I130 Spouse Petition

I-130 Spousal Visa preparation

Visa Coach will provide the following assistance as follows:: Spousal Visa Service
·    Checklist of documents that you need for your CR-1, IR-1 or K-3 Spousal visa
·    Accurate preparation of your visa application
·    Expert advice on how to handle yourself at your Consular or INS interview,
and what to expect
·    Unlimited personal communication with your own immigration expert. Fast, easy and secure processing of your visa.

What is a I-130 Petition to obtain a Spouse Visa ?

If your spouse is not a citizen of the United States and you plan to bring her to live in the United States, then you must file a petition with INS on behalf of your spouse. After the petition is approved, your spouse must obtain a visa issued at a U.S. Embassy or consulate abroad. This visa is called a spouse visa. The normal visa process to petition for an Alien relative, parent, sibling, spouse takes considerable time.

The time needed to obtain a Spousal visa is longer than that of a Fiancee Visa sometimes 3 to 12 months. So whenever possible we recommend our clients plan to marry in the USA and use the faster Fiancee Visa process.

Full Support to prepare Spousal Visa.

By Fred Wahl