Ban on Nigerian Fiance and Spouse Visas Lifted

Good news for Nigerian Fiancees and Spouses

Two years ago President Trump added Nigeria to the list of countries who were banned from travel and immigration to the USA.

This executive order shocked and dismayed those applying for Fiancee and Spouse visas for partners from Nigeria.


The good news was that a fiance or spouse is considered “immediate family” and the consular officers in Lagos were permitted to use their discretion to approve a fiance or spouse regardless of the ban. But the bad news was that actually added a whole extra year to an already long and tedious 1 or 2 year long application process.

Well, it’s really good news now, newly elected President Biden, issued his own executive order virtually immediately after taking office, reversing the ban. So now Nigerian applications for fiances and spouses will be conducted and processed as usual.

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