US Citizenship Civics Test reverts back to simpler pre-2020 version

Biden makes US Citizenship Test Easier

President Biden has discarded the 2020 US naturalization Civics test created under President Trump, and reverted the test used for US citizenship to the earlier, simpler version that has been used by USCIS since 2008.

Towards the end of President Trumps term of office, USCIS under direction from
the White House revamped the Civics Test that applicants
for naturalization to US Citizenship had to pass.

The old test originally created in 2008 relied on 100 simple multiple choice questions.

The new 2020 test required verbal descriptive answers, about American history,
political structure, and the applicant’s intent to be a “good American”.

Whether or not an applicant actually passed the test became became subject to interpretation by the USCIS testing officer.

It became the officers discretion on whether to pass or fail.

This was all in an effort by the Trump Administration to restrict immigration,
by enforcing stricter, more subjective standards

Good news, especially for nervous or shy applicants, the more straightforward test is back

Once again only 6 ot 10 multiple choice questions need to be correct

, and all questions and their correct answers are posted at USCIS’s website to be studied and memorized in advance of the Citizenship interview and testing.

This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach


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