Visitor Visa damage to Fiancee or Spouse Visa?

Does applying for a visitor visa hurt your chances for a fiancé or spouse visa ?

A B1/B2 visitor visa application does not necessarily negatively impact your K1 or CR1 case providing the foreign applicant adheres to the truth and does not reapply so many times as to appear to be desperate to travel to the USA. 

“Does applying for a visitor visa hurt your chances for a fiancé or spouse visa ?

Short answer is “No”.

However there are two important qualifications to that simple answer.

#1  Truth Only Please !!

People who won’t be around later to suffer the consequences of a bad decision, such as travel agents, employers and colleagues, will advise your foreign partner that in order to be approved for a visitor visa he or she should bend the truth, actually LIE,  and make up reasons to convince the consular officer why he or she will definitely, positively return to home country.

Usually this is pretending to be married or pretending to have children. Or when asked the purpose of the trip, will deny knowing the American partner. Everything said to the officer is recorded, falsehoods will eventually be discovered. and will jeopardize approval of a fiancé or spouse visa.

Make sure your partner, strictly adheres to the truth. Visitor visa denied or granted, telling the truth will   pays off in the long term.

#2 Take No for an Answer. 

If denied for the visitor visa, don’t apply again and again and again. Multiple repeated applications for a visa that you’re partner is not going to get, will lead the consular officer to suspect your partner is desperate to come to the USA.

The officer might follow that negative line of thought, and wonder if the current application,  for a fiamce or spouse visa is only a means to a desired end, and you are only a pawn in the process.

To wrap up. There’s no problem in applying for a visitor visa and getting denied, providing all questions were answered honestly, and your partner does not keep reapplying.

This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach,
here to personally guide you on this journey.

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