President Trump Tweets “He will Halt Immigration”

Updated: 4/23/2020

Wow. This has been a crazy couple of days. Sometime late in the afternoon on Monday, April 20, President Trump put out a tweet and it basically said “I’m going to halt immigration“.

There were no details, except a totally scary threat. This caused everyone worldwide, working on or intending to immigrate to the USA to panic. This was like dropping a bomb.

The message appeared to be poorly thought out, or perhaps made with no thought at all. It reminded me of the kind of regrettable and embarrassing message one sends to an ex-girlfriend, in the middle of the night.

Anyway, then followed by two days of panic, The White House finally issued the executive order.

And it’s Good news: Once published on April 22, it was clear that ALL immigration has not been halted. Only a very few cases are affected. And these are not the type of cases that VisaCoach clients are involved with.

If you are a VisaCoach client, you are not affected at all. Not if you are a US Citizen
applying for your Fiancee, Spouse or Child.

The new executive order does not, repeat, DOES NOT, apply to K1 fiance visas, CR1/IR1 spousal visas (with US citizen sponsors), CR2/IR2 child visas, Adjustments of status, Removal of Conditions, or Naturalization,

The Tweet, and the executive order was only a “tempest in a teapot”. It created a lot of concern and worry, all out of proportion to its actual effects.

Updated: 4/22/2020 17:50 PST. The published order temporarily bans most aliens who are applying for immigrant visas, but does not affect VisaCoach’s clients.

Text of the Executive Order  Posted April 22, 2020

Noteworthy from the text: Spouse’s and children of American Citizens applying for immigration are exempt.

Therefore:  CR1 or IR1 spouse visa or CR2 or IR2 child visa applications are NOT affected.

This order only  is about immigrant visas. Non-immigrant visas are not affected.  Therefore: K1 Fiance visa and K2 Fiance Dependent applications (which are not immigrant visas, they are non-immigrant visas) are also NOT affected.

Trump Tweets “He will Halt Immigration”

Late Monday Night (April 20, 2020) , President Trump Tweeted:

“In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens, I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States!”

Specific details have not been announced. The executive order is still being “drafted”.

However, there has already been much backpedaling. Initial tweets implied ALL visa and green card issuance would be halted. A few days later, lots of exceptions and prevarications later, the proposed executive order may be designed to only limit SOME green cards and SOME work visas.

Who knows??

In practice, due to Coronavirus immigration to USA has already been temporarily halted. All US consulates are quarantined. Since they can not conduct interviews, they are not issuing visas. USCIS in-person visits are also halted. So cases that require interviews such as green cards and US Citizenship are also on hold.

My opinion, which might change once the actual order is published, is that marriage based immigration, (visas and green cards for Spouses, Fiancees and Children of US Citizens) will NOT suffer any negative effect.

Recent experience with previously published and implemented bans on so called “terrorist” countries, was that while supposedly a blanket ban that covered all visas from ENTIRE COUNTRIES were issued, they included notable exceptions.

Those bans did NOT include “Immediate relatives of US citizens and permanent residents”. Immediate relatives were exempt. They still got their visas.

I am confident,that a similar exception will be included for Spouses, Fiancees and Children.

VisaCoach clients should be ok.

Once the executive order is published I will provide updates here.

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