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How to bring your Fiancee to the USA

Having Fred guide us through the process took a huge weight off of our shoulders

...my fiancé and I decided to use his services. I’m glad we did. Fred was very straightforward and thorough. He made the process as smooth is it could possibly be.

Fred did most of the work and helped whenever we were stumped by some question. He told us what to provide and put together a really great looking application package.

he worked with us every step of the way, he always answered email and returned calls in a timely manner. I really felt he was under paid for the amount of work he did for us

We are particularly grateful because our case was not straight forward, yet your advice invariably turned out to be correct. You assembled an impressive application package, and we were overjoyed when it was approved in only five months.

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Your foreign Fiancee needs permission from the US government to allow her or him to enter the USA. This is called a K1 Fiancee visa.

First we work together to produce a thick packet of forms, evidences and civil documents. This is required to demonstrate that you are eligible to apply, and that your true agenda is a genuine life together, not immigration fraud.

The application itself looks pretty simple. It asks for "name, rank serial number". This often leads to overconfidence. Couples who really don't understand what all will happen, fill in the blanks themselves, submit the petition and usually shoot themselves in the foot.

This is because, the leading cause of denial, is failing to convince the consular officer who will eventually screen and interview your fiance that your relationship is genuine, is "bona fide".

Sadly, US immigration has had bad experience in the past, with this type of "romance" visa. Many who were not eligible applied for fiance visa's. In reality they were not seeking a marriage partner but only seeking admission to the USA. Gold diggers, gigilos, con-men even terrorists have used fiance visas as back door into the USA. Normally in USA one is "innocent until proven guilty". Because of the bad apples who have abused fiance visas before you, now immigration takes the attitude "guilty until proven innocent"

Just submitting a bare bones application, is enough to get your "foot in the door". It is usually enough to get to the interview stage. But bare bones is rarely enough to get approval, it is rarely enought to demonstrate you are one of the "good guys".

My signature philosophy is that the application submitted to US immigration should ALWAYS be "front loaded" with high quality evidence, specifically demonstrating that you have a bona fide relationship.

The consular officer will review the application before the interview starts. My "front loaded" applications are crafted to convince the consular officer he can confidently approve your visa. It prepares the way so that your Fiancee has an easier interview.

The petition package is mailed to USCIS, the United States Customs and Immigration Service, to their offices in Dallas Texas.

In 2017 USCIS takes about 3 to 4 months to review and approve.

This includes a criminal background check conducted on YOU, by the FBI.

When finished, USCIS hands the case over to the US State Department's National Visa Center (NVC) based in New Hampshire.

Fiance visa applications are held only briefly at NVC, usually a week or two, just long enough for NVC to assign a new case number and forward your file via diplomatic pouch to the consulate assigned to your Fiancee.

Once the petition arrives at your Fiance's country, the consulate contacts your Fiancee with final instructions on fees, booking the interview, Police Clearances and any consulate specific requirements.

One to two weeks before the interview your Fiance must undergo, and pass, a medical exam at a clinic approved by the consulate.

Finally your Fiance attends the screening interview at the US consulate. Your Fiance MUST demonstrate the relationship is bona fide and not a sham for immigration purposes. And must also prove that you as the Sponsor meet the financial requirements.

As previously mentioned, at the interview, is where the high quality VisaCoach "front loaded application" typically wins the day.

The consular officer always reviews the case file before the interview starts. We craft your application so that he finds many good reasons why he should trust you and approve the visa. Even before he invites your Fiance to sit in front of his desk, he should already be mentally prepared to say "yes". This makes the interview a fast and friendly, formality. Most VisaCoach clients hear "Welcome to the USA" in just 3 to 4 minutes

One to Two weeks later your Fiancee's passport with visa are delivered, and your Fiancee has six months to start the trip to join you in the USA.

After arrival to the USA you have 90 days to marry.

After the wedding your Fiance does not have to leave the country, she or he can remain with you as your spouse, providing you make one more application to US immigration. This is called Adjustment of Status and the final, positive result is that your new spouse becomes a Lawful Permanent Resident and gets a Green Card.

This isn't just a business for me.

I petitioned successfully for MY wife, too.

I personally work with you one-on-one throughout the entire process until you succeed.

I guide my clients through the whole process, starting with strategy to help you ANTICIPATE what the consulate you are dealing with wants, helping you to plan trips, and collect evidences, from a personalized, detailed "kitchen sink" document and photo check list, to preparing an AWESOME petition that because it is complete, and thorough, and well organized, and tells your story in the most believable way, paves the way for your Fiancee to have a sucessful AND pleasant interview. Not only do I prepare the intitial petition, but I ALSO stay with you all the way through the time we wait for USCIS to approve, providing guidance on police certificates, vaccinations and interview questions, then in the final run-up to the interview, show you how to schedule the earliest appointment and lastly I upload to your Personal Homepage, completed forms for your Fiancee to sign to take to the interview at the US embassy, detailed instructions on obtaining chest x-ray and blood tests, paying the visa fees, obtaining Police Certificates, details on exactly what needs to be done, what you and your Fiance should do to prepare for the interview, a list of 120 most likely interview questions for you to practice, a completed affidavit of support for your signature.

Full K1 Visa + Embassy Support/td> Full
My fees provide good value.  ALL the work I do on your behalf, as well as the time and money you SAVE, by doing the job RIGHT.
Personal Consultation
I work with you One-on-One answering your procedural questions, review your eligibility, and recommend a winning Game Plan

Easy Fill-in Questionaire
Via email or post, I provide you my proprietary  Easy Fill-in Questionaire which combines all the questions asked by USCIS and DOS. There will be NO SURPRISES later.
Line-by-line Audit.
I personally, closely examine your answers,  to confirm that  the information you provided about you and your fiancee is complete, internally consistent, logical and that there are no obvious omissions or gaps. I follow up with you for clarifications of your answers, until it all "makes sense".
Fill in the Blanks
I input your details where needed to fill in all of the necessary forms, including drafts of the forms that come into play many months later at the consulate.
Identify "Potential Problems".
Based upon my knowledge of your respective backgrounds, the history of your relationship, and my experience with the consulate that conducts the interview,  I will advise what, if any, potential issues, that might cause problems, and suggest what you can do NOW, still early in the process, to improve likelyhood of success.
Your own PERSONAL Homepage
I set up a PASSWORD controlled webpage, that only you and your fiancee have access to, to use as a central  clearinghouse of information, where I  post, your personalized instructions, checklists, FAQ's and completed forms for your review.  From start to visa, your Home page is updated to keep you current and informed at each step of the process.
CUSTOMIZED Check List of Civil Documents
CUSTOMIZED Check List of  Evidences of your Relationship
A convincing demonstration that your relationship is genuine and bona fide, often makes the difference between  approval or denial. This list is the product of 36 years of helping couples PROVE their "bona fides", and is the key factor, to helping you "Front Load" your petition. 
Immediate Availability of Forms needing your Fiancee's Blue Ink Signature
USCIS requires your Fiancee's signature on their forms. These may not be "photo copied" after signing, only the actual sheets your fiancee actually touched and signed is allowed. Immediately, I post all forms  needing her signature at your Personal homepage. There she can instantly, download, print, sign and return them to you.
I Carefully REVIEW your evidences
I review each piece, read each page, hold each document "up to the light",  selecting for inclusion in your "Front Loaded" petition. The objective is to tell your story in persuasive, convincing, and complimentary ways, that a consular officer can "speed read" during his review, to form a favorable impression.
I Choose the BEST photos
Photographs that accompany your petition, go a long way in telling a convincing story of a bona fide couple. I go over each print, one by one, till I have found an effective selection. The right and best photos to tell your story well.
Relationship Letter
I recommend clients include with their petition, a heartfelt letter describing the relationship. I edit it down to a readable,  PERSUASIVE story. 
Once I have received, touched, examined, and compiled the final set of documents and evidences you provided. I offer my opinion on what "your chances of success" are. If appropriate,  I advise what additional evidences, or actions on your part could improve the outcome. 
Cover letter 
Detailed cover letter that precisely lists the contents of your petition package.
USCIS Preferred Petition Package
I assemble your Petition Package, following USCIS's recommended guidelines.
Safe and Fast Delivery 
I return your Petition Package to you fast and safe using Priority Mail
Where to Sign
I affix  Flags, at each location where you must sign and date.
Payment to USCIS
I include a duplicate check of what the payment you send to USCIS should look like, with your personal details filled in.
Where to Send Petition
Detailed instructions on EXACTLY where to send your petition
Full Copy
One Full copy of the final petition package for your records
Ongoing Communications & Support
I  STAY with you till the visa is approved.  I am always available by phone or email.
While Waiting on USCIS
USCIS takes many months to process your petition, approve and forward it to the State Department. During this time I guide you on collecting Police Clearances, and Certificates of No-Marriage, (CENOMAR) or Certificates of Singleness.  
Embassy Procedures Explained  
I give you understandable, clear "layman's language" instructions on scheduling the interview,   medical, fee payments and what documents to send to your fiancee, and to bring to the interview.
Embassy Document Support
I post at your private page, Department of State completed forms, ready for your fiancee's signature, for her to download, then mail or hand carry to the consulate.
Affidavit of Support
I prepare the Affidavit of Support ready for your signature. And advise what supporting financial documents should be attached when you send this "BLUE INK" signed form to your fiancee. 
Joint-Sponsor Affidavit of Support
If you need the help of a Joint-Sponsor, I will prepare his Affidavit of Support and advise what supporting financial documents are needed.  FREE OF CHARGE
Pre-Interview Preparation
I provide 120 sample consulate interview questions that I have personally compiled over the years, for you and your fiancee to practice, so your fiancee's knowledge and composure will be excellent.
Money Back Guarantee
RUSH Service
(2 business day, turn around)
My fees provide good value.  ALL the work I do on your behalf, as well as the time and money you SAVE, by doing the job RIGHT.
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Most Consulate interviews go on for 15 to 30 minutes
most of MY client's PASS their interview
in UNDER 5 minutes

This is because we provide the information we want the consular officer to see, 'up front' as part of the petition submitted originally to USCIS. The consular officer will typically review the package prior to the interview. When he reads the extensive and persuasive evidence that we have logically laid out for him, he should be convinced of the 'bona fides' of the relationship before the interview even starts.

This makes asking any remaining questions more a formality than a fact finding, interrogation, and leaves very little for the consular officer to say besides 'Welcome to America'.

It certainly requires extra work and effort, to produce a 100 to 150 page petition, versus a few dozen pages that most un-motivated preparers are willing to submit, but the benefit is PRICELESS as it results in of taking the pressure off of the fiancee to :"PERFORM" at the interview, thus improves chance of SUCCESS.

By Fred Wahl
Your Personal Immigration Guide

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