Step By Step Relative: Child or Parent: Not subject to Quota

Step By Step: Immediate Relative of US Citizen: Child or Parent
(not subject to annual quotas)

Below is how we work together:

1. I know all the questions USCIS have and all the questions the Department of State AND the Consulate have. I combined them into two proprietary questionnaires, one for you and one for your relative. I send these to you, to provide me with all the needed details about your backgrounds. I ask the questions early, so that we know EXACTLY where you stand, and that you are eligible for the whole visa process.

2. You and your relative complete the background questionnaires and return them to me

3. I closely audit your answers, looking for inconsistencies, gaps, mistakes, illogic, anything that “doesn’t look right”. Immigration doesn’t need much to become suspicious, so it is critically important that the information provided does not accidentally trigger alarm bells.

4. I work together with you and your relative until the questions asked by immigration have been answered fully, logically, and are consistent.

5. I use your information to prepare all the immigration forms, those needed at the initial submission stage, as well as drafts of the forms to be submitted much later at the National Visa Center (NVC) stage as well as for the Consulate interview.

6. I create for you a private, HOMEPage at This is where you view the documents that are ready for your signatures, as well as personalized checklists, and instructions all personalized to your case. On the internet, you can access your HomePage from USA, your relative can access it from overseas, and while traveling.

Click here to view a Sample Private HomePage

7. At your HomePage, based upon my detailed review of your background details, I post for you a custom personalized check list of things to do, photos, civil documents, and various ways (that I have encountered over 36 years) to demonstrate the bona fides of your relationship.

8. Required is your relative’s signature on many of the forms I have completed. The actual sheet your relative held and signed is required by USCIS. It must be what was touched and signed with her/his actual “blue ink” signature. It can not be faxed, or scanned, instead it must be snail mailed or sent via courier like DHL or Fedex. I post the forms that need your relative’s signature at your HomePage, as early as possible. This way there is no delay for your relative to review, print out, sign, and get the documents into your hands.

9. Going through the personalized checklist I prepared for you, you should collect a stack of evidences, photos, signed documents, and civil documents needed for your petition. I call this your SHOEBOX. As soon as the shoebox is full, mail it me.

10. Once I get your shoebox I block off most of a day from my calendar, so I can quietly spread out, and examine each piece. I confirm all required civil documents and signed forms are present and legible, then check the items that demonstrate the “bona fides” of your relationship.

11. I assemble all of your documents and evidences into an attractive, bound, tabbed, complete and compelling petition. Just like USCIS likes it. To see what one of my 100 to 150 page, Front Loaded petitions look like watch the video at Front Loaded Fiance Visa Presentation

Click here to view a sample VisaCoach Presentation

I RUSH the petition to you via priority mail. A complete digital copy for your records is included. 12. The petition you receive has about a dozen (yellow flags), clearly showing where you should sign and date. I also fill in a facsimile of what the check made out to USCIS should look like, and confirm the address where to mail your petition and check.

13. I update your HomePage on the NEXT STEPS, on what you and your relative should do while waiting on USCIS’s approval. I provide detailed instructions on obtaining Police reports, and vaccinations.

14. It is unusual for my clients to hear anything from USCIS but “thanks for your case” and “your case is approved”. Sometimes USCIS makes a request for more evidence. This is called an RFE. Should that occur, I draft the response and help you to provide what is needed, as quickly as possible.

15.Once USCIS approves, your case is given a priority number, which will determine how long the case will wait until NVC begns working on your case.

16.Once NVC is ready to proceed with your case, I work with you to update background and financial details about you and your Relative, then post to your private HomePage prepared forms for your review.

17. Next, your Relative designates YOU as her/his agent, and you pay application and affidavit of support fees. I coach you on what to anticipate and what to do, and with my help to be “on top” of this stage, my couples usually shave a month or more from their visa’s total processing time.

18. I prepare for you the  documents required by NVC, made up of your financial support documents, income proofs, civil documents, and forms prepared for your signature.

19. Once NVC is satisfied that all of your required documents are acceptable, they forward the case to the consulate for the FINAL interview. I update your HomePage, with completed forms for your Relative to sign to take to the interview at the Consulate, detailed instructions on obtaining chest x-ray, blood tests and physicals at the embassy designated Panel Physician, how and where to pay fees, obtaining Police Certificates, and last minute details on preparing for the interview

By Fred Wahl
the Visa Coach