US Consulate Kingston Jamaica

US Embassy Jamaica Visa Interview in Kingston Jamaica

Embassy Name & Address
U.S. Embassy Kingston, Jamaica, Consular Services
142 Old Hope Road,
Kingston 6,

Contact Information
Phone: Telephone inquiries not accepted.

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Obtaining Police Certificate
Available. Residents of Jamaica should first pay for a police certificate at any Tax Office in Jamaica. They must present a passport, two passport-sized photographs, Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN), and evidence, such as a form letter of instructions to visa applicants, that the Embassy requires them to obtain police certificates for immigration purposes. There is both express and a 21-day service.

After the fee is paid, the applicant should take the receipt and documents to 34 Duke Street in downtown Kingston, where the applicant is fingerprinted. At the end of the specified period, applicants should return to 34 Duke Street to collect the police certificate.

Jamaicans living abroad and former residents of Jamaica may also obtain police certificates, but will need someone in Jamaica to act on their behalf. The applicant should furnish the person applying for the record on their behalf with fingerprints (notarized), two passport size photographs, a copy of the biographic page of their passport and a letter of consent authorizing application. If the applicant has a TRN number, then the fee can be paid at any Tax Office in Jamaica as above. If the applicant does not have a TRN number, then the fee should be paid at the Ministry of National Security, 2 Oxford Rd., Kingston 5. After the fee is paid, the documents are to be taken to 34 Duke Street in downtown Kingston for processing.

The issued certificate measures 8 x 6 inches with a heading of “Jamaican Constabulary.” A photograph of the applicant is attached and an impression seal is placed on the photograph.

Medical Exam Details
As soon as Fiancee receives her Appointment Letter or gets confirmation of the interview, the Fiancee should undergo a Medical Exam.

She should schedule her medical examination at least 10 days prior to the date of her visa interview. She can choose from the following: She should call ahead to schedule.

MoBay Hope Medical Centre
Half Moon Shopping Village
Rose Hall, Montego Bay
St. James
(876) 953-3981

Andrews Memorial Hospital
27 Hope Road
Kingston 10
(876) 926-7401-3

Dr. Althea Banbury
Dr. Michael Banbury

Medical Associates Hospital
18 Tangerine Place
(876) 920-6362, 908-2123,
926-1400 or 781-6571

Cost of Medical Exam
Varies depending on how many shots and vaccines you need to get. The actual “medical” also varies by where you get it done….see below. The shots could cost you as much as $200.00 US but it varies greatly. Usually only $100 US.

By Fred Wahl