Dalva and Said (Fiancee Visa) Algeria

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Dalva and Said (Fiancee Visa) Algeria

We are delighted to inform you that Said has been approved for his K1 Visa! We cannot thank you enough for the continuous support and guidance throughout this entire process. Looking back at all the required steps we have no doubt that your expertise and attention to detail was the reason Said was approved for his visa!

Said told me that the consular asked him the exact questions he studied from the list you gave us for the interview! I think his interview took about 20 minutes or less and they did not even question our age difference. Thank you so much for making this process so easy for us.

We are definitely going to use your services again for Said’s adjustment of status. I am going to Algeria next Tuesday to meet Said’s family and bring him home with me on 8/12. We plan on applying for a marriage license in NY when we arrive and will get married the next day before driving back to PA. Thanks so much for making our dream of being together come true!

Dalva & Said (Fiancee Visa)

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Dalva and Said Fiancee from Algeria
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