruction sheets yourself, what are you getting for your money?

At Visa Coach, we have carefully gone over each form that the goverment requires, and we have painstakingly, combined all the questions you will be asked, into one simple document.  You don’t have to fill in the same info at five places. You just complete our questionaire, then we do the rest, accurately transcribing your answers into all the complicated and redundant forms used by USCIS.  We prepare the documents for you, then send them to you for your signature.

3. We closely review your answers as if we were a USCIS reviewer, and get back to you on any areas that need clarification or correction. We help you get it done, properly, the first time.

4. Based upon your answers, we prepare for you, your own personal check list, of exactly what paperwork, certificates, and supporting documents you  need to collect for the application.

5. If you have not yet met your fiancee face to face, at this stage you should be on your way to meet her for the first time. We prepare for you to take along on your trip, the forms needing her signature, and brief you on what you need to accomplish during your trip.

6. To accompany your application, we help you prepare a cover letter that describes your relationship with your fiancee, in a way to demonstrate the genuiness and sincerity of your relationship.

7. You return to us, all required supporting documents, as well as the original forms signed by your fiancee. We ensure that all that is needed is assembled together, all in one place, all in one package, to make a solid, persuasive application for your Fiancee visa application. This is sent to you for your final signature, and for you to send directly to USCIS.

8. Should USCIS have any questions, issues, requests. We  work with you to satisfy and resolve them in your favor. 

9. Once USCIS approves, the application is fowarded to the Department of State and assigned to the consulate nearest your Fiancee. The consulate will send to your fiancee a further document package for her to complete. We assist in the perparation and completion of these forms.

10. Soon after the Fiancee is asked to visit the consulate for an interview to discuss the application. We help prepare the fiancee for this important meeting.

11. Generally within days of the interview. The Fiancee has her visa, and can come to the USA.

Full Fiancee Visa Support costs only $695. Far less expensive than an attorney. Save yourself trouble and worries.  And this service comes with a 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee. 

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By Fred Wahl

5 Things you Must Know before applying for visa

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5 Things You must Know before Starting




Hi. My name is Fred Wahl – I am the Visa Coach, known in the field of fiance and spouse immigration for the fast and easy approval,

and personal one-on-one attention, my clients enjoy and for crafting winning “front loaded” petitions that ease approval, while avoiding hi fees, delays or denial

Approval or denial, success or failure, all hinge upon the consular interview. The interview is the final challenge before a visa or green card is approved. The officer must be convinced the couple has a bona fide relationship, and the applicant is of good moral character.

Sometimes even genuine couples, get tripped up during the interview. I ensure my clients success by crafting for them a persuasive “front loaded” petition, that answers all the consular officers questions before he asks any,

To get your FREE COPY of this essential Getting Started tool, plus free monthly emailed updates on marriage based immigration, Just type your name and email below.

See you on the other side.

By Fred Wahl


Filing K1 Visa Application during Fiance’s Visit to USA

File K-1 Fiance Visa application while Fiancee is visiting USA?

During your Fiance’s visit to the USA you could finalize and submit your fiancee visa petition together. If she plans an extended stay and the process goes quickly you may only be separated for the time it takes for her to return to her country, attend the consular interview, and wrap up her affairs before re-joining you in the USA.


Continue reading “Filing K1 Visa Application during Fiance’s Visit to USA”

Consulate Interview for Fiance Visa

Visa Application Interview at US Consulate

The consulate visa interview is the last hurdle prior to obtaining a Fiance Visa or Spouse Visa. Below is my video that explains what happens when your Fiancee attends her Interview at a US consulate or embassy for a final decision on your Fiancee Visa petition for immigration to the USA. 

Each applicant must schedule an appointment at the consulate, and convince the consular officer that theirs is a “bona fide” genuine relationship, and that the purpose of the Fiancee Visa application is solely for sincere marriage.



This video is for couples who are applying for a fiancee visa for immigration to the United States and who wish to prepare for the visa Interview at  the U S Consulate in the fiance’s country.

This information is general, not specific to any particular embassy and  will provide an accurate idea of what to expect.

Should you be interviewing in Manila,  I have recorded another video that describes the Manila visa Interview process in exact detail.

Continue reading “Consulate Interview for Fiance Visa”

Is Fiance required to speak english

Must my fiance or spouse speak English at the consular interview?

let’s talk about “Will my fiance or spouse be required to speak English at the consular interview?.

Must your fiance speak English? The simple answer is “it depends”.


At the consular interview the American consular officer, of course, can and is ready to speak in English, sometimes he also knows the major language in the host country where he has been posted.

And if his local language skills are not up to snuff, he will probably have his own translator supplied by the consulate there to help him.

So the interview CAN be conducted in English or the local language. The officer usually doesn’t care which.

Continue reading “Is Fiance required to speak english”

Faster K1 visa approval

5 Tips to faster K1 Visa Interview approval

We are picking up at the end of the very end K1 fiance visa application process, the consular interview.

Many months ago, a VisaCoach high quality “front loaded” application was submitted to Homeland Security, USCIS. They completed their review to confirm that all primary eligibility evidences were present and the FBI gave you a clean bill of health. The case was passed on to the Department of State’s, National Visa Center, NVC, and now finally your fiance is on the eve of her or his final interview that determines if the visa will be granted or denied.


The following are 5 tips I give VisaCoach clients to prepare them for a fast and friendly interview.

Continue reading “Faster K1 visa approval”

Extreme vetting for Fiance and Spouse Visas

Extreme Vetting expected, even for Fiances and Spouses of Americans

It was recently reported that Trump administration officials are considering subjecting visitors to a range of invasive measures, including searches of their mobile phones and contacts, mandatory disclosure of their social media passwords, and interrogation about their beliefs and opinions.


Applicants could be asked to do the following:

Continue reading “Extreme vetting for Fiance and Spouse Visas”

Employment authorization fiancee visa

After arrival on a Fiancee visa, how long must your new spouse have to wait before being permitted to work?

Many couples rely on two incomes, so knowing how soon your spouse may work, should she or he want to, or need to, is a critical part of your financial planning.


So lets start with where you are. You found someone from outside the USA. You fell in love. You got engaged. You applied for the K1 Fiancee visa, and now at long last, your fiancee has arrived to the USA.

After arrival, you two have 90 days to get married.

And you get married.

So now you have a foreign born spouse, who has a visa that is expiring soon, unless you take action, should leave the USA and return to home country.

Of course, the action that you must take, is to apply to USCIS to obtain permission for your new spouse to become a permanent resident.

Continue reading “Employment authorization fiancee visa”

Eligibility for Visas

Visa Eligibility Requirements: For Fiancee + Spouse Visas

Eligibility for a K-1 Fiancee Visa

To be successful to obtain a Fiance Visa the following K1 Eligibility Requirements must be met.

Sponsor is US Citizen
U.S. citizens ONLY, can sponsor an Alien Fiancee. Legal permanent residents are NOT eligible.

Free to Marry
You and your fiancé(e) must both be free to marry, at the time you submit your petition. This means that both of you are unmarried, or that any previous marriages have ended through divorce, annulment or death.

Face to Face Meeting
You must also have met with your fiancé(e) in person, “face to face” within the last two years before filing.

Planning to Marry 
You must affirm that you both intend to marry during your fiancee’s stay in the USA

Bona Fide Relationship
You must be able to convince immigration that your relationship is genuine.

Financial Eligibility
To meet the K1 visa financial eligibility requirements, you must be able to prove your annual income is enough to support your entire household at at lease 100% of the Federal poverty Guidelines..



Eligibility for a CR-1 Spouse Visa

To be successful to obtain a Spouse Visa the following Spouse Visa Eligibility requirements must be met.

Continue reading “Eligibility for Visas”

K1 Visa Denial on moral grounds

K1 Fiance Visa Denial: on Moral Grounds

An often overlooked eligibility requirement for the fiance visa is that the foreign fiance must be of good moral character. As always, a consular officer’s decision to approve or deny is based on his own experience and intuition. He makes a “holistic” judgement that can be influenced by his own religious or moral beliefs.

The history of the courtship as well as history of previous marriages is always reviewed by the consular officer. Sometimes the timeline of courtships and previous marriages overlap. Depending on the officer, this overlap while dating when one or the other of the couple is still married could be understood as reasonable, or COULD be deemed an IMMORAL VIOLATION of the marriage vows, in a word, adultery. If the CO decides to take the strict moral view that the relationship was adulterous, the visa is denied.

Continue reading “K1 Visa Denial on moral grounds”

How to Prove Bona fide Relationship

How to Prove “Bona Fide” Relationship

The hardest part for any couple who is embarking on applying for a fiance or spouse visa to understand, is that at the end of the day the decision made by the consular officer reviewing the case, by the interviewer who has the absolute power to approve or deny, is that he or she is making a SUBJECTIVE decision bases on the APPEARANCES of your situation. Does the officer FEEL that in his or her OPINION, you APPEAR to be a bona fide couple?. Does he or she feel you appear to have followed a similar path that other couples in your partner’s country have traveled before?. Does your courtship APPEAR to follow normal and reasonable practices, timing, and so on?


Sad but true, What is expected by the officer, may not match what YOU want to do. Continue reading “How to Prove Bona fide Relationship”