Red Flags that Cause Denial

Red Flags: That may lead to Denial of your K1 Fiancee Visa

The final decision to approve or deny a Fiance Visa application is made by the consular officer who interviews your fiance in her home country. The CO’s job is not easy. Most standard visa applicants bring with them solid proof of their eligibility for the visa. For example, an applicant for a student visa, shows his acceptance to college, an applicant for a work visa has a job offer, an applicant for an investor visa has shows his bank accounts.

Anyone can say they are in love.

What is truly in a persons heart though is impossible to prove. The consular officer knows of, and perhaps has even been personally embarrassed by, some of the many well documented cases of fraud, that have slipped through the best screening efforts.


He is on the lookout for couples where the foreign fiance is scamming the American, or the American is willingly colluding with the foreigner, all for a chance to move to the USA

Each applicant tells a similar story, she is in love, she misses her partner, and she is extremely nervous being in front of a stranger who’s opinion is so critical. For most cases (except for Visa Coach’s clients whose “front loaded“ petitions are designed to tell a persuasive story with solid evidences, but for most OTHER applications) the CO only has a few limited standardized documents to review prior to the interview. As such, he has to cover a lot of ground during an intense 15 to 30 minute interview. To aid his decision making process he has been trained to watch for tell-tale signs, “red flags” that could indicate fraud.

The most common ‘Red Flags’

The couple became engaged after only knowing each other for a short time.
The couple only exchanged limited communications, or can only provide limited EVIDENCE of ongoing and regular communication.
The couple has only had brief ”face to face” time together.
The couple submitted their petition after only knowing each other for a short time.
There is a significant age difference between the couple
They can not communicate fluently in a common language

More ‘Red Flags’

The foreign fiancee is from a ‘Hi-risk’ country (where rate of visa fraud is higher than average)
The couple’s affair started while one or the other was still married
The foreign fiancee has been petitioned for by a different American sponsor
The foreign fiancee has two or more previous marriages
The foreign fiancee has a history of failed visa application attempts
The American sponsor has petitioned for other foreign women.
The American sponsor has two or more previous marriages.
The American sponsor is female, and male fiance is much younger
The couple were introduced by a relative of the foreign fiancee.
The trip to meet was arranged, escorted and/or paid for by the fiancee’s relative
The couple met using an online website specializing in introducing foreign women to American men
The couple became engaged PRIOR to their first ‘face to face’ meeting.
The couple has not met ‘face to face’ for an excessively long time

Red flags do not guarantee Denial

If you have have many ‘red flags’ don’t despair. Red flags do not mean your application MUST be denied, only that you should realistically assess what the strengths and weaknesses of your case are, EARLY in the process, and take corrective actions if possible to improve your petitions chances for success.

My Difficult Cases got their Visas

I have helped many ‘difficult cases’ get their visas. And I can probably help you get yours too. I am available to discuss with you your eligibility, and to assess the affects of any “red flags” you may have.

By Fred Wahl
the Visa Coach