B1/B2 Visitor Visa Interview Questions and Answers

B1/B2 Visitor Visa Interview Questions and Answers


You or your loved ones may someday wish to visit the USA. Maybe you want to visit
Disneyland, Las Vegas, Hollywood. Or maybe wish to visit family, friends even potential fiances or spouses.

Well it turns out that while all applicants usually bring plenty of supporting documents and proofs to a visitor visa interview, including letters from American sponsors, in practice the consular officer at the embassy most likely will make his decision based on what is said during the verbal interview.

Knowing in advance what the questions will be, preparing your answers, and understanding B2 Visitor Eligibility  will greatly improve your chances to be approved for the visa.

In this video I will teach you the types of B1/B2 visa interview questions you can expect, and how to answer them.

B1/B2 Interview Questions and Answers, Plus Tips for Success

Now, lets talk about what Questions you should prepare for your “USA Visitor Visa Interview”.

Question Number 1.

May I see your passport? Can I have your passport?

Answer: “here it is”

Be prepared, Have the passport already in your hand. There should be no fumbling. The officer is busy, A lot of people are waiting in line behind you, don’t delay him, don’t irritate him.

Question Number 2.

What is the purpose of your trip? Why do you want to travel to the US? What is the reason behind it? What is your aim?

Ideally you have a simple and clear-cut reason for your trip. Perhaps “visit Disneyland”, “get medical treatment at Mayo clinic”, “visit family”, “Attend convention”, “visit boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé,or spouse”.

The consular officer is always on the lookout for someone who may have plans not to return to their home country, who might have plans to remain permanently in the USA. So if the purpose of your trip is to meet people who could help you to stay in the USA such as family or romantic partners
expect some follow up questions.

To those, provide simple and honest answers, and without prompting ALSO include reasons WHY you are going to return to the home country.

For example “I plan to visit with my family this summer to go sightseeing in the USA, before I return in the fall to have my third year of studies at Manila university”,

or “I am visiting my fiancé, we were planning on attending a concert, and meeting his family, We have already applied for a fiance visa and we are well aware that I must return to home country for the fiance visa interview”

or “My American spouse and I live together in home country,
he is an expat working for Bechtel, he / we do not plan to return to the USA for many years until after his contract expires. but we were hoping to visit the USA during his next annual Home leave, in order to enjoy the holidays with his mother who is 82 years old, and a little bit frail, when the time comes for him to return to the USA, at that time we plan to apply for a spouse visa for me”.

Of course, provide honest details, never make any false statements, as they will come back to hurt you later.

Question Number 3.

Who is accompanying you on this visit?

“Mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, classmate,” “I am traveling alone”.

Question Number 4.

How long do you intend to stay?

Know the answer in advance and answer with a concise “one week, two weeks, two months”. And best if you bring to the interview a return plane ticket or reservation that exactly matches your answer..

Question Number 5.

Why are you planning such a long trip?

Most visitors come for short stays, as they have job or school or family responsibilities and can’t abandon them for long.

If your plans are for a longer stay, be prepared to explain why that amount of time is needed.

Such as:

“I return to to school in September, so I plan to spend my entire summer vacation in the USA”

Question Number 6.

Why have you chosen this time to visit and why not some other time?

Answer: “I want to attend the Consumer Electronics show, it is held the second week in January”

or “This is my semester break, It’s my only time to get away”

Question Number 7.

Do you have family or friends in the US?

“no” or “yes”.

If yes, there will be followup questions. These will be similar to your answer on “What is the purpose of your trip”. Identify what relatives or friends you have and state what their relationship is to you and whether or not you’ll be meeting them during your trip.

If it is a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance or spouse, again be very clear to identify who you’re going to meet, and in answering re-confirm that you understand the visitor visa is only for a temporary visit, that you will be returning to home country.

Explain what responsibilities or reasons you have back in your home country that ensure you will definitely, positively, respect the terms of a visitor visa and leave the USA within your allowed stay.

Question Number 8.

Where will you be staying?

Answer: “Hotel, Airbnb,”

Be prepared with the actual name and location of the hotel. Ideally bring copies of the reservation as well. If staying with family or friends, again be prepared to explain who they are, what their relationship is to you and your plans and reasons to return to home country, without fail.

Question Number 9.

When did you last travel to USA?

If you previously had the opportunity to visit the USA, and respected the terms of the visa you had at that time, that is strong evidence you can be trusted again to use the visitor visa properly.

So answer,: “I previously went to school in the USA”, or “I had a visitor visa before and now I’m renewing it”.

Question Number 10.

Why will you come back to your home country?

If you have not already had the opportunity to explain why you’re coming back and the officer now specifically ask you why, provide good reasons why you MUST return, and return on time.

Answer: “My school resumes in September”, “I can’t stay away from my business very long”, “I need to care of my elderly parents”, “I own property that I must be managed”, “My vacation only lasts till mid June, and my boss expects me to report for work on time”

Question Number 11.

Who is paying for your trip?

Answer: “I am”, and bring proof that your income is sufficient to pay for your holiday in the USA. such as a recent tax return or copies of bank statements.
Or if the answer is “my family, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, or spouse”
once again be prepared to explain who they are, what their relationship is to you is and what your plans and reasons to return to home country, on time are.

In addition to preparing your answers to the consular officer questions,
here are some tips to follow for the day of the interview.

Tip number 1.

Arrive at the consulate well dressed. Make a favorable impression. Show you could afford travel even if someone else is paying for the trip.

Tip number 2.

Arrive Early. Acclimate yourself, look around, find out where to go. Take deep breaths, be calm. Pay attention to hear when your number is called, and it is your turn to be interviewed.

Tip number 3.

Avoid appearing nervous. Look the officer in the eye. Appear confident and poised.

Tip number 4.

Keep answers short when reasonable to do so. Listen carefully to what is asked. Only answer that question. Once the answer has been given, stop talking, don’t elaborate. (unless confirming reasons
to return to home country, on time, when appropriate)

Tip number 5.

Be honest. If you have an American boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance or spouse, and you are planning to visit them, be sure to honestly reveal the facts. What you tell the officer at the visitor visa interview and at US border crossings is typed into your permanent US immigration record.

This means if in the future you finally apply for a Fiance or Spouse visa, the next set of reviewers will know exactly what you said today and WILL your statements against the what you tell them in the future. If you deny having a courtship when you really have one, if you falsely deny your partner, then during a future Fiance or Spouse Visa interview for that partner you run the risk of denial.

Now, you know what kinds of B1/B2 visa interview questions can be asked, and how to prepare for your visitor visa interview.

Good luck. Let me know how it went.

This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach