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Shawn + Leticia (Fiancee Visa), Brazil

Hello, Mr. Fred Wahl. I would like to thank you for helping me and Shawn with the process. My interview yesterday went super well, and it was not as difficult as I thought, We had no idea how to start the whole process, but with your help everything was extra easier. I’m really happy it is finished now, but I remember the beginning of everything and the caring you had on preparing our documents, everything looked super good. Thank you for making easier our process! Hopefully we see you again for the AOS!

Shawn + Leticia (Fiancee Visa)
Fiance from Brazil Brazil

Ryan + Nicole (Fiancee Visa) United Kingdom

We had no idea how to begin this process until we found Fred.

He and Joyce were always there to answer any questions we had.

We really could not have done this without them and they made this process so much easier.

Thank you so much for the amazing help. We look forward to working through the next steps of AOS with you!

Ryan + Nicole (Fiancee Visa)
Fiancee from United Kingdom United Kingdom

Man + Janice (Fiancee Visa) Canada

Hi Fred,

My apologies that it took awhile to get back to you! Man and I have been super busy but we are now together in the US

There was a long wait time before the actual interview (about a 45 minute wait), but once the interview started it went really smoothly and it only lasted for about 5 minutes. The interviewer was very friendly and he didn’t make me nervous.

We would like to thank you for helping us through the entire process. Helping us through the paper process and interview process has helped us reduce any additional stress that we had. The process went as smoothly as possible and we’re very thankful.

Man + Janice Fiancee Visa Clients

Man + Janice (Fiancee Visa)
Fiancee from Canada

Brian + Elena (Spouse Visa) Philippines

I hired Fred Wahl after researching alternative consultants. The price was higher, but I decided on Fred because of his many years of experience and I remember he said he has a 100% success rate. On my last trip to the Philippines to bring my wife home, I met another man who did not hire a consultant. I am not sure the exact reason of the delay, but he had been trying to bring his wife and daughter for a long time. He told me the visas were finally ready: He was on his way to pick them up and was very excited. We exchanged contact information and I subsequently learned his trip did not go as planned. He had one final obstacle and will now make a second trip to fetch his wife and daughter. The cost of a mistake is so high in terms of money and time. That is why I hired Mr. Wahl. The whole process is complicated but was made easier for me with his assistance. The petition and mini petition Fred assembled were reviewed quickly and without issue. The personal website he made for us and personal instructions were helpful for both myself and my wife. She is now in America and we are ready to start our lives together.

Thanks, Fred.

Brian + Elena Fiancee Visa Clients

Brian + Elena (Spouse Visa)
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Raymond + Zohreh (Fiancee Visa) Iran

Dear Fred

Thank you for all your help and support and guiding us to have a fast easy process,

Visa K1 is really complicated and frustrating process but with your high knowledge and experiences you made it understandable and organized with your strong management we could pass the interview and get the visa k1.

Now we are so looking forward to continue the rest of the process with you,

Thank you

Raymond + Zohreh (Fiancee Visa)
Fiancee from Iran Iran

Walter + Elisa (Fiancee Visa) Mexico

We are married!!

Elisa and I where married on Saturday. We are on our honeymoon in Hawaii we will be back on Monday.

Thank you for all your help making our dream come true.

Walter + Elisa Fiancee Visa Clients

Walter + Elisa (Fiancee Visa)
Fiancee from Mexico Mexico

Jay + Gloria (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Gloria went for her interview at the embassy today and completed it successfully.

Gloria had extensive paperwork with her including the updated I-134 and all supporting documentation as well as all the other documents that were required.

However, the package you put together for us was so comprehensive and so well prepared that after reviewing everything he didn’t ask for anything else and had absolutely no questions for Gloria.

Based on everything we’ve learned, the “interview” went much better than our wildest dreams. The money we spent for your services was our best investment ever! We are delighted with the outcome.

Thank for for your help and advice, we are very pleased.

Jay + Gloria (Fiancee Visa)
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Holly + Paulo (Fiance Visa) Portugal

We would like to give a big thank you to Fred for all of his help.

He was always there to answer our questions and made this stressful process much easier.

We came to him with a red flag situation, with his help of creating such a great front loaded petition the red flag was not even questioned at the interview.

We went to the interview together and we could tell that they had already made up their minds because the interview only lasted 10 minutes at the most.

Thank you again Fred for helping us come together.

Holly + Paulo Fiancee Visa Clients

Holly + Paulo (Fiance Visa)
Fiance from Portugal Portugal

Laurentine + Jean (Fiancee Visa) Kenya

I am so excited, happy, and grateful for having Fred handle my fiance visa case. Fred is extremely knowledgeable in fiance visa cases, he pretty much explained all process to us, answered all questions and concerns we had. The entire process was stress free, and my fiance was in USA with me after 5 months. I highly recommend his service, trustworthy and affordable.?

Laurentine + Jean (Fiancee Visa)
Fiancee from Kenya Kenya

Steve + Olga (Fiancee Visa) Ukraine

Since this was my first time dealing with US Immigration it was a very intimidating and time consuming but Fred had a well organized system that led us through the entire process smoothly without any hitches.

If I had any questions, Fred always quickly returned the call or emailed back the next day. He left no stone un-turned and it was smooth sailing from the start. Fred was very thorough and went over and above to show us what was required from us to show as proofs of our relationship.

When we went to our interview I admit I was nervous, but Fred’s professionally organized documentation made it quick and easy for us to prove everything the Interviewer wanted to know. Fred provided all our information in an orderly systematic legal document style format with index tabs that made it easy for the interviewer to find exactly what he was looking for and we coasted through the interview in just 20 minutes. Fred even provided us with sample hypothetical questions that might be asked of us which my wife and I studied, and when it came time for the interview, we were confident and had no surprises. Everything went very smoothly.

Fred not only delivered what he promised, he over delivered!

I highly recommend Fred’s service. He is a true professional at what he does. The money was well spent. I have no regrets for hiring him. I would not hesitate to use him again in the future.

Thanks again Fred for helping us through the process. We owe you our thanks and gratitude.

Donald + Rosel Fiancee Visa Clients

Steve + Olga (Fiancee Visa)
Fiancee from Ukraine Ukraine

Lewis + Iryna (Fiancee Visa) Ukraine

Hi Fred! Just a quick hello. I wanted to thank you for all that you do for me and Iryna. .. your job is so important for a lot of people and we really appreciate it. Couldn’t imagine doing it without your help.

Lewis + Iryna (Fiancee Visa)

Fiancee from Ukraine Ukraine

Donald + Rosel (Spouse Visa) Philippines

VisaCoach was a great help throughout the whole process. We both feel it would have been impossible to get through this without him. He was there for us anytime we had any question and always responded in amazing speed.

VisaCoach is very professional and his front loaded petition is incredibly detailed. I’ve already recommended him to a friend of mine and would highly recommend him to anyone going through this process.

Thank you very much VisaCoach!

Donald + Rosel Spouse Visa Clients

Donald + Rosel (Spouse Visa)
Spouse from Philippines Philippines

Erik + Nga (Fiancee Visa)

Once my husband knew me, he started looking for information how to get me to USA . And he chose your service .

I remembered I argue with Him why not chose services in Vietnam. And he still insist with his choice.

Now I must to tell that That is the best choice he had ever made.

Your service help my husband get a waiver from problems with his past .that scared us that Uscis might deny our K1 application.

I passed my visa interview . And then after you helped us apply for green card we did not have to interview it was waived. And I just got my green card .

Thank you so much Fred.

Erik + Nga Fiancee Visa Clients

Erik + Nga (Fiancee Visa)

Fiancee from Vietnam


Jay + Gloria (Fiancee Visa)

Gloria went for her interview at the embassy today and completed it successfully. Gloria had extensive paperwork with her including the updated I-134 and all supporting documentation as well as all the other documents that were required.

However, the package you put together for us was so comprehensive and so well prepared that after reviewing everything he didn’t ask for anything else and had absolutely no questions for Gloria.

Based on everything we’ve learned, the “interview” went much better than our wildest dreams. The money we spent for your services was our best investment ever! We are delighted with the outcome.

Thank for for your help and advice, we are very pleased.

Jay + Gloria (Fiancee Visa)

Fiancee from Philippines


Mel + Weixing (China)

Thank you Fred for being extra patient with me,   I want to send you $50.00 for all this extra time and for your services given.

Thank you,
Mel + Weixing

Fiancee from China China

Eric + A Muoi (Vietnam)

Greetings Fred !!, Just thought I would drop you a quick line to tell you that we were approved !!!  Even though the gentleman that interviewed A Muoi asked her probably 50+ questions, she did very very well. Just to give you a heads up…  they are now allowing the petitioner to accompany their fiancee’s into the consulate now. They have only just recently changed their policy on this. All I had to do was show my passport and presto !!  I was in. A Muoi will pick up her visa on the 28th. She is packing and preparing for her trip on April 15th. That was the soonest I could get her a ticket for the US.  I will be returning to the US on the 30th and I will give you a call with more details then ok.

PS. A Muoi and I want to thank you soo very much for your hard work on the petition and all of the great advice that you gave us through this process !!!

Eric + A Muoi

Fiancee from Vietnam Vietnam

Leon + Glenda (Philippines)

Just a note to inform you that Glenda received her Visa yesterday after having her interview last Friday, August 12. We decided to keep the interview date and were lucky the Hong Kong Police Certificate made it in time.  We just purchased flight tickets to travel to the USA on September 9. Tomorrow we will travel to Manila and take a bus 8 hours north to be with her family.  We will contact you about working on the Green Card. Thank you for all of your help with our having success with the Visa process.

Leon + Glenda

Fiance from PhilippinesPhilippines

Zalak + Aakrutii (India)

Thanks a lot Fred, really appreciate this. You can expect 2-3 more guys needing your service as I’ll be referring them for sure.

Zalak + Aakrutii
Fiance from India India

Dale + Nhanh (Vietnam)

Nhanh had her final interview Nov 4 and finally got her VISA to come to the US. Nhanh and My self would like to thank you for your guidance and Ideas to help make this dream possible.she will be coming to the US Dec 10 just in time for Christmas. I was very nervous about this appointment because we turned in every piece of evidence we had and still were little scared she wasn’t going to be approved. Mr Wahl again we are probably going to need your guidance for the Next step which I don’t really know what that is.

Thank you again  P.s. yes Embassy In Vietnam was very difficult to navigate through. Hope to talk soon

Dale + Nhanh
Fiancee from Vietnam Vietnam

Steve + Songlin (Spouse Visa) China

Fred,  I just returned from Guanqzhou and my wife and step daughter were granted their visas on March 14th.  Thanks to your help and assistance we built and submitted a compelling case that was next to impossible to turn down. There would have been no logical reason to do so.  I think this is something to remember and pass on to your future clients.

Thank you,
Steve +  Songlin

Fiance from China China

Chet + Akiko (Fiancee Visa) Japan

Hi Mr. Wahl,

Yes Akiko did arrive in US on Dec 6th, and we were married on Dec 9th.  Our baby girl was born on Jan 14th, and she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.   I downloaded your e-book for green card adjusment of status.  We have filed and are awaiting our biometrics interview time.  Everything is going well and is on schedule.  I thank you again for your expertiese.

Chet + Akiko
Fiance from Japan Japan

Paul + Mekonnen (Ethiopia)

Hi Fred-  I just want to thank you for your wonderful assistance. I really appreciate it.

Thanks again,

Paul +  Mekonnen
Fiance from Ethiopia Ethiopia

Chet + Cristina (Philippines)

Hello Fred,   THANK YOU AS ALWAYS !!!

The paperwork that you finalized (less my signature) was much appreciated.  It feels very comforting to have your guidance, support and help as we move forward.  Cristina was relieved to know that there is less pressure than she was feeling. It would again be much appreciated if you are able to handle her forms as you did mine and then return by email for her signature.

Chet + Cristina

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Charlotte + Derek (Fiancee Visa) Belgium

Hello Fred,  I got approved by the US Consulate and am leaving this thursday for US. YEAHHHH I’m very nervous but so happy! Thank you again for your help!! We might need a little help again later for the adjustment of status but we’ll let you know after the wedding which is October 30th.

Thanks again!
Charlotte + Derek
Fiance from Belguim Belgium

Bret + Oyukhai (Fiancee Visa) Mongolia

Mr. Wahl, Hope you are well.  Oyukhai went in for her visa interview and we were approved for the visa.  She will pick up her passport with the visa stamp on April 9th.  We thank you for your help.  Also Oyukhai wanted to tell you personally how impressed she was with how you have helped us.  I will be in contact with you in the near future for the adjustment of status after we are married.

Bret + Oyukhai
Fiance from Mongolia Mongolia

Phillip + Jocelyn (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

My fiancee got her VISA last week and I have already bought her plane ticket for September 29th. It looks like it took just under 6 months from the time I purchased your services until she will arrive. Thank you for all of your help and everything went without a hitch.

I just purchased you “Change-of-Status” E-book and I think I will have no problems with the paperwork, but I may call you in the future to touch base and let you know how we are proceeding.

Thank You,
Another Satisfied Customer,

Phillip + Jocelyn
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Glenn + Meseret (Fiancee Visa) Ethiopia

Hi Fred, great news! Meseret was grated her K-1 visa at her interview today. She said it was very short and easy. They didn’t even ask for any financial evidence or ask many questions. We are so relieved and are planning her trip to the states. Thank you for everything.

Glenn + Meseret
Fiance from Ethiopia Ethiopia

John + Emily (Fiancee Visa and Child Visa) Philippines

Emily, Jay and Ayet all passed their interviews on Thursday and they were granted their K1, K2 visas. And so I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance over the past many months.

Thank you again and keep up the good work on your excellent website. I tried to respect your time in not inundating you with phone calls and emails and all worked out well in the end.

John + Emily
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Ken + Jonalyn (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Hello sir, my girlfriend passed her interview yesterday. Thank you!

Ken + Jonalyn
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Jeff + Josephine (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Dr. Fred thank you soo much i will travel to USA soon with Jeff. this month…and hope you will continue to help us for my adjustment status after our marriage. Your such a blessings for us and i know a lot been happy for all your services and success for all their papers too by your help. God bless you and how we wish you can in our wedding in Florida.

Jeff + Josephine
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Jeanpierre + Muhindo (Fiancee Visa) Uganda

Hello, this is Jeanpierre, my fiancee Muhindo received her visa.  Everything went smoothly. In about a month she will be traveling to the states. And I also want to thank you for all your help. Your feedback and past experiences is appreciated.

Jeanpierre + Muhindo
Fiance from Uganda Uganda

Tommy + Aizhen (Spouse Visa, Child Visa, Conditions on Residence Removal) China

Thanks Fred. I will mail the petition out tomorrow. Great job with the petition. I could of never put together such a compelling and complete packet. I appreciate your help.
(I-130 Spousal Visa: 2009)

We are happy to announce that Aizhen’s Visa was approved and we are very grateful to you for your valuable assistance. We are in a hotel in Guangzhou awaiting the time to pick up the Visa. The interview was quick because the application was complete. After fingerprints and swearing in, she met with the Interviewing Officer. The interviewing process was about 10 minutes long, thanks to the complete application you provided. We will be forever grateful for your assistance and will tell everyone about your service. In fact, Aizhen’s Son is strongly considering immigration in the near future and we would like you to handle the process.  Thank’s again!  (CR-1 Spousal Visa: 2009)

Fred, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and yours!
Aizhen and I are doing very well since her arrival here three weeks ago. Thank you again for making this possible. We would like to enlist your help in completing the process for Aizhen’s Son to immigrate to the U.S. We understand it may take several years, because of his age (He is 24).  Thank you for your assistance. (IV-1 Relative: 2010)

Fred,  We received the petition you have prepared for us last night and I have reviewed all documents. I made no corrections or changes and am very impressed with you care and concern for accuracy and attention to details. We are very proud of this petition and feel strongly that it clearly displays our true relationship. Thank you so much for your professional service and be sure we will tell everyone of your accurate and effective work. (Conditions on Residence Removed I-751: 2011)

Tommy + Aizhen

Fiance from ChinaChina

Richard + Judy (Dominican Republic)

Judy and I want to thank you for helping us through our paperwork for her visa. Our interview was great. Well we were there for about 6 hours waiting but the actual interview was really short with only a few questions and we had the visa. Perhaps it’s because we were really cool and not nervous like you recommended and also we didn’t have anything to hide. Thanks to God and to you, our headache is over. Judy is coming in NY on November 20th. We are so excited about it. I will email you as soon as she gets here for the next step. It would be a pleasure for us to give testimonials on your website, if you ever want it just let us know.

Richard + Judy

Fiance from Dominican Republic Dominican Republic

Ray +Amelia (China)

Hello Mr. Wahl:
The package just arrived.   It is very professionally done and I sincerely want to thank you for your work.  for our first petition we were not even close to supplying this much information. I will sign everything, include my visa photos, pay the $340 fee and mail it in.  i will keep you informed when i receive  something from uscis.

very truly yours,

Ray +Amelia
Fiancee from China China

Claudia + Sheldon (Spouse Visa) India

Hello, this is Claudia. You recently sent me a package for my husband and I wanted to Thank you because his Visa got approved and he is coming soon.  Thank you again. It was good news this week.

Claudia + Sheldon
Fiance from India India

Amando + Katty (Fiancee Visa) Colombia

I want to thank you for your expertise dealing with visas because with your help we have been approved for the fiancee visa!!!!!!

Amando + Katty
Fiance from Colombia Colombia

Richard + Merdalyn (Fiancee Visa and Green Card) Philippines

Dear Fred,
It has been awhile since we have communicated, but just wanted to let you know that Merdalyn and I are doing great and are very happy together!  Thank you for all of your help in our finding each other and helping us to be able to be forever together.  We found out a few weeks ago that Merdalyn is pregnant and to make things even more exciting we found out 2 weeks ago she is pregnant with TWINS!  Thank you, Lord!  We are so excited about our future!  Thank you Fred for all your help.  Some day maybe we can meet you.  I just wanted you to know how we are, thanks again and God bless you and yours!  (I-129F Petition)

Finally i got my green card, thank you so much for your help. hopeng you have a good day………… thanks a lot….. (Adjustment of Status, Green Card)

Richard + Merdalyn
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Eric + Rosheena (Philippines)

Dear Fred,
I received your package yesterday. Thank you!!! The presentation of the Petition is very nice! Excellent! As of today, I signed all indicated signature lines, and the Petition has now been mailed to the USCIS. It should be there on Monday, according to the USPS. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Eric + Rosheena
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Mark + Marivic (Philippines)

Well Fred you did everything you said and more.

Mark + Marivic
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Don + Rell (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Thank you as always for your fast and reliable help we are getting very close and what seemed like an impossible task when we first met is getting more real by the day and we are both very thankful as you have been so instrumental in the realization of our dreams. You have certainly created wonderful work for yourself.

Hello Mr Wahl,
I have just spoken with Rell, she has been granted a Visa and should have it in around 2 weeks. I now only have to buy her a plane ticket and we will be together, we are both very excited and thankful. You really have made a good career for yourself, we would have never found each other nor been able to get through all this paperwork without
your help. We are both so hopeful about our future, thank you so much for all you have done from the begining until now, I think we will have you help us with the adjustment of status to make sure we finish everything properly, I have a piece of paperwork to mail you, a copy of  our acceptence letter I will get it in the mail tomorrow. Once again thank you so much for helping us to meet and for bringing us to the stage that we will be able to marry and make a life together, you have done everything you promised to do, that is hard to find, thank you for your honesty and hard work. 

Don + Rell
Fiance from PhilippinesPhilippines

Roger + Thuy (Vietnam)

Hi Fred,  Wanted to let you know that Thuy had a 12:30 monday appointment.  She got in at 4:30pm and was approved.  Thanks for your help.

Roger + Thuy
Fiance from Vietnam Vietnam

Theodore + Yue (China)

I was planning to send you an email last night to inform you that our visa application was approved by USCIS.  But, I was very surprised to see that you already knew and had put new information and documents on our webpage.  Thank you!

Theodore + Yue
Fiancee from China China

Paul + Oksana (Ukraine)

HI Fred
the interview went very well, he was nice and gave us the Visa’s with almost no questioning. This was because of your great package and advice. 

Paul + Oksana
Fiance from Ukraine Ukraine

Barry + Tao (Fiancee Visa) China

Just a brief note of joy to inform you that on Thursday 2/09 Tao had a very brief and pleasant interview and received her Visa in Guangzhou. Other than the required forms, the VO did not ask to see any additional photos or relationship material. I’m sure our extensive and well prepared I-129 documents proved to be a very convincing case. Thank You for that expertise. We will be returning to the U.S. on 02/24. When I get back we will be planning a small wedding in Florida with my family there. I will review the change of status and Green Card material on our private page and I’ll contact you

Barry + Tao
Fiancee from China China

Paul + Rubelie (Philippines)

It all worked out within the time frame I hoped for so thanks for your great work!!

They didn’t look at any recent evidence except some photos and the two short interviews she had made me think the USCIS petition had sufficient information and the interview was just a formality.

Paul + Rubelie

Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Alan + Eliza (Green Card) Philippines

We are writing to let you know that we received Eliza’s Green Card yesterday…The agent that interviewed us two weeks ago mentioned that the complete file was very nicely done and had all the needed information to make a quick decision.

Alan + Eliza
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Rick + Daisy (Spouse Visa) Brazil

Hi Fred,

Saudações do Brasil (greetings from Brazil). My wife’s visa was approved in our interview in Rio on March 9. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help, Daisy and I are very happy.

Rick + Daisy
Fiancee from Brazil Brazil

Dave + Elisa (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Letting you know Elisa had her interview and she was approved.  We are so happy. Thank you so much for all the work you did for us preparing our petition and all the forms we could not have done it without you. I will surely recommend your services to anyone that needs them.  Thank you so much. We will be contacting you to do our adjustment of status for us after we get married. I am going to flying over there on April 16th and will meet more of Elisa’s family that i did not meet on my last trip and then we will fly back here together on the 26th of April.

Thank you so much

Dave + Elisa
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

William + Sherry (China)

I must say I am amazed at how complex and comprehensive this process is.  No wonder people have trouble getting through it without help.  Our two phone calls have been enlightening.  Perhaps most interesting is your insight into subjective nature of the process and the people making the decisions. 

William + Sherry
Fiancee from China China

Alan + Hoa (Vietnam)

Hi Fred,

We already get pink yesterday and the interview was go really easy..^_^.. Our interview took about 5 minute. They have asked both of us the same time and didn’t ask anything more. We had a wonderful time and lucky day for interview. We both want to share with you and thank you so much for your help..^_^..

Alan + Hoa
Fiance from Vietnam Vietnam

Theodore + Sammi (Fiancee Visa) China

Hello Fred,

Sammi’s K1 visa was approved on Tuesday morning in Guangzhou.  Thank you very much for your excellent preparation of the petition and for the training to allow us to prepare the additional evidence and all documents for the interview phase.  I will be looking to you for further information and help for the next phases at the appropriate time.

Theodore + Sammi
Fiance from China China

John + Rose (Philippines)


My fiancee, Rose, received her visa today! Again, thanks for everything.  You service and help was outstanding and very professional. I would recommend people to your services without hesitation.

Thanks again,

John + Rose
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

David + Elisa (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Just letting you know Elisa and I arrived back here in states on the 26th finally we are together to start our new journey in life together forever.  Thank you so much for all your help in bringing us together we will be planning to be married next month. Will be in touch with you to help us with her change of status after we are married.

David + Elisa
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Josh + Karen (Fiancee Visa) Brazil

Called earlier left a message wanted to let you know Karen’s interview went great and was approved. Thank you so much for you help. It’s been a long journey and I’m so ready to start our life’s together. Please let us know what if anything we need to do next.


Josh + Karen
Fiance from Brazil Brazil

Jim + Aida (Philippines)

When I first started this process I really wanted to save the money and do this myself…so I studied the government internet sites for a long time.. and I had a pretty good knowledge of what was going on…but the one thing that stuck out in my mind is that if i make one mistake it could cost a lot of time correcting that mistake…

When i was choseing who i wanted to do buissness with you had a vidioe that realy stuck out in my mind..

You let people know your years experience that made me feel more comfortable..

You were reasonable priced

It’s a scary thing sending money to a man you don’t know on the internet… So first off I’d like to thank you for being a man of your word and doing all the things you said you would….

I liked when ever we had question you were always there with answers. in a timely manner.

This is a long process, but you did not seem to tire out, you gave us good service from start to finish..

You always handled your self in a professional manner. seemed to be very knowledgeable.. and you always seemed to care…

I like the fact you have 2 ways to contact you.. email and phone.. and the one time i needed to contact you by phone you actually answered, and gave us an immediate response..

I like it that you have a very well  laid out game plan…

I really like the video It helped me see that you knew what your doing and that you have been doing this for a while. plus it help me see who you are..

You don’t overload a person all at once with information, you give it to them step by step, as the process goes on..

Fred, you seem to have this down… It is my feelings that you did very well..

Jim + Aida
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Christopher + Crystal (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Hello Fred

It’s Crystal, Christopher’s fiance. I just wanted to drop by quick and let you know that I am now here in the US with the love of my life. We are very grateful for your help and patience in working with our visa application.

I have attached with this e-mail our photo together here in the US. Again thank, you for your help and we are very much satisfied with the service you have done to help us.,

Christopher + Crystal

Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Andrew + Katia (Fiancee Visa) Mexico


Good morning Sir Fred, first we would like to thank you for all your efforts leading up to the interview here Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. We would like to inform you that it was a successful interview and great accomplishment for all of us, especially Katia. We would like to stop by your office to meet and thank you personally some day soon.

Andrew + Katia

Fiance from Mexico Mexico

Eric + Rosheena (Fiancee Visa, Permanent Residency, Green Card) Philippines

Dear Fred,

I just wanted to report to you that my wife and I have successfully navigated the K-1 visa process, as well as the permanent resident (green card) process, and I owe a HUGE thanks to you for all of your assistance and guidance along the way. We used your consultant services for the K-1, and we purchased your e-book for the I-485. Both were well worth the price. You have been incredibly helpful to us, and I will be sure to recommend your services to others going forward.

Eric + Rosheena

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

William + Sherry (China)

Good morning Fred,

The application packet is an impressive tome. As you had suggested it would be, it is well organized, succinct and provides a compelling story. Thank you Fred!

William + Sherry

Fiancee from China China

Wm. (Josh) + Xiaoli (Green Card) China

I am attaching 2 recently received forms from our friendly government.

Thank you very much for all your help in getting Xiaoli her “Green Card”.

Though she has always thought that I was too slow in this process I think it worked out GREAT!

Such a fun process….NOT!

Again, Thank You very much for all your help and we we went through the process without any hiccups….Again Great.

Thank You very much Fred,

Wm. (Josh) & Xiaoli
Fiance from China China

Fabian + Loan (Vietnam)

Hello Fred,

Loan had her interview yesterday and was approved for her visa. I was with her and the process ran smoothly.

I wanted to thank you for your great help. I believe your preparation was the key to our success..

Fabian + Loan
Fiance from Vietnam Vietnam

Bill + Ritchy (Philippines)

Ritchy and I are patiently waiting for her interview appointment in Manila. Thank you so much for all your help so far….the petition you prepared for us is excellent. While I felt confident I could have? done this on my own, I realized that just one tiny error would set us back for months!!! We are happy we found you…..

Bill + Ritchy
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Tuan + Lenneth (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Hi Fred,

First off, I want to say thank you for your professional service. After talking to you, you have put my mind at ease and I feel more confident about this fiance visa process.

Tuan + Lenneth
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

David + Elisa (Green Card) Philippines

Hi Fred,

Just letting you know that we appreciate so much all the work you did for our petition we could not have done a better job on our own, Once we got everything sent in the process went very fast to all be approved. Elisa got her work permit card and an appointment for her interview very soon after we got it sent in thanks to the wonderful work you did preparing our petition for Elisa’s change of status. Elisa received her green card in the mail 7 days after her interview with the USCIS.

We will recommend all your services for sure to anyone we come across that is looking to apply for a fiance or spousal visa and change of status green card.

David + Elisa

Spouse from Philippines Philippines

Dale + Nhanh (Fiancee Visa) Vietnam

My name is Dale and my wife now, of 2 years Nhanh were in desperate need of help!

If you are truly in love and not trying to scam the system Mr. Wahl can truly help you like he helped us.

We fell in love online, which is now starting to be common place for people looking for LOVE. Nhanh is from Vietnam and I from Ohio in the United States. We were getting a K1 Fiancée’ Visa

Everyone we talked to kept telling us how easy it was to meet online and simply write a letter and petition, for her to meet me and marry in the U.S. They kept saying all you have to do is fly to Vietnam and meet in person take some pictures and you will be married within a few months. Well let me tell you that is not the case! Anyone telling you that is not being truthful, and it will cost you a lot of time and a lot of money to try and straighten out these problems if you don’t have someone to help guide you like Mr. Wahl did for us.

We were denied in our first petition and Mr. Wahl looked at our situation and advised us in what we needed to do to get our EVIDENCE and proper papers in order so the U.S consulate in Vietnam would know we were in love and not trying to commit Fraud to gain access to the United States.

Nhanh and myself have talked to Mr. Wahl many times during this process, and he was always easily accessible to answer questions and give guidance and advice to help make sure our petition was the best it could be to show how much we were in love.

My dear friends i can tell you from experience That you don’t need a LAWYER to handle your petition, but you TRULY need someone willing to help you and tell you the truth about bringing someone to the U.S., and Fred Wahl has guided us from our lack of information and mistakes to making sure we were happily together in each others arms and now married.

Thanks Fred

Dale and Nhanh
Fiance from Vietnam Vietnam

Jason + Mariya (Fiancee Visa) Russia

Mr. Wahl’s fiancée visa services were extremely vital for successfully bringing my wife to the United States with the K1 Fiancée Visa. Before discovering Fiancée Visa Services, I was so stressed and I was initially going to turn to an immigration attorney, but I was hesitant in paying thousands of dollars.

After my first phone conversation with Mr. Wahl, I could already sense his extensive knowledge and experience with the immigration process.

Using his services was the best choice I could have made. Mr. Wahl’s service exceeded all of my expectations. He made the whole process a piece of cake.

I was surprised that he personally was able to take my calls most of the time or call me back shortly if he was on the other line.

I was so pleased with Mr. Wahl’s work ethic; I used his services again for my wife’s Adjustment of Status. My wife received her green card without any problems and once again Mr. Wahl simplified the process and eliminated all the headaches for me.

I cannot stress enough how valuable his services are and how extremely affordable.

The best part about it all is that my wife’s K1 Fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status cases were processed in under the state and national average processing times. It was a sincere pleasure and privilege working with Mr. Wahl, and I hope you make the right choice too.

Thanks again for all you help Mr. Wahl!

Jason + Mariya Fiance Visa Clients


Jason and Mariya
Fiance from Russia Russia

Brent + Maribel (Fiancee Visa and Child Visa) Philippines

Everything was done professionally. When we were uncertain about things you knew exactly how to ease our minds. Having these forms in our hands prepared by you gave us a sense of confidence as we sent them off. Your timeline was 5-7 months…it was 6 months exactly, right on the money.

You responded to us very timely and knew how we were feeling when the Singapore clearance got snagged up by Singapore’s beauracratic lazy workers….once the police clearance got there ,it took the embassy only 5 days to send her Visa. Everything was perfect in the packet preparation to the embassy.

You had insisted on me placing our engagement announcement in the paper…when Maribel was being interviewed in the embassy, she said this engagement announcement was what really caught the interviewer’s eye. So you were spot-on again about what documents to include in the packet. You know Fred, it’s funny now…in the early days of our filing others would say..”oh ,you need an immigration attorney or you will be years bringing her over”…..now , since she got here so quickly they are asking me for your website and phone number, lol.

Thanks so much Fred ,i will be downloading your form and sending you a postal money order soon for AOS for Maribel and Thessa.

Brent + Maribel
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Frank + Mai (Fiancee Visa) Vietnam

Just wanted to let you know that my fiancee passed her interview.

Thanks once again for all your assistance thus far and look forward to the next steps in obtaining her green card upon our return and subsequent marriage.

Her interview lasted approximately 10 minutes

Frank and Mai
Fiance from Vietnam Vietnam

William + Sherry (Fiancee Visa and Permanent Residency) China

Fred, we credit you for Sherry’s visa.

We are particularly grateful because our case was not straight forward, yet your advice invariably turned out to be correct. You assembled an impressive application package, and we were overjoyed when it was approved in only five months.

This was something we could never have achieved on our own because the application requirements were so complex or vague.

Additionally, Sherry was fully prepared for the visa interview, with the result that we are now together in the U.S., happily married, and awaiting approval of her adjustment of status application.

We thank you for your dedication to our case along with your depth of knowledge and amazing attention to detail.

William + Sherry

Fiancee from China China

Tuan + Thao (Permanent Residency) Vietnam

Hello Fred,

I want to keep you inform about the Status of my wife’s AOS. We received yesterday 2013-10-28, the Approval letter from USCIS for my wife 2 years of Permanent Resident and no Interview needed !

She was also received earlier this month of Oct. 2013:
#1. The Employment Authorization card for 1 year
#2. She have the SSN card

Her plan is to attend the Community College on the Health Care major (MRI/Radiology dept) and working part times.

In summary, we are on schedule to build her future in the U.S and we just want you to know that we appreciate your works very much, you are the best Immigration Counselor in the United States, we will not hesitate to refer you to our friends and relative and also willing to be your references as well.

We will get back to you a few months before the expiration date 2 years of her Green Card to file the Removal Of Condition.

Again, you are a true Professional Immigration Counselor and we appreciate your works.


Tuan + Thao Fiance Visa Clients

Tuan + Thao

Spouse from Vietnam Vietnam

Ps: I viewed your Website with our photo on it, thank you for keeping the private information. I just want you to remember that your work, your contribution are very helpful to the citizen of the United States and far above doing business, also…the USCIS should appreciate you to reduce their times, works load and the cost for the Taxt Payer ! Tuan

Antonio + Jenny (Fiancee Visa, Green Card)

Wow, I really would like to thank Mr. Wahl for being extremely patient. he worked with us every step of the way, he always answered email and returned calls in a timely manner. I really felt he was under paid for the amount of work he did for us. we will definitely be hiring him to assist with the Adjustment of Status “Green Card Application”

Antonio + Jenny Fiance Visa Clients

Antonio + Jenny
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Rob + Yanping (Fiancee Visa) China

My fiancee and I approached the visa process rather naively. We planned to bring her to the US on a tourist visa for marriage with the intent to apply for a spouse visa afterwards. That led to an expensive and bitter disappointment when the application for tourist visa was rejected.

I launched into a research project to figure out our next steps. I came across an article about how the consulate where she would have to interview had a high rejection rate for applicants. I discovered that applying for the spouse visa required completion of many forms, some of those forms referring to other forms. Even more onerous was the need to provide proof of our relationship. I had no idea how to do that in a fashion that would convince a skeptical consular officer. There was some help on the US government web sites but it wasn’t enough.

I started looking for help. I found many possibilities, mostly expensive immigration lawyers. There was also Mr. Wahl. Fred seemed very knowledgeable and and his price was very reasonable and affordable. I was afraid it was too good to be true but I took the plunge and hired him. It was a great decision. Fred did most of the work and helped whenever we were stumped by some question. He told us what to provide and put together a really great looking application package. Crucially he guided us on compiling continuing proof of our relationship after we submitted the application. This turned out to be critical during the interview. In the end we were successful and the visa was granted.

I highly recommend Mr. Wahl as a consultant on the fiancee visa process. He saved us time, money, and emotional distress. I am sure our success in smoothly obtaining the visa on our first try would not have been possible without his guidance.

Rob + Yanping

Fiancee from China China

Alan + Maria (Fiancee Visa) Indonesia

Like a lot of people, I wasn’t too sure how to go about obtaining a K1 visa for my fiancé. I did a bit of research online and then saw a video on YouTube about the process from Fred Wahl. After contacting him with a few questions, my fiancé and I decided to use his services. I’m glad we did. Fred was very straightforward and thorough. He made the process as smooth is it could possibly be. The entire procedure took about 6 months in total from my first email to Fred to my fiancé obtaining her visa at the U.S. Embassy Jakarta.

Thanks again, Fred.

Alan + Maria Fiance Visa Clients

Alan + Maria
Fiance from Indonesia Indonesia

Kam + Neg (Green Card) Iran

I wanted to inform you that we received the Green Card a few weeks ago.

Thank you for all of your great help.

I will recommend your services to anyone in need of them. Many thanks.

Kam & Neg
Fiancee from Iran Iran

Aiden + Vatthana (Fiancee Visa) Laos

Dear Fred,

All of the time that we had put into this work, Tons of document that we had gathered for Vatthana and I, today it has been really paid off,

I really want you to know how much that we really appreciated your help and supported.

Today Vatthana went to her visa interview, she was very confident and calm. when she first entered the embassy scanning area, the officer commented that it was the good sign if someone got a call to invite her attend to earlier interview than the originally scheduled date.

Her interview was less than 3mins, the officer asked some quick questions about how did we know each other? and asked about the trip on the photos (This is very important), but your “Front Loaded Paper work” theory really works, by follow our well organized package was pretty much convinced.

And that was it, “Welcome to the USA”, she was told to come pick up her visa stamp on NOV 29. Hopefully i could book her a ticket as soon as i can find one. This is very special year for us.

Again, Thanks from the bottom of our heart

Anyway will keep you update for more good news and I will pass the words out among my Laotian friends about your professional work in case they plan to do K-1. Well done.

Aiden & Vatthana
Fiancee from Laos Laos

Sebastian + Yi Lin (China)

We passed our interview October 23rd. Yi Lin has already received her passport with the visa stamp and arrives in JFK on December 6th.

We got so excited over it all that we lost track of everything else, plus I got busy with a new job on top of my heavy study schedule for the actuarial exams. It all came at once.

Thanks again for all your help, we were incredibly well prepared.

Sebastian + Yi Lin

Fiancee from China China

Brandon + Maria (Fiancee Visa) Canada

We would like to thank Fred for all of his help.

All the paperwork was making the both my fiancee and I go insane.

Having Fred guide us through the process took a huge weight off of our shoulders and we intend to hire him help in applying for the green card. We are very excited to start our lives together. When my fiancee went to his interview it was pretty short. Simple questions, how did you meet, tell me about your relationship. Fred put so much time into making sure we had all we needed and more.

Thanks Fred, for everything.

Maria + Brandon Fiance Visa Clients

Brandon & Maria

Fiance from Canada Canada

Bruce + May (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

I had pretty good knowledge of the visa process before contacting Fred Wahl, because I’d lived outside the US for five years, and talked to many other people who’d gone through the process. But despite this knowledge — or perhaps because of it — I knew that I needed help.

Fred’s service, expertise, and thoroughness was top-notch. He guided us along every step, and provided tons of valuable insight, tips, and advice. The K-1 petition he prepared was superb, and I have no doubt that the quality of the package we submitted made a big difference in our approval.

In fact, we completed the entire process — from first submission to visa approval at the US Embassy in Manila — in just over two months. That was about five or six months faster than I expected. At the Embassy, we watched many people turned away because their petition lacked something; Fred made sure that ours was “bulletproof.”

Without hesitation, we recommend the services of Fred Wahl and the Visa Coach organization.

Bruce + May Fiance Visa Clients

Bruce + May
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Charles + Jenny (Philippines)

Hi Fred, our testimonial to our love and your great service. Jenny and I wanted to be together as a couple. At first we were not sure if it is going to work because of our distance. With your help, you made our dreams come to reality. We know that our love is genuine but it was not easy for us to be together as a couple. You help us with the correct documents at the right time to make everything work. You also help us through the procedure in a very professional way with courtesy and kindness. As being together we owe that to you. We are so thankful for all you have done. For us, this is our life and you made everything come true. As of 01/30/14, Jenny has her 10-year residency and we are happily married. See pictures attached. Thank always.

Charles + Jenny Fiance Visa Clients

Charles + Jenny
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Gary + Reyna (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Here in Manila I had the chance to speak with a lady that is also currently under going the K-1 visa with her fiancée from California. They began their journey back in May of 2013! That means 9 months going on 10 by the time they do the interview and receive her K-1 visa. Additionally, my friend Bruce waited 11 full months to get his fiancée here to Texas and marry her. He contacted his congressman on 5 different occasions.

My point is this; both of this individuals DID NOT obtain the services of Fred Wahl! We DID and look what the end result is!!!!!

Oh sure, call it coincidental, label how ever you want. The bottom line is that we contacted you for your help and did this in shortly over 3 months!

The proof is in our paper work and our wait time. We just wanted to let you know how excited and thankful we are to you for helping us and everything you did during this K-1 visa application.

Your attention to detail is impeccable, your answer to emails & phone calls were always very supportive and helped guide us in the proper direction.

Thank you very much for all your help and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone!

Incidentally, I did inform these 2 people that I spoke of earlier in the message about us using visacoach services!

Thanks again Fred for your help..

Gary & Reyna

Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Carlo + Jayme (Fiancee Visa, Green Card and Permanent Residency) Philippines

When I started this K1 Fiancee Visa process, the only information I had or could get from was the internet. No guidance, no Manual or Handbook much like an IRS publication or Instructions on a Federal Form 1040. When I met my now wife, Jayme, on filipinaheart.com (now called cupidheart.com) I never knew that she was the one and this would be it. Actually no one ever knows that this person is the one, until it actually happens. After the countless emails, yahoo ims, yahoo video then skype video and phone conversations, the K1 fiancee journey became a reality. After months of reading about the K1s and all the other Ks with all other possible visas that could bring her to the U.S. the quickest, I turned my search to the immigration experts. Fred Wahl came up on my search. An Immigration Consultant who presented a clear cut website with the a list of petition/visa assistance services paired nowhere near the busy looking websites of others who offered similar services.

I emailed Fred and Fred answered. I called Fred and Fred answered his phone. I was shocked. No assistant, no receptionist, no red tape. Just Fred and his US Immigration expertise. A real human answers the phone- Imagine that!

From the K1 Fiancee visa filing along with Fred’s step-by-step process of evidence gathering and presentation, the K1 Fiancee visa was approved after St. Lukes Medical and US Embassy interviews. Fred walks you through every step and every detail there exists in the process. Once Jayme stepped foot in the U.S., we then employed Fred’s expertise for the 2nd leg filing the Adjustment of Status and Employment Card after getting married after 90 days of arrival. Following Fred’s systematic process, my wife has received her Permanent Resident Card without any interviews or hassles. We are currently in the next phase of Removal of Conditions and have once again asked Fred to help us because he is simply the best at this Immigration thing. Everything has been a smooth process with no hassles. A precise, meticulous, results-driven individual, Fred is unparalled to any US Immigration expert out there

Thank you so so much for bringing us joy and happiness! The best is still to come. .

Carlo + Jayme Fiance Visa Clients

Carlo & Jayme

Spouse from Philippines Philippines

Chris + Regin (Fiancee Visa and Green Card) Philippines

I would strongly recommend Fred’s assistance to anyone getting a foreign spouse. .

I did my due diligence on the internet reading the challenges and time sink involved in certain countries. After a few months of combing the internet my appetite for going at this without some assistant was nonexistent. .

I enlisted Fred’s help for the K-1 and AOS service. The cost is negligible after you realize how much time you will save. I can’t speak for all countries but my Fiancée’s country of origin is a challenge to the relationship in itself. Working through her government processes to get the appropriate documentation and paperwork was nothing short of agonizing..

Thankfully I was able to lean on Fred’s expertise to reassure her what has to be done in the most efficient and effective way possible to cut down on the time and multiple trips. I can’t fathom the extra amount of time it would of taken us to navigate the red tape there without Fred’s expertise. In addition she was very concerned about the physical and interview. .

Fred’s vast knowledge base of embassy processes and interview expertise made her interview a non-issue and she was in and out in under 10 minutes. I am positive my fiancée valued this service above all others. This a very intimidating process to them and Fred’s preparation calmed her down considerably and everything went as he promised it would. .

I whole heartedly recommend this service and thank you Fred! .

Chris + Regin Fiance Visa Clients

Chris & Regin

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Calvin + Juvylesa (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

My wife and I are more than satisfied with the services that you provide. Our friends requested your help previously so we decided to ask for you help as well. There is no doubt that without your help we would have had many headaches along the way because there is way too many documents and information for anyone to successfully “get together”, given distances and immigration laws. .

Most of all, we wanted the planning of our future relationship to go smoothly and you were always there to help. .

We would also like to add that when we called, it was you and not a recorded voice or other people that we didn’t know, whom we were able to talk to. That was a very big help. There were many times when I was feeling very stressed because of the waiting time and you would personally let me know that everything was going to be fine and it’s the government and their lack of enthusiasm when it came to love, sort of speak. .

We highly recommend your services to anyone that has overseas relationships and want to be closer to each other. .


Calvin + Juvylesa Fiance Visa Clients

Calvin and Juvylesa

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Ron +Narcisa (Green Card) Philippines

Me and my wife did not utilize Fred Wahl’s service for the visa, I had hired an immigration attorney for the visa process, but, when the time came for applying for the I-485, I had decided not to continue on with the immigration attorney, and decided not to seek his service for this process, because, he was very unresponsive, not caring, and always complained I sent him too many emails with too many questions. My immigration attorney felt I should of known many things without having to ask him, but, if this was the case, then why would I need to hire his services?

Anyways, I did some research and decided to have Mr. Wahl construct our I-485 application.

During the process, me and my wife found Mr. Wahl to be very caring, understanding and very knowledgeable about the process. I sent him emails with questions, and he responded as quickly as he possibly could. He seemed to be understanding about our lack of knowledge of the I-485 process and was very patient with our questions and concerns.

I would recommend Mr. Wahl to anyone who is looking for knowledge, preparation, and organization of your K-1 Visa and or I-485 application preparations.

At this point and time, we are considering and will probably continue to use Mr. Wahl’s services for the Unconditional greencard process.

Thank you Fred, for a well done, professional I-485 presentation on Narcisa and Ron’s behalf.

Ron and Narcisa Green Card Clients
Ron and Narcisa

Spouse from Philippines Philippines

William + Rowena (Fiancee and Child Visa) Philippines

Rowena and her son were approved yesterday for her K-1 and her son’s K-2 Visa at their interview here in Manila, Philippines. She is very happy now with only the Guidance and Counseling Session to go. Then we can go to the USA.

When she got back here to the apt. from her interview yesterday she said, ” Thank you Sweetie for sticking with me thro all the process and also thank Fred for all of his work, and that he (Fred) did a great job. I know I wasn’t always easy to work with.” She also said, “Some of the other women didn’t have all their papers but I had everything they ask for and more, and they didn’t ask me or my son a lot of questions, that it was really easy.” One of the interviewers said, “Wow You did a good job having all those papers.”Then Rowena said, “My fiancée made sure I had everything I needed. Then the lady said, “Your fiancée did a very good job.” Thanks Fred for all the info you put on the web sight that gave me all the info. I needed for her to get their Visa’s.

Thanks Fred.

William and Rowena

Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

George + Oksana (Fiancee Visa) Russia

Our wedding and honeymoon was in the middle of May. We are so happy that finally our dreams came true and we are together and married now.

We would both like to say thank you for the great job that you have done for us; for you quick responses and making clear all the uncertainties and questions that we had. Everything that was connected with your job was done perfect! Though it took us time to gather all necessary information and evidence to apply for the visa and then the time waiting for the visa approval seemed endless. Your help made our process smooth and less stressful.

We have a friend that applied for K-1 visa before we did and they faced problems with filling the papers in a correctly. We didn’t want to risk the same, so by choosing your service we did not have these kinds of problems. Oksana and I both are sure we made the right decision to ask for your help.

My fiancee’s interview was easy and took about 25 minutes. She was asked when and where we met each other and how many times we met?; What are both of our jobs?, and where are we going to live in the USA?; How do we like to spend our time together? and what are our hobbies?

The interview went successfully and she got her visa immediately. We still have a couple of unmarried friends and if they find a foreign love we would definitely advise them to contact you for your help with applying for visa.

Thanks again! .

George + Oksana Fiance Visa Clients

George + Oksana

Fiancee from Russia Russia

Rick + Trang (Vietnam)

Hi Fred

Wow, the packages you put together for us looked great!

Thank you so much, I am so happy you helped us. I sent it to USCIS today, we followed your detailed instructions

I will let you know when we receive notice that they received

We are giving your information to a friend

Thanks again for your help, you do nice work .

Rick + Trang

Fiancee from VietnamVietnam

Mark + Ying (Fiancee Visa) China

Fred’s help was invaluable.

He helped keep the process on track through many delays and distractions. Our process was longer than most due to many unexpected events, but Fred was there, coaching us every step of the way.

Amazingly, he is always available to talk to in person, rather than a machine.

Being occupied with work and travel, and keeping focused on the K-1 visa process with all the government documentation and myriad of papers to complete can be a significant task. Fred kept us on point. He is very patient, knowledgeable, experienced and well worth the price. I would use him again, and in fact we have asked him to now assist us with bringing my wife’s son to America.

In short, Fred is the greatest. .

Mark & Ying Fiance Visa Clients

Mark & Ying

Fiancee from China China

Jose + Giovana (Fiancee Visa) Brazil

Mr. Wahl is not only very knowledgeable about the fiancee visa process but also extremely organized and on top of everything with an extremely fast response time. The personalized website he provides is very useful in keeping all the information in a single place.

My fiancee visa was issued 5+ months after I first contacted him.


Jose + Giovana
Fiance from Brazil Brazil

Nathan (B2 Visa) China

Thanks a lot for all of the help Fred.

Before we found visacoach I applied for my wife to get a visitors visa, and she was denied after 3 questions.

Fast forward one year, I found Fred and Visa coach, and he was extremely helpful. My wife’s B2 Visitor’s visa was approved on our second try. (First attempt with visa coach).

His advice was very straightforward, and his replies were always quick and straight to the point.

Thanks a lot for everything, I will definitely reccomend your services to other couples in my position.

Nathan and Chinese spouse Visa Clients


Spouse from China China

Aiden + Vatthana (Fiancee Visa, Permanent Residency) Laos

My wife and I would highly recommend Mr. Wahl to anyone who plan to do K-1 visa or adjust permanent resident in US.

Fred is very knowledgeable person in the process. Fred is very well organized person when it comes to helping the clients for their paper works.

One thing that we like the most about Fred is that he is always available for us when we have questions, when you call Fred, you can talk to him directly instead of going through answering machine or complicate customer service. He responded to emails quickly. Because of this, it makes the preparing process go a lot faster.

Very greatly appreciate for all your help Fred.

Aiden & Vatthana

Spouse from Laos Laos

Vince + Gen (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

You were a big help. And anybody else seeking assistance need not worry because Fred Wahl is legitimate.


Vince + Gen Fiance Visa Clients

Vince + Gen
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Daren + Cris (Philippines)

Fred Wahl is your friend through the confusing maze that is the US immigration process.

He is knowledgeable, patient, and incredibly well versed in how to navigate it. Using his service has made bringing my Now wife to the US simple, easy, and very straightforward.

There are many Visa services out there, but trust me when I say that in picking Fred’s you will not be disappointed in the guidance he provides.

Daren + Cris
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Brent + Maribel (Green Card) Philippines

Dear Fred,

We just received Maribel’s, and her daughter’s, green card today and we’re so jazzed.

We submitted USCIS for these this winter and they’re already approved by the week Thessa started school this summer, wow !

Looking back two years ago when we first met, and seeing all the documentation required of us since the very beginning, we would’ve been lost without your help.

In fact ,our case has progressed so much faster than other couples who’ve applied for a fiancee visa that they ask us how we did it. There’s many couples who’ve applied before us on their own and keep getting denied for just the smallest reason ; ours has been stress-free, simple, and streamlined.

We will be getting in touch with you again for the next step toward citizenship.

Again Fred for your professionalism and skill in bringing my wife and her daughter to me in an uncomplicated and stress-free way.

Brent + Maribel Fiance Visa Clients

Brent + Maribel
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Jerry + Gale (Fiancee Visa) Trinidad and Tobago

We hired the services of VisaCoach after my Fiance saw a video on the internet, where Fred was explaining the process of getting a K-1 Visa. We contacted Fred in December of 2013 and he sent us all the information and forms we needed to fill out. I must admit, it was a lot of paperwork, but it was all worth it in the end. After gathering all our proof for the “Shoe Box” we mailed the package to Fred in Feb 2014. He had everything ready for us to mail to USCIS in about 2 weeks time and it was mailed to USCIS. Now the wait was on, within a week they acknowledged receiving the package and began to process our K-1 Visa in March 2014.

In 5 Months time( August 2014) our Visa was approved by the National Visa Center. My Fiance had her interview in her home country (Trinidad) in November 2014, their was a bit of a delay there, because she had to get the originals of my previous Marriage and Divorce papers, she only had copies I think every country may be different. However, they did tell her in the initial interview that she was granted the Visa but they just wanted to compare the copies she had with the originals. So make sure you have the originals of your documents just incase.Within a week she got the call and the Visa was mailed to her. On 19th Jan 2015 she arrived in the US. We got married on 14th Feb 2015 (Valentine’s Day)

Working with Fred was a blessing, we could not imagine filling out all that paperwork without getting some support from someone who knew the system. Fred answered all our questions quickly, no matter how many times we sent emails back and forth asking questions. He knew the answers to them all.

Now my Wife is with me here in the US and we have hired Fred again for her Adjustment of Status to get her Green Card, we are in that process now. I would recommend VisaCoach to anyone wishing to bring their loved ones to the US having peace of mind that Fred is on the job. Thank you Fred.

Jerry + Gale Fiance Visa Clients

Jerry + Gale
Fiance from Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago

Diego + Ema (Fiancee Visa) Mexico

Dear Fred,

Thank you and visa coach for all your help, we´re now together and happily married, the package you prepared for us was really helpful and all we need to complete and success the process, thanks a lot.

Diego + Ema Fiance Visa Clients

Diego + Ema
Fiance from Mexico Mexico

Les + Meriam (Green Card) Philippines

Dear Fred,

I am so thankful that you were there, every step of the way, for me and my wife Meriam. The one thing I appreciate the most in all you’ve done is being there to answer my phone calls whenever I had a question or concern.

My wife should be receiving her green card within the next couple of weeks and, needless to say, we’re both thrilled and also feel a sense of relief.

You made this whole process so much easier for us–and my wife thanks you too! I will be getting in touch with you again when it’s time to submit her I-751.

Thank you again.

Les + Meriam Fiance Visa Clients

Les + Meriam
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Matt + Anastasia (Fiancee Visa) Russia

Hi Fred,

The interview was very fast and simple. We had to wait about three hours for the interview, but it only took about 5 minutes once it started. The interview was on Tuesday morning and the visa was ready for us to pickup from Pony Express on Friday afternoon. We flew from Moscow to New York on Saturday, the very next day after picking up the visa. There were no problems with customs at the airport.

We are very happy with Fred’s help during the whole K-1 visa process. Not only did he prepare a perfect initial application, he continued to guide us and answer our questions during the entire process. Our initial application was over one hundred pages long and Fred had everything organized and selected perfectly to help the process go as fast as possible. Anastasia was able to enter the United States just four months after sending in the visa application. We credit Fred for helping us be together so soon.

Matt + Anastasia
Fiance from Russia Russia

Kat + William (Scotland)

Dear Fred,

William had his interview in London today and it was a fast and EASY process. He said they had decided ahead of time and that they only asked how we met and if I had 3 kids and collected a few documents from him (affidavit of support and letter of appointment, as well as his birth cert and police record). We can get him a flight before Christmas! Thank you for all your help so far to get us through this! We are ready to start looking at the next steps with adjustment of status!


Kat + William
Fiance from Philippines Scotland

Alan + Maria (Green Card) Philippines

My wife received her green card on November 29th, 2014. Other than one minor glitch? with our mailing address, the process was very smooth for us. From start to finish, it was about 6 months.

My wife and I are thankful to God that He brought us together, and we are thankful to Fred for his expertise and guidance through this entire process. If you need a knowledgeable consultant to help you obtain a green card for your spouse, I highly recommend Fred Wahl. Thanks again Fred.

Alan + Maria Fiance Visa Clients

Alan + Maria
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Anitra + Antony (Fiancee Visa) Kenya

Good afternoon Mr. Wahl,

I write to inform you that our K-1 Fiance Visa got approved. I am extremely happy about this news and I wanted to make sure that you were aware that my fiance is on his way to the United States.

Once he arrives, we will need to start on the next phase of the process, the green card. I really appreciate all of your help with the first phase of the process and I look forward to hiring you again for your coaching services in the continuation of the immigration process. We would also like to get my fiance a work permit and a SSN once we are married.

Working with you has been a pleasant experience. From the start, we were given tailored service that helped to speed up our K-1 Visa approval. All of our documents met the required specifications and our application was approved within six months. Thanks to you, my fiance and I have been united without having to pay the ridiculous price of a lawyer. We intend to continue working with you as we are very satisfied customers.

are both excited to embark upon our new life. You truly were a TREMENDOUS help to us.

Thanks again for everything.

Anitra + Antony Fiance Visa Clients

Anitra + Antony
Fiance from Kenya Kenya

Julian + Rechelle (Fiancee Visa) Philippines


She received her visa today, her interview went as u said, very fast. I think they only asked her a few basic questions, my zip code , how many visits, when.. and when we got engaged, that was it. they kept her cinamar or what ever it is and all her other documents. I guess there in the sealed envelope, she is getting all the stuff again should have all that by tues or wends, then to the CFO. She will be here on the 22 of March or the 8th of April not sure what day yet, I guess the front loaded petition paid off. my friend who did his own for his fiancée and helped a few of his friend all were asked for more proof. his words to me were no one is not asked for further proof or information. I was happy to call and tell him they asked me for nothing. it did take a long time. just short of 1 year. but there all took 2 years and longer. Any way thank you for the help I will be in touch.

Julian + Rechelle
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Bill + Ritchy (Fiancee Visa and Green Card) Philippines

Thank you Fred Wahl!

To all the viewers out there,I am ALWAYS more of a do-it-yourself kind of person (especially when it means saving some money and doing it yourself). I have to admit that, at first, I was pretty apprehensive about spending the money. I did not know who this Fred guy was, he was clear across the country from me!

Well,my lovely wife and I just received her green card last month. We have been married (here in NY) for 15 months now. It was a long process getting her here and getting the green card (solely due to the inefficiency of our govt. red tape of course!).

After seeing what hurdles the US government puts us through for this process and all the other stresses it puts you through. I would wholeheartedly do it ALL over again using Fred. Who wants to forget to “dot an I” or “cross a T” only to delay the arrival of the love of your life for months?

Fred has ALWAYS been there to answer questions no matter how simple they were. And let me tell you,I have lots of questions!

His direction for you as to what things you need to gather, and the packages he puts together are fantastic. The government sees the package and how professional it is and it flows through without a hitch.

Fred, we will be in touch when we are ready to change from conditional to permanent residency. Then later for US citizenship.

Wishing you all the best.

Bill + Ritchy Fiance Visa Clients

Bill + Ritchy
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Beau + Nassima (Morocco)


Wow. I don’t even know what to say. This was definitely a nice E-mail to wake up to this morning. We feel very fortunate to have made it through the longest part of the process in only 3 weeks. I will definitely keep you up to date with any and all information as soon as it comes in.

…Two months later…

I wanted to share the good news with you. Nassima had her interview at the embassy in Casablanca, and they approved the visa. She will be able to pickup her passport and visa paperwork next Wednesday, and I have already booked travel to go to Morocco, pick her up, and bring her home. We will be returning to the US together on June 3, where we can then work through the next steps in the process toward residency, and citizenship. So all in all, it looks like another big win for you, and another quick turnaround as well. I think a little over 3 months from initial submission!

Thank you very much for your organization and attention to detail, as this could have been a much harder and drawn out process without your help and guidance.Thank you very much for your expert help and professionalism in putting together such a detailed package allowing for such a quick transaction.

Beau + Nassima
Fiance from Morocco Morocco

William + Marlyn (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

After meeting on line one year ago Marlyn completed her interview today at the manila embassy and was granted a k1 visa to enter the united states.

Fred you help so many couples like us , you probably don’t remember that I called you at the last minute before my first trip to meet Marlyn and was in a panic as what I needed to do to go forward. You dropped everything you were doing to help us. I talked to lawyers and others before you but could not find anyone I was comfortable with for many different reasons. After reviewing your site and personally talking to you, I was convinced you could and would give us the guidance and assistance needed to complete the process for a successful k1 visa.

In the beginning, we had no idea how complex and arduous the process would be. We are convinced the end result for us would have been a disaster without your guidance and detailed instruction. Everything you told us you would do to help us was understated. Numerous times I had questions and clarifications that were answered clearly and promptly even at night and weekends. What more could we possibly ask for or expect? Anyone who tries to do this on their own without your service is making a very poor decision in our opinion. I am a business man, and the value we received from you far exceeds the fee you charge for the superb guidance. It is no wonder your credentials are impeccable.

Thanks again to you and Joyce, we will be forever grateful

William + Marlyn Fiance Visa Clients

William + Marlyn
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Brian + Elena (Spouse Visa) Philippines

I hired Fred Wahl after researching alternative consultants. The price was higher, but I decided on Fred because of his many years of experience and I remember he said he has a 100% success rate. On my last trip to the Philippines to bring my wife home, I met another man who did not hire a consultant. I am not sure the exact reason of the delay, but he had been trying to bring his wife and daughter for a long time. He told me the visas were finally ready: He was on his way to pick them up and was very excited. We exchanged contact information and I subsequently learned his trip did not go as planned. He had one final obstacle and will now make a second trip to fetch his wife and daughter. The cost of a mistake is so high in terms of money and time. That is why I hired Mr. Wahl. The whole process is complicated but was made easier for me with his assistance. The petition and mini petition Fred assembled were reviewed quickly and without issue. The personal website he made for us and personal instructions were helpful for both myself and my wife. She is now in America and we are ready to start our lives together.

Thanks, Fred.

Brian + Elena Fiancee Visa Clients

Brian + Elena (Spouse Visa)
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Tyler + Marlyn (Fiancee Visa & Green Card) Philippines

Mr. Wahl was very detailed and answered every single question in a timely manner. The website he created for us and our process was also very detailed. It showed us everything we needed, everything we needed to be ready for, and even how to acquire said things. Our instructions was organized and easy to understand. Not once did we feel we were doing something wrong or that we had to find a way ourselves.

Our process was done very quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, without burning a hole in our pockets!

Tyler + Marlyn (Fiancee Visa & Green Card)
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Lillian + Fernando (Fiancee Visa & Green Card) Mexico


It’s been a whirlwind month and a half! Fernando and I got married April 10th and have focused on getting settled in Alaska. We are making progress on the other details and hope to have the application for the green card ready to send ? at the end of May. I also hope to send you our questionnaires and faxed documents at the end of this week.

I am so happy my fiance and I hired Fred as an immigration consultant when we decided to move to the U.S. from Mexico. A process that would have been really confusing and frustrating turned out to be straightforward and very doable with his guidance. We received Fernando’s fiance visa and breezed through U.S. customs almost exactly three months after submitting our application packet. I couldn’t believe how fast it all happened, especially after hearing about immigration complications other international couples have dealt with. I especially liked that Fred responded quickly to every one of my emails. We absolutely recommend VisaCoach!!”

Lillian + Fernando Fiance Visa Clients

Lillian + Fernando (Fiancee Visa & Green Card)
Fiance from Mexico Mexico

Kim + Jackeline (Brazil)

Well Fred,

I think you did it again! Jackeline, was in her interview for all of about 3 to five minutes, she said. They had her go get a picture taken. Also she had to go send something with the address of the hotel, so they could send her visa to the hotel, where we are staying. They told her she should receive the visa and the passport within the next 10 days. We had plane flights scheduled for this Friday, but we can bump them forward as needed when her visa and passport arrive. We are hoping she won’t miss the conference on the 4th and 5th of April. We shall see.

A hearty thank you is in order from both Jackeline and I, Fred. We could not have done this without you. With my extreme overkill abililty, and lack of knowledge, it would of been a disaster, without you! Keep us on track to help us get citizenship for Jackeline, ok?

Once again A BIG THANK YOU Fred!

Kim + Jackeline
Fiance from Brazil Brazil

Jennifer + Tomas (Spouse Visa) Dominican Republic

I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Wahl at visacoach.com. he was there when I panicked several times & needed advice or help with my husband Tomas Visa from the Dominican Republic . It was a long process for us, because all the official certificates needed to apply, had to be corrected in some way, ie. misspelled names and such. But finally, I was able to apply for Tomas & my two stepsons to join me in the U.S.

Now, after being guided through the entire process by Mr. Wahl personally, with email & when necessary, phone calls, we had a very successful interview, and are now waiting for the final papers to be processed. Thank you so much for all your help Mr. Wahl, you are a Godsend!

I will recommend you to anyone who needs to bring a spouse to America.

Jennifer + Tomas Spouse Visa Clients

Jennifer + Tomas
Spouse from Dominican Republic Dominican Republic

Miriam + Mustafa (Fiancee Visa) Algeria

On June 15th my fiance was approved for his k1 visa. It was a lengthy process, but a very smooth process as well. We hired Mr. Wahl to prepare our paperwork, which he did an amazing job. After two years of being separated from my fiance, he will be moving to the USA this July.

We started the process in October, when I mailed my shoebox evidence to Fred Wahl, he then mailed me back polished documents, that I forwarded to USCIS. We got our first approval on November 5th, our second approval April 2nd and sent to NVC on April 15th, it was then forwarded to embassy in Algiers two weeks later, followed by his interview June 15. This would have been impossible without the help of Mr. Wahl, he kept us informed on how to prepare the document, what interview questions would be asked, and what to expect throughout the whole process. He did inform me, that the process would take about 7 to 8 months, it took actually 8 months.

Thank you Mr. Wahl you have done an amazing job, now my fiance and I can start our journey towards an amazing life.

Miriam + Mustafa
Fiance from Algeria Algeria

Bill + Marlyn (Fiancee Visa & Green Card) Philippines



Bill + Marlyn (Fiancee Visa & Green Card)
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Amanda + Blaz (Spouse Visa and Green Card) Slovenia

Thanks Fred, you are the best! I couldn’t do this without you. This is why I recommend you to everyone.I could have never imagined how difficult it is (with all the red tape) to get a visa for a green card. It is extremely detailed and complicated. Blaz and I are so grateful to Fred for leading us step by step in this arduous procedure. I have no idea how immigrants go through these procedures without help. Thankfully we were referred by friends to VisaCoach.

VisaCoach is very affordable compared to hiring an immigration lawyer and I promise you that Fred is much more competent than most. I always received prompt e-mails and calls from Fred immediately when I had questions. Blaz and I are so excited about finally being together all of the time, and we know that our future is very bright and filled with so much love. I had no idea what a wonderful, exciting adventure I was embarking upon when I decided to go on a tour of Croatia and Slovenia with a fellow flight attendant in March of 2012. That tour lead me to Blaz, my tour director… now the love of my life and my husband. Going through this spouse visa experience has been long and tedious but it has been so worth it.

Thank you so much Fred for making it all possible! I will always recommend Visacoach to anyone I encounter going through this process. I couldn’t have done it without you Fred!!!! Thanks again!

Amanda + Blaz Fiancee Visa Clients

Amanda + Blaz
Spouse from Slovenia Slovenia

Harry + Thi My (Fiancee Visa) Vietnam


Dear Mr. Wahl,

I am writing you to let you know that my wife’s green card was approved without going to the interview. Thank you so much for making the entire process very easy, customized for us, and very clear.

I would like to write this feedback to help others who are in need for K1 visa or a green card to understand how much help you have been for me and my wife Thi My.

Before hiring mr. Wahl I spent 6 months researching and understanding the entire k1 fiancee visa process. I spoke with many attorneys and interviewed them to see if they would qualify to represent me with the USCIS office (That is right, since fiancee visa and green card are so important, you definitely need to find a highly qualified person to represent you. One mistake, your paper can get delayed or even denied.) Once I finished speaking to the attorney’s across USA I came up with 3 very simple conclusions:

1) Attorneys that I spoke with were not interested in helping me, but wanted to charge me thousands of dollars to do the paper work.
2) Some attorney’s did not know end to end K1 fiancee visa process since most of the paperwork is done by paralegals.
3) Some attorney’s did not guarantee their work. If they made a mistake in the process on your behalf, your K1 visa could get denied and you will not even get your money back.

Before I hired Mr. Wahl I watched his youtube videos to understand his process. Finally, when I spoke with him on the phone he said something very interesting:

Harry, it is a sales job. You need to show the USCIS office that you have a bonafide relationship. Look, Ive spent over 40 years in this field: you need to know exactly what USCIS wants, how they want it, and customize your K1 visa paperwork in such a way that it easily establishes your bonafide relationship. You need to present your story to the USCIS in such a way that they can easily understand it and emotionally connect to it and want to help you. Once that happens, they want to approve your paperwork quickly.

Finally, Mr. Wahl was very frank with me and he said the following: this process requires a bit more paperwork upfront, but over 90% of my clients have about 5-10 minute interview at the consulate office and their papers get approved quickly.

Mr. Wahl was very patient with me and answered all my questions about the entire k1 fiancee visa process. This further assured me that I am hiring the highly qualified professional to represent me and do my K1 fiancee paperwork. The entire process took about a year to finish. As I got to know Mr. Wahl a little better I saw that he put his entire heart and soul into his work.

Right about half way thru the K1 fiancee visa process USCIS office changed the entire K1 fiancee visa process and papers required to file. There were lots of gaps in the new process that would have delayed my K1 visa, but this is where Mr. Wahl’s 40 year experience came to play. He has been thru many of these changes throughout 40 year career and he quickly filled in all the gaps for me.

I especially appreciated how transparent Mr. Wahl was with me. During the visa process I wanted to do the things the certain way which I thought would be the best way to handle the situation, but Mr. Wahl would say: Harry, if you do it this way this is what is going to happen, you will confuse them and things would get delayed.

During the entire process Mr. Wahl remained very professional and through with the quality of his work. Believe it or not, he actually helped me to learn much more about my fiance since his questions were geared towards bonafide relationship that would make me constantly ask questions: Hmm, how does my fiancee do these things, and then once I got to know my fiance a bit more, my relationship with her grew much stronger.

The interview practice questions that mr. Wahl provided were very beneficial. I practiced with Thi My quite a bit and she was very confident going to the interview. Her interview process at the USCIS office in Vietnam took about 2 minutes. The immigration officer was very impressed with how well her paperwork was prepared and told Thi My she is impressed with how confident Thi My was at the interview. 3 weeks later she got her k1 fiancee visa.

I appreciated mr. Wahl’s help so much with the K1 fiance visa that I also hired him to do the green card paper work for now my wife. The entire process took about 1 year to complete. At the end, we finally got our i797 Notice of Action that her green card was approved without even going thru the interview. During this process one of our friends did their green card paperwork by themselves and immigration office literally put them thru the ringer with so many questions. Although she later on got her green card, she had so much frustration that could have been avoided if she did hire a qualified professional.

Dear reader, there is lots of free information on the internet on how to do your own k1 fiance visa and green card paperwork, but they are all simply incomplete and outdated, immigration processes change very fast. I know this, 2 years ago I was in your shoes faced with the decision on where to go and what to do to get the K1 visa and green card approved. I saw how people I knew had made lots of trips to the USCIS office for help in filing these papers and the help was incomplete. Even one organization at the USCIS office is not fully aware of the entire process and how things were done by another organization. They were faced with nothing but frustration and delays. My process was very smooth since I hired an expert in the field with the very reasonable fees that made the entire process super easy.

Dear Mr. Wahl, I sincerely think that your reputation with the USCIS office is so credible/immaculate and they know you so well, that following your simple, yet very powerful process and having your name on my wifes green card paperwork was the reason her green card was approved without even a need for an interview.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts Thi My and I would like to thank you for all your hard work and your help in getting her K1 fiancee visa and green card approved.

Harry + Thi My
Fiance from Vietnam Vietnam

Rick + Georgia (Fiancee Visa) Greece

Fred, My fiance and I can’t thank you enough for your help and guidance in successfully obtaining her K1 Fiance Visa. Your experience and service and direction throughout the entire process was the key that made the difference for us. With so many choices out there of who to engage for such an important thing as this, we are glad we chose the right service from someone who knows all the ins and outs top to bottom on how to successfully get the K1 Visa approved!! In our view, this experience made the all the difference.

We will definitely be using your services to help us throughout the Adjustment of Status process and beyond.

On behalf of my fiance and myself, thank you once again for helping us make all this happen.

Rick + Georgia Fiancee Visa Clients

Rick + Georgia
Fiance from Greece Greece

Sergio + Jesselle (Philippines)

Hi Fred, this is Sergio just sending you email to let you know our US embassy interview was a success, we are very happy with your services it gave us great confidence going in knowing we where prepared.

Thanks again!

Sergio + Jesselle
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Fred + Lia (Green Card) Philippines

Hello Fred,

Just wanted to let you know that Lia just received her conditional USA Resident Card.

Lia and I are very grateful for your most efficient and prompt execution of the necessary paperwork at about a third of the cost our original Immigration Attorney would have charged.

Thanks so much for your un-excelled service!

Fred + Lia Fiancee Visa Clients

Fred + Lia
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Rebecca + Nelly (Fiancee Visa) El Salvador

Thank you Fred so much for all your help!

I know this wouldn’t have been possible if Nelly and I had tried to do it all on our own. You were patient, organized, informative, clear and concise about everything we needed and the whole process. Every time we had a question, and there were a lot of them, we got exactly the information that we needed for our specific situation to help us move forward. I thought at first that I would have been able to do it on my own but I’m glad I decided to get your help because what I would have done compared to what you were able to put together for us to submit was like night and day. I would have probably missed a lot of things and we would have been denied or had huge delays if we hadn’t had your help. Thank you again for helping us to put together the best possible application to get a easy approval the first time so my bride and I can now start our new life together.

Rebecca + Nelly
Fiance from El Salvador El Salvador

Wallace + Sascha (Fiancee Visa) Australia

Dear Fred,

What a rollercoaster of a ride this K1 experience has been! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, guidance and support over the last year. You took alot of the pain and confusion out of a very emotional and frustrating process. We have called you numerous times through the last year, at all hours of the day, anxious and frustrated; and you always answer our calls with great patience; providing us with the information we need…and plenty of moral support as well!

We would recommend that your services be vital to any couple considering a K1 visa application. it is a long, drawn out and often confusing process and we don’t know where we’d be without your help.

Thanks again to you Fred; our K1 guardian Angel!

Wallace + Sascha Fiancee Visa Clients

Wallace + Sascha
Fiance from Australia Australia

Andrew + Matilda (Albania)

We are very happy with the advice you provided and feel we could not have done it without you.

Thanks again Fred.

Andrew + Matilda
Fiance from Albania Albania

Michael + Anna (Fiancee Visa) Scotland

Dear Fred,

Many thanks for all your help and guidance through the initial petition process. With us both working full time there is no way we could have done it as fast or as comprehensive if it wasn’t for your knowledge and expertise. Plus my fiance had been out of the States for several years so you helped get us up to speed on everything.

Thanks again and we are so excited to finally be starting our new life together in the same country.

Michael + Anna
Fiance from Scotland Scotland

Blake + Natascia (K1 and K2 Visa) Italy

Dear Fred,

Natascia and I can’t thank you enough. I wanted share the good news. We completed our interview this morning. Natascia and Daniel’s visa was APPROVED. Today is a beautiful day. We are so happy and pleased to have found you and your services. I don’t think we could have done it with out you. The whole interview process took a total of 2 hours (8 to 10 am). The actual interview took 10 mins. The only questions that were asked were: “How and when did you meet? What type of work do the both of you do? and Where will you live in the USA?” That’s it. She was a little curious about our last names because they are the same. Other then that everything went very smooth. I was able to join her inside the embassy and participate with the questions. It was a lot easier then we thought it would be. Natascia, Daniel and I would like to thank you for everything. I absolutely recommend you and your services to anyone that is need of the visa services. You are the Best. Now I got my gal.

Thank you!

Blake + Natascia Fiancee Visa Clients

Blake + Natascia
Fiance from Italy Italy

Dan + Engie (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Dear Fred,

All of the work and waiting paid off!! Engie had her K1 visa approved after a 5 minute interview at the consulate. I know the complete petition that you prepared made for an easy and short interview. We followed all your suggestions to prepare for the interview and practiced questions on Skype. Engie actually enjoyed the interview with the Consulate Officer.

Of course the hardest part of the process for us was the waiting time. There were a few times when we needed clarification on the process and delayed receipt of a notice. It was very reassuring to be able to talk with you and understand that things were still moving forward positively. Several times Engie would say – “did you ask Fred?”.

We look forward to her arrival in the US and beginning our life together. We will definitely be working with you again for the next steps of our immigration Journey.

Dan + Engie
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Bob + Yasar (Fiancee Visa) Turkey

Our experience with the fiancee visa process began in March with me trying to understand the process online and printing out the necessary forms to fill out. My fiancee and I got a lot of input from friends who wanted to help and many offered a “better and easier” way to get through or around the system. This so-called advice made me even more afraid that we could cause many more problems by trying to shortcut the process. After two months of listening to and considering all of this advice, I stumbled across an Internet site for someone called Visa Coach. After checking the site for a possible scam, I was convinced that Coach was for real and he could help us through this daunting process legally and correctly.

I can tell anyone who might be reading this testimonial that I made the right decision in using Visa Coach with this process. Yes, it was a lot of upfront work and yes, it did seem difficult and overwhelming at times, but Coach always came through with good advice and support. A process that could have potentially taken 8-9 months for a fiancee visa took only 5 months.

My fiancee sailed through the interview at the consulate and got her visa in the mail 3 days later!? Unless you have a complex legal situation regarding your visa needs, you will not find better and more affordable advice anywhere than Visa Coach.

Thank you for everything, Mr. Wahl.

Bob + Yasar Fiancee Visa Clients

Bob + Yasar
Fiance from Turkey Turkey

Uday + Swetha (Fiancee Visa) India

Thank you Fred. For all the patience and guidance throughout the K1 Visa process. It’s been a stress free journey, for all the paper work that you took care of, from filing the papers to the final interview. We thank you for giving us the confidence with the thorough preparation of our documents. We are very happy with the visa approval in 7 months and also look forward to your guidance for the next part of the process.

Uday + Swetha Fiancee Visa Clients

Uday + Swetha
Fiance from India India

Tom + Marjorie (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

I am glad we headed to the interview. I decided we would go to reschedule but read your email and decided to just go through with it.

I listened to the same interviewer absolutely go to town with a couple and was very nervous when we walked up. Marjorie kinda stammered through our history and the door was open for him to point out inconsistencies. He didn’t even go there and I don’t really blame him as I am not sure I could have answered his questions completely accurately.

He was looking through the application you put together and it was done…we were in the clear. We actually all started laughing together. Super cool. We did not even have nearly the bulk of evidence that others had. Everything was streamlined and there was just no question about it.

Perhaps the best value I have received from a service provider. It actually happened the exact way that you described it would. Thanks and I will let you know as soon as she is on a plane to the US.

Tom + Marjorie
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Ty + Katu (Fiancee Visa) Uganda

Thank you Fred. For all the patience and guidance throughout the K1 Visa process. It’s been a stress free journey, for all the paper work that you took care of, from filing the papers to the final interview. We thank you for giving us the confidence with the thorough preparation of our documents. We are very happy with the visa approval in 7 months and also look forward to your guidance for the next part of the process.

Ty + Katu Fiancee Visa Clients

Ty + Katu
Fiance from Uganda Uganda

Chris + Yanti (Philippines)

Hi Fred,

I wanted to let you know Yanti had her interview which only lasted about 5 minutes. My goal is to go and pick them up and bring them back the first week in December. Just in time for Christmas!.

As I mentioned, the interview was only about 5 minutes and they didn’t ask for any additional evidence other than what was in the original petition. This wouldn’t have been possible without your great work on the front loaded petition. Not only did it save me a lot of time and many headaches to prepare the petition, it saved her a lot of time and a painless interview. Thanks for the great work that you did.

Thanks again!

Chris + Yanti
Fiance from Indonesia Indonesia

John + Jeaneth (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Our story is a story of hard work and following our coach (Mr. Wahl) that leads to a successful marriage in Nov. 01, 2015. John visited me twice in the Philippines until we knew Mr Wahl from a friend. John decided to hired him as our coach. When John went home after his second trip Mr Wahl laid out the process and requirements needed to start our journey to being together.

The petition started April, 2015 and on July 2015 I received letter from embassy that I can schedule for interview. I successfully passed my interview last August 25,2015 and arrived in USA Sept. 18,2015. Understand this process is very hard, many forms needed to be filled out and information gathered to get approval from USCIS. We both feel that we would not been able to get approval without Mr Wahl. You need a professional and an expert in gaining a visa to the US. In our eyes there is no one better than Mr. Wahl.

John + Jeaneth Fiancee Visa Clients

John + Jeaneth
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Lashana + Ayele (Fiancee Visa) Ethiopia

We did it! Passed the interview. Many others couples got denied because of lack of information and such, but the interviewer that my fiance had did not even ask my name he was so confident in our package,, thank you so so much.Now as we prepare for my fiance’s entrance into America please direct us in the right way. Bless you so much.

Lashana + Ayele
Fiance from Ethiopia Ethiopia

Jeff + Nadine (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Hello Fred!

The embassy meeting went smoothly and quick. She first spoke to a Filipino consular. Approximately 10 minutes with him.

She then went on to meet with a US consular, approximately four minutes. He inquired my name, age, address and occupation. He mentioned the 30 year age difference between us, and asked her if this mattered to her. She replied no.

He asked her if she met my son and she said yes, on Skype during my first visit with her. He then asked her of future plans to bring her son and she replied maybe, not sure. He then said our documents looked good.

Thanks again Fred.

Jeff + Nadine Fiancee Visa Clients

Jeff + Nadine
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Josh + Tia (Fiancee Visa) Australia


Great news! Tia was approved for arrival in the states within about 45 minutes of being at the Sydney U.S. Consulate. What is our next step? We want to thank you for your help! They say our paper work was great and that we looked really prepared for it all! Job well done.

Josh + Tia
Fiance from Australia Australia

Lillian + Fernando (Green Card and Permanent Residency) Mexico


My husband, Fernando and I met while I was living abroad in Mexico. When we decided to move to my hometown in Alaska after getting engaged, I ordered a book on the immigration process. We realized right away that we needed extra guidance and found Fred’s website after seeing some of his youtube videos. We were so lucky to have discovered this resource! It saved us so much trouble.

The people we know that have gone through the process on their own have found it confusing, frustrating, lengthy and costly. Immigrating to the United States is quite the ordeal but with Fred’s help, it was straightforward and free of complications.

We applied for Fernando’s fiancee visa in December of 2014 (having spent a couple months before that gathering documents) and breezed through U.S. customs in early March 2015. We also hired Fred for the process of adjusting Fernando’s immigration status to permanent resident. We married in April 2015, gathered more documents, and sent out Fernando’s application in the middle of June 2015. Fernando received permission to work in September 2015 and his green card one month later. I couldn’t believe how fast it all happened!

Fred is professional, knows the process well, and is very responsive (he was quick to answer my MANY questions).We will be hiring him for the removal of conditions on Fernando’s green card (after two years) as well as for the citizenship process.

When we started working with Fred, I was focused on the immediate immigration process and didn’t take into account how his assistance would benefit us in other ways. Moving from one country to another can be very stressful on a personal level (whether the couple relocates together or an individual moves to join his/her spouse or fiancee). The fact that Fernando was quickly able to work, get his driver’s license, apply to a university program, and participate in other areas of daily life in the U.S. made all the difference for his mental well-being and the balance of our relationship.

Thanks to Fred, we were able to start our marriage off right by minimizing some of the stressors that many intercultural couples face.

Lillian + Fernando Fiancee Visa Clients

Lillian + Fernando
Fiance from Mexico Mexico

CJ + LY (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

We were so thankful that I’ve stumbled upon Mr. Wahl’s videos on youtube about the fiance visa procedure, it really helped shed some light on what goes on during the process. When we were finally ready, we contacted Fred to begin with the process. Everything was smooth, the private page with checklists and the forms that we needed to fill out. It was convenient because my fiance was new to the filing process as he hasn’t encountered such tedious and complicated procedures before.

Mr. Wahl was extremely helpful, prompt in responding to our questions, he walked us through the whole thing! You should believe everything you read on his website because he delivers, no doubt. We were able to get our case number at 4 months and got an interview 2 months later and got approved. His services are worth it and now I’m just waiting to be with the love of my life 🙂

Thank you, Mr. Wahl! Can’t wait to begin AOS process with you.

Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Brian + Anisah (Fiancee Visa) Guyana

Hi Fred!

Thank you for helping us and making this happen. I would love to share my testimony and my experience at the interview. This time the interview went well,not much questions asked about my family and religion background like before. The interview was about 20 mins and everything went well we didn’t have the same officer as before and there were no apologies.

Once again thank you for your help and making it happen. I attached a beautiful photo of me and my fiance that you can use for the comments:)

Brian + Anisah Fiancee Visa Clients

Brian + Anisah
Fiance from Guyana Guyana

Jada + Mohammad (Fiance Visa) Iran

When Mohammad and I first got together, we were very confused as to how we could continue our relationship with the ultimate goal of marrying. We began researching online and came upon Mr. Wahl’s page. Mr. Fred was amazing and made this process easy and much less stressful for us both. Mohammad’s interview was on December 9, 2015 and lasted only 5 minutes before they approved his visa.

The process is hard but with the help and guidance of Mr. Fred we have made it this far, and will soon be married. Thank you Mr. Wahl for all of your support and we look forward to continuing on to the next part of our journey with you!!

Jada + Mohammad
Fiance from Iran Iran

Victor + Truc (Fiancee Visa & Green Card) Vietnam


I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all that you have done to help my family and I. Thanks to you my fiance was able to receive a visa and come to the United States from Vietnam. I was very happy to see how fast and smooth the whole process went. A friend of mine recommended you and within 1 year she was in the country! She arrived on June 15 2015.

Less than a month later on August 7th, we were married. And now in exceedingly great time she has received her green card on January 27, 2016. Once again, Thank you Mr. Fred Wahl For all you have done, I am extremely grateful and I look forward for your help in the next steps.

Victor + Truc Fiancee Visa Clients

Victor + Truc (Fiancee Visa & Green Card)
Fiance from Vietnam Vietnam

Donald + Rosel (Spouse Visa) Philippines

We just wanted to thank you for all of your help through this whole process.You have been 1000 times more helpful than I could have ever imagined. I will never forget what you have done for me and my wife. I am very grateful for what you have done for us.

Thank you again

Donald + Rosel (Spouse Visa)
Spouse from Philippines Philippines

Wallace + Sascha (Fiancee Visa & Green Card) Australia

When Wallace and I first became engaged and decided that I’d move to the USA to join him as his Wife, we were not prepared for how long, emotional, difficult and frustrating the process could be.

We hit the internet in vain; searching for information and guidance….but this just made us more confused!

Then by a great stroke of luck, we came across Fred Wahl and his ‘VisaCoach’ site. From the moment we first made contact with Fred, we knew we couldn’t do without him!

Fred has patiently and professionally guided us through the maze of applications, paperwork and interviews that are necessary, right through every step of the way. he has not only prepared all of out petitions and helped us to gather all the information that we needed, but he has supported us personally through the long and difficult wait times, with advice and encouragement. Fred has answered our endless questions and taken calls from us at all hours of the day.

Fred and ‘VisaCoach’ have been there for Wallace and I through every single step of this journey; and Wallace and I give Fred our highest recommendation. I have just received my Green Card in the mail and it is largely due to Fred and VisaCoach that this exciting moment has finally arrived. We have decided to continue under Fred’s advice as we head towards my Citizenship application in the next few years.

Thanks Fred. Wallace and I feel sure that we would not be here enjoying our lives together with your help.

Wallace + Sascha Fiancee Visa Clients

Wallace + Sascha (Fiancee Visa & Green Card)
Fiance from Australia Australia

Carlo + Jayme (Fiancee Visa & Green Card & Removal of Conditions)

Hi Fred and Joyce!

We want to give you our sincere “thank you” that if it weren’t for you deciding to help married couples be together, this task would have been a lot harder if we did it ourselves with no help.

From past experiences, you work in supporting petitions has always been clean, precise and to the point, more than what USCIS can ask for or expects. For that, we are grateful.

Many thanks Fred!

Carlo + Jayme (Fiancee Visa & Green Card & Removal of Conditions)
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Joel + Chen (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

It was a sincere pleasure having Fred Wahl prepare our documents and coach us through our K1 Visa. Chen and I had been in a long distance relationship for over 3 years. We wanted nothing more than a smooth process and an approved visa application because a delay or a mistake on our part would have simply broken my heart.

After speaking with Mr. Wahl I knew he was the person I wanted to hire. He spoke with a confidence that put me at ease. When asked the question, can you prepare the documents yourself and save money? The answer is yes, it’s possible. But simply ask yourself this. Do you have the time and patience? Have you done this before? Are you willing to wait a little longer if your information isn’t complete? Do you enjoy reading instructions telling you what you need but not telling you how to do it?

Hiring Mr. Wahl was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was confident when I mailed our packet that it was complete and accurate. Throughout the process Fred patiently answered all my questions promptly, professionally, and honestly.

Throughout the process Fred patiently answered all my questions promptly, professionally, and honestly.

The petition Mr. Wahl prepared for us was perfect. It contained all the information the immigration officer needed and nothing more. It was simple, organized, easy to read and contained the information that an immigration officer looks for in a petition.

Our visa was approved exactly as described. Her interview lasted only a few minutes with a few simple questions as a formality. Because our petition was complete, there wasn’t a need to press any further or ask for more information.

Thank you Fred…your very good at what you do.

Joel + Chen Fiancee Visa Clients

Joel + Chen (Fiancee Visa)
Fiance from Philippines Philippines

Tom + Valerie (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

Hello Fred and Joyce,

Valerie attended her interview at the consulate in Manila yesterday and was approved for her visa! We are both as happy as can be about this and we want to thank you both for the excellent job you did in preparing her application, sending links and information as needed and for all the advice you have given along the way.

Thanks again!!!

Tom + Valerie (Fiancee Visa)
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Benjamin + Elena (Fiancee Visa) Ukraine

So we finished the process and we want to say thank you, you have made this process easy and VERY QUICKLY. At the very beginning we thought we have to wait for 6-7 months but it took only 2.5 . The interview went very well and CO was really friendly and i am sure when he took the petition into his hands he had already approved it in his mind even before he called us for the interview. He asked only few questions- where did you meet, where does Ben work, how many times did he visit me, also he spoke to Ben about his work. He did not look at the evidence of our relations. I’ve been talking to the CO in English and he was glad of that.

I’ve been reading a LOT of forums and only a few couples had such a good result of 2.5 months. We expected to be get the visa by June but we already have it and it is only February. We are happy and we loved working with you, you help people to create their happiness and a family!!! thank you once again Fred!!

Benjamin + Elena Fiancee Visa Clients

Benjamin + Elena (Fiancee Visa)
Fiance from Ukraine Ukraine

Jim + Karen (Fiancee Visa) Philippines

I first wish to thank Fred for his dedication to helping couples like us successfully complete the K1 Visa process. I chose to go with him even after gathering information on the steps through online forums which can be very informative, as he provides a unique “streamlined system” that gave us a peace of mind throughout. His decades of experience are evident as he promptly responds to the many questions that come up with concise answers that might have you wondering if in the end this might be the one wrong answer that led you to a denial.

Our situation was particularly challenging as we had the ultimate “red flag” of not meeting the face to face requirement as well as others.. We followed his lead and carried out the numerous actions to provide evidences to show a true relationship and very quickly found ourselves Approved at the first step with USCIS. This is a nerve racking process, but having Fred’s custom web pages for us both to be on the same page as my Fiancee, and knowing in clear language what to do next made all the difference!

Karen, felt nervous but also prepared for her Embassy Interview and after providing documents and answers to the pre-screeners, moved to an interviewer who had already denied 2 women. He asked only 3 questions, and paid special attention to the thick book of evidences she had brought. He then stated simply “Everything is in order” and we are now waiting for the Visa to be delivered to her residence.

Jim + Karen (Fiancee Visa)
Fiancee from Philippines Philippines

Katherine + William (Fiancee Visa + Green Card) United Kingdom

We were so glad to have the help of Mr. Fred Wahl in the process of completing our Fiance Visa. We considered attempting to complete things on our own, but it seemed very complicated. With the help of Visa Coach we were able to get our paperwork in proper order and sent out by the end of June 2014. The paperwork was so thorough that we had approval the minute my fiance walked into the office for his interview. They didn’t even ask any major questions! We had approval On Dec 12, 2014. and were able to spend our first Christmas together! We were married 2 months later on February 14th, 2015.

The adjustment of status was a bit slower, (not due to anything related to the VisaCoach services) and the Green Card was finally approved in October 2015.

We are so glad we chose to use VisaCoach to be able to have the confidence that things would be done right the first time. It gave us time to focus on the more important things to start our new life together after a 4 year online relationship! Thank you Fred!

PS: We have a baby girl on the way due this June!

Katherine + William Fiancee Visa Clients

Katherine + William (Fiancee Visa + Green Card)
Fiance from UK United Kingdom

Mike + Lin (Fiancee Visa) Thailand

Hi Fred,

Thank you for the last 16 months of help negotiating the confusing government labyrinth necessary for a K-1 visa for my fiancee. When we asked for explanations your answers were clearly explained and thorough. You provided timely advice and we certainly do appreciate it. I honestly don’t think we could have successfully completed the process without your guidance. I highly recommend your service for anyone applying for a fiancee visa.

Mike + Lin (Fiancee Visa)
Fiancee from Thailand Thailand

Erik + Nga (Fiancee Visa) Vietnam

Once my husband knew me, he started looking for information how to get me to USA . And he chose your service .

I remembered I argue with Him why not chose services in Vietnam. And he still insist with his choice.

Now I must to tell that That is the best choice he had ever made.

Your service help my husband get a waiver from problems with his past .that scared us that Uscis might deny our K1 application.

I passed my visa interview . And then after you helped us apply for green card we did not have to interview it was waived. And I just got my green card .

Thank you so much Fred.

Erik + Nga Fiancee Visa Clients

Erik + Nga (Fiancee Visa)
Fiancee from Vietnam Vietnam

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