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Affidavit of Support I134 Petition
I134 Affidavit of Support forms may be obtained directly from USCIS or downloaded from our website.

In order for the Fiancee or Spousal visa petition to be approved, the Sponsor must demonstrate that the Fiancee will not become a burden to the US's welfare system. The Sponsor will complete this form then send it to his Fiancee. She will bring it with her and submit it when she attends her interview at the consulate.

The Sponsor must show that he is able to support the Fiancee and her children (if they are included in the petition) when she eventually becomes his wife. The sponsor must demonstrate that he has income 25% above his states poverty level. Or that he has sufficient assets equal to 3 times his states poverty level. If the sponsor does not meet this requirement then he can arrange a co-sponsor with adequate income or resources to guarantee that the fiancee will not become a public charge on the state.
The minimum acceptable annual income is based on the number of dependents the Sponsor's combined household will have, and should be at least $125% of his states poverty guideline. As of January 2008, for residents in the continental US who are not on active military duty, the details are as follows.

# of Dependents

Annual Income





plus $4,350 per

Additional dependent

Or: the sponsor can demonstrate he has at least three years times the annual amount in easily convertible assets, stocks, bond cash to quality. For example, a retired sponsor with no other dependents, except for his fiancée, needs 3 years x $17,112 = $51,336 convertible assets to qualify.

Or: a combination of income and assets will work. For example, if sponsors income is $10,000 per year, then he should have $21,336 cash assets to qualify.

$17,112 - $10,000 = $7,112 x 3 years = $ 21,336 cash assets needed.

Or: a co-sponsor with income or assets may be enlisted. To be acceptable, the co-sponsor must live in the US or its territories and possessions, and must be a US citizen or Permanentl Resident aged 18 or over. The co-sponsors income must exceed 125% of the poverty level. The co-sponsor must also complete a form I-134 and have it signed in front of a notary and provide documentary proof of his income, and/or assets. It is preferred to ask a relative or close friend. Be sure to brief your Fiancee on what your relationship with the co-sponsor is, in case this comes up during the consulate interview.

      Note: the annual income requirements are slightly higher for residents of Hawaii, and Alaska, lower for active military.

Type or print in black ink.

Answer all questions fully, accurately and legibly.

Write "None" in fields where appropriate.

Write "N/A" in fields where appropriate.

For additional line by line instructions on what answers are acceptable and expected, download a copy of Fiancee Visa Secrets.

For samples of cover letters, etc., download a copy of Fiancee Visa Secrets.

By Fred Wahl

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