Philippines Reopens for tourism : Fiance + Spouse In-person meetings are back ON

Fantastic news
Philippines Re-opens  !!
allows tourists to visit.

This means if your romantic life has been on hold, and you have been unable to apply for your Filipino Fiancé or spouse, because you’ve been locked out of the Philippines since March 2020, and you have Been unable to satisfy the in-person meeting requirement, well, now you can.

Philippines has announced that they will be open for international tourists starting on February 10. Yes we know they have said this before, but this time, I think it’s for real.

Visitors from the USA, as well as from 150 other countries that don’t require visas for the Philippines Can now enter, and if fully vaccinated do not have to undergo any quarantine.

Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers are welcome too, but have to quarantine for five days, followed by nine days at home.

All travelers are required to provide proof of a negative PT-PCR test taken within 48 hours before flying.

If you’ve been waiting to apply to bring your fiancé or spouse to the USA, and the stumbling block, has been that you have been waiting on the in-person meeting, now you can get it done.

The trip that you take, the trip that you have been waiting for for so long,
is critical to your immigration success. On your trip you’ve got to touch all
of the required bases, you’ve got to document what you are doing fully and
you need to bring back to the USA all of the various documents, proofs,
photographs, and evidence, necessary to complete your application.

The time to hire me to help you, it’s not after you return to the USA.

You want to hire me NOW BEFORE you go.

Getting started early, before your trip, allows us to get a jump start on
your front loaded application. I can counsel you on what needs to be done,
and teach you the best ways to document what happens, I send you with
detailed instructions and checklists, and I am standing by to answer your
questions via email or telephone while you are traveling and get answers to you promptly when you really need the answer right away.

That way we can work together to ensure that you bring back everything
needed so we can submit your winning application, immediately upon your return,

Bon voyage !!

This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach,

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