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2016 How to bring your Filipina Spouse to the USA

Bringing Her From Philippines to Your Doorstep Has Never Been Easier.

When I first started this process I realy wanted to save the money and do this myself...so I studied the goverment internet sites for a long time.. and I had a prety good knowledge of what was going on...but the one thing that stuck out in my mind is that if i make one mistake it could cost a lot of time corecting that mistake... 

It's a scary thing sending money to a man you don't know on the internet... So first off I'd like to thank you for being a man of your word and doing all the things you said you would....

I liked when ever we had question you were always there with answers. in a timely manner.

This is a long process, but you did not seem to tire out, you gave us good service from start to finish..

You always handeld your self in a profesinal manner. seemed to be very knowledgable.. and you always seemed to care...

Fred, you seem to have this down... It is my feelings that you did very well..

Jim + Aida
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

If you want your visa, FAST and SURE
you are at the right place.

I have recently (May 2014) had a case approved by USCIS in only NINE DAYS !!!!. USCIS barely had time to cash their check.

This means if hire Visa Coach,now, she will most likely join you, in the USA in about SIX months.

ello Fred

It's Crystal, Christopher's spouse. I just wanted to drop by quick and let you know that I am now here in the US with the love of my life. We are very grateful for your help and patience in working with our visa application. 

I have attached with this e-mail our photo together here in the US. Again thank, you for your help and we are very much satisfied with the service you have done to help us.,

Christopher + Crystal

Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Step 1: Send Petition to USCIS

Step 2: Send Mini Petition to National Visa Center (NVC)

Step 3: Take Medical Exam

Step 4: Attend Interview at US Embassy Manila

Step 5: Visa Issued

Step 6: Travel + Residency in USA

You only have ONE chance to make a First Impression.
Most Consulate Visa interviews last a grueling 15 to 30 minutes
most of MY Fiance Visa Petition clients
pass the interview in ONLY 5 minutes

This is because we provide the information we want the consular officer to see, 'up front' as part of the petition submitted originally to USCIS. The consular officer will typically review the package prior to the interview. When he reads the extensive and persuasive evidence that we have logically laid out for him, he should be convinced of the 'bona fides' of the relationship before the interview even starts.

This makes asking any remaining questions more a formality than a fact finding, interrogation, and leaves very little for the consular officer to say besides 'Welcome to America'.

It certainly requires extra work and effort, to produce a 100 to 150 page petition, versus a few dozen pages that most un-motivated preparers are willing to submit, but the benefit is PRICELESS as it results in of taking the pressure off of the fiancee to :"PERFORM" at the interview, thus improves chance of SUCCESS.

I am intimately familiar with the Philippines. I have traveled all over the country from Laoag in the North to Zamboanga in the south. The first ever visa petition I prepared was for my Filipina fiancee. Since then I have prepared many hundreds of petitions for the consulate in Manila. And I am proud to say that each and every couple I helped got their visa.

Your Filipina Spouse needs permission from the US government to allow her to enter the USA. This is called a CR1 Spouse visa.

First we work together to assemble a thick packet of forms, evidences and civil documents. This is required to demonstrate that you are eligible to apply, and that your true agenda is a genuine life together,not immigration fraud.

My signature philosophy is that a petition should be "front loaded" with high quality evidence of a bona fide relationship. My "front loaded" petitions prepare the way so that your Spouse will have an Easier interview.

The petition package is mailed to the United States Customs and Immigration Service.

USCIS takes about 4 to 5 months to review and approve.

When finished, USCIS hands the case over to the US State Department's National Visa Center.

NVC requests a second packet of forms and civil documents,and payment of affidavit of support and visa application fees. Once satisfied, they assign a Manila case number and forward your file via diplomatic pouch to the Philippines.

Once her petition has arrived in the Philippines, your spouse goes online to schedule her interview.

There are two US consulate service locations in the Philippines, in Manila and Cebu City. The Consulate in Manila handles all Spouse visa interviews. So even if your gal lives across the street from the consulate in Cebu she will still have to make the trip to Manila for processing.

About a week before her interview date she undergoes a two day medical exam at St. Lukes Medical Center in Manila.

Finally she attends an interview at the Embassy, to demonstrate she is of good moral character and the marriage is bona fide.

Two weeks later a courier delivers her visa, and as soon as she attends a two hour mandatory class by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas she can join you in the USA.

I make the process sound simple. But its not. It is easy to make rookie mistakes that can derail the entire process.

If you want it done right. Guaranteed. I can help.

I petitioned successfully for MY wife, (AND my Fiancee) too.

This isn't just a business for me.

I personally work with you one-on-one throughout the entire process until you succeed.

By Fred Wahl
the Visa Coach

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