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US Embassy Dominican Republic K1 Visa Interview in Santo Domingo

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Embajado De Los Estados Unidos
Av. Republica de Colombia #57
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

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Phone: 1-809-567-7775

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Obtaining Police Certificate
Fiancee should obtain Police Certificates.

Available. A certificate, called a “Certificate of No Judicial Records” (Certificado de No Antecendentes Judiciales), is obtainable by both Dominicans and non-Dominicans 18 years or older who permanently reside in or have resided in the Dominican Republic. Interested parties must apply in person at any office of the Prosecutor General (Procuradora Fiscal) throughout the country. They must present a Dominican national identification card (cedula), 2 passport-sized photographs and the fee in cash (330 Dominican pesos as of April 2007). A photocopy of both sides of the Dominican national identification card is also required. The certificate is usually ready the same day and is handed directly to the interested party for presentation during the visa interview.

The format of issued certificates varies as of April 2007; however, post expects greater consistency to be implemented in the coming months. The information on the certificate can be verified by contacting the Fraud Prevention Unit at Embassy Santo Domingo.

If she has lived in other countries, she should apply for their police certificates asap, as depending on the country they may take a long time to provide. Most Police certificates are valid for 1 year.

Medical Exam Details
The instruction packet from the consulate will provide details on undergoing a medical at the doctor’s office approved by the consulate. She should arrange to have her medical at latest 1-2 weeks before her consulate interview. She should bring the Appointment Letter, passport, three visa photos, and her vaccination records. It is recommended she brings her vaccinations up to date while at the clinic. This is required later when she applies for her Green card in the USA, so by doing it now she will save herself time and expense later.

At the end of the medical they should either tell her they are sending the results to the embassy for her.

Consultorios de Visa is authorized to conduct the medicaland is located in Santo Domingo, on Avenida Independencia 254, corner with Danae street. You may go to Consultorios de Visa any working day between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. for your medical examination. Adults and children should appear for their exam as soon as they receive the appointment letter. Children ages 2 through 14 can appear for their medical exams only on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. Children ages 2 through 14 will not be examined on Thursdays. If you are an immigrant visa applicant, you must take the enclosed immigrant visa appointment letter to Consultorios de Visa. If you are applying for a K visa, please take the enclosed instruction sheet to Consultorios de Visa. Because the results of the medical examination can take several days, we recommend that you go to Consultorios de Visa at least five (5) working days before you go to the Consular Section for your visa interview.

Please present to the Consultorios de Visa receptionist this information sheet, your appointment letter, your passport, three (3) color 2″ x 2″ photographs and your national identification card. These same requirements apply to all members of your family who plan to accompany you to the United States. If you have ever had any disease or serious injury, it will be useful for you to take any relevant X-rays or medical reports to the clinic with you.

You must pay at Consultorios de Visa US$180.00 or the equivalent in Dominican pesos for each adult examined (US$80.00 for each child under age 15). This amount includes X-rays, blood tests and the medical examination itself. If the examining physician considers that other tests are necessary, you must pay for these separately. Children under 15 years of age do not need to have X-rays taken nor blood tests conducted, unless the doctor considers them necessary.

Do not fast before your medical examination. You should eat normally. In addition, if you are taking any medication, you should continue to take it normally.

Consultorios de Visa will send the examination report directly to the Consular Section.

Consultorios de Visa maintains a website with information concerning the medical examination process.

By Fred Wahl